Trump impeached by House for abuse of power, obstruction

Trump reacted to the impeachment vote in real time during a campaign rally.
8:54 | 12/19/19

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Transcript for Trump impeached by House for abuse of power, obstruction
All right yesterday it happened you see it right here a history making headlines for the record. The third time in history a sitting US president. Impeached by the house of represented as president Donald Trump now facing a senate trial for abuse of power and obstruction of justice take a look. If we do not act now we would be derelict in our duty it is tragic that the president's reckless actions. Make impeachment necessary. Why we keep columnist a solemn occasion when you've been warning that this. Ever since the general elected. He solicited foreign interference before he is doing it now and he will do it again the president is the smoking gun. This vote this day is about one thing and one thing alone. They hate this president. Who said his personal lawyer to Ukraine. To investigate his political rival. Who fired at ambassador. Who stood in his way. Good condition to a White House meeting. Investigations that only personally benefited him and not the national interest the answer to all of these questions. This president Donald Trump. This is not about the Ukraine it's about power. Donald Trump hasn't house Democrats want it the president acts tenements I had to pay higher national security cap this impeachment. This day was not inevitable but it was predictable because this president. Has shown himself time and time again. To believe that he is above the law. History will record the Democrats legacy as a betrayal of the constitution that was speaker I think with a history of this time is written it will record. That when my colleagues found that they lack the courage to stand up to this unethical president. They console themselves by attacking those who did. I read it want to bring in Karen Travers at the White House and we have our senior national correspondent Terry Moran. In our DC bureau in teary I cannot have this conversation without you how did you break down in this historic day yesterday. Kimberly it was a historic day I'm not sure it was a momentous warning didn't quite have. That feeling. The constitutional. It crisis that an impeachment does represent certainly did not that covered the 1998. Impeachment of Bill Clinton and is different and I think there a couple of reasons for that. Good conclusion. Is foreordained everyone knows that 67 senators will not vote barring some bombshell new evidence to remove Donald Trump from office. But beyond that poll show. That Americans are far less connected far last following. The news of this impeachment then they were in 1998 our pain is much attention. Live substantially. Fewer number of Americans are following the news around this impeachment. And finally I think that goes to the nature of the times Donald Trump isn't someone's an exhausting. President in the news cycle he dominates every day is it. Is a melodrama is a is a kind of perils of Pauline. High stakes it seems at existential crisis. And this is just another chapter in what has now been a couple of years of this out rages bitterness and outrageous rank her. And outrageous melodrama and I think people are tired. Yes and Caron a strong reaction from the president himself why he was speaking at a rally yesterday when those votes Cayman. Yet and Kimberly and there is right America I think is tired Washington is tired today but you know wasn't tired last night it was president trump. He went to Michigan for a campaign rally that was scheduled before we knew that the house vote would be taking place on Wednesday and in some incredible timing as the president was taking the stage in Battle Creek, Michigan and appropriately means the city for this rally. The house was voting on the impeachment and the president. Right from the start jumped in and said in some ways it doesn't feel like he's getting impeached but throughout the course and they 123. Minute speech that is two hours. The president kept coming back to what was taking place on Capitol Hill here's that he had to say. Generally feel like we're being impeached yeah. I'm better than ever before. Depraved actions today. Praising Nancy policies house Democrats. Granted it's. With any journal mark of shame and it really has it's a disgrace. And Kimberly did the president say anything new plant in Michigan now he had made it very clear since September how he feels about the impeachment process. How he feels about what house Democrats are doing to hand and last night was essentially the greatest hits he was revved up this crowd was revved up but. As they say after two hours of talking we're told that some people in the crowd started leaving with a pretty long one even by president Tom standards. Yan Karen also at that rally he was taking a shot at that recently deceased congressman John dingle. Yet this is a bit of a surprise that is now causing quite a stir here in Washington the president was in Michigan and he brought up that. Congresswoman Debbie dingle had voted for the impeachment like all the other Democrats yesterday on Capitol Hill. And he C take a shot at her husband the late John dingle who was the longest serving member of congress here's what he had to say. Jon Wood he's thrilled. He's looking daily basis thank you so much sir. He says it's okay don't worry about it. Maybe is looking up. So the president there are ways that mimicking Debbie dingle thanking him for and what the president had done after her husband had died the flags here at the White House and on the country were lowered to half staff. But then the president seemed to suggest that John dingle within held not have been looking up. There were quick last their from the crowd but if you let played out others ended the noise turned into a little bit of a grown as the I think the audience realize what the president was saying. Denny dingle responded on Twitter saying this is her first Christmas season without her husband and that the pain is still there and the president. Making it worse. A today on Good Morning America and the white house Press Secretary is Stephanie Gresham was asked by George Stephanopoulos if the president will apologize to Debbie dingle. She did not indicate he will he doesn't usually in these sorts of controversies but. Gerson said the president is it counter puncher who feels that he's been attacked for the last couple of months unclear how dingle or her late husband were punching the president. And Terry what do you make of this of president from you know making those comments about the congressman also being so defiant in the face of this impeachment. Well the defiance is is part of his strategy look he doesn't think he did anything wrong or he's managed. To construct a narrative around that call that he was really talking about corruption when he mentioned his political rival not politics. Even though he mentioned none of the other to Department of Justice investigations into corruption Ukraine only the one that happened to involve his political rival. But he has this narrative he is committed to it and there's one thing he's a ferocious fighter. And it counterparts but there are some lows in politics and perhaps in light. Maybe you don't want to insult. Man. All of a widow and simply because she voted against you maybe maybe you don't have to go there but this president doesn't he is not going to apologize. So Terry what is this senate trial going to look like you've covered these before you covered Clinton so what can we expect when this happens early next year. You know thinking about the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton and the coming impeachment trial of Donald Trump I would suggest that we don't hate the Clinton trial is too much of a precedent. Because. This one involves Donald Trump and he is a very different character. The Clinton trial respected. That long traditions of the senate they didn't call any witnesses partly because the subject matter of that impeachment trial which was his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky. That senators found that icky. It was done in very elevated tones yes it was partisan but all the senators and in attendance listening respectfully the arguments couched in. Traditional senatorial rhetoric. I think a trump impeachment trials can be a little wild. I think it trump impeachment trial could have witnesses the president wants to call witnesses senate majority leader Mitch Mitch McConnell does not he wants a short trial. But I think while the likelihood is that do this will proceed briskly and efficiently as most of the senators want I don't wanna get stuck with this for a month. You never know with Donald Trump. You never know that's exactly right Karen Travers at the White House. And our senior national correspondent Terry Moran in our DC bureau thank you guys so much for joining us we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"Trump reacted to the impeachment vote in real time during a campaign rally.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67828508","title":"Trump impeached by House for abuse of power, obstruction","url":"/US/video/trump-impeached-house-abuse-power-obstruction-67828508"}