Trump to kick off 2020 campaign

People camped out in Orlando to get a spot inside the president's first official campaign event.
5:25 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for Trump to kick off 2020 campaign
President trump he's kicking off his 20/20 re election bid in Orlando Florida today. And although his aides say that you know that campaigns kicking off they say never actually really stop so want to bring in Marcy Gonzales right there. In Orlando. Moammar see lots of big lines already what's the scene like. And Kimberly it is incredible. The crowd that we're seeing out here keep started lining up at this at 2 o'clock. Yesterday morning. For this rally that doesn't begin until 8 o'clock tonight so. I did board this event be cut is. This Amway Center which you can see behind me at this big building back there holds about 20000 people and the White House says that about a 100000. Tickets. We're given out to people that they wanted to get out here early they can make sure they can get and get a good seat IC a lot of people this walking around here now. That's because it actually opened up the gate. Chu a festival that's going on to really party like atmosphere happening about we hear the music in the background as the other side of that fence they're calling it. 45 best they have light music student and out here on the sidewalks were blocked and blocked out sided and we thing either selling. President front merchandise about the make America great again happen. Border wall construction companies are either selling buttons they're selling umbrella hats. Because it's expected to pour here today there's a 70% chance of rain and people are gonna be out here until that 8 PM event they have a long ways to go waiting outside so. Selling umbrellas but that's still a party like atmosphere out here as people get ready for this official kickoff to president trumps. Tony Tony reelection campaign Kimberly. And Marcy do we know why Orlando is his first stop. Speed of Florida is such a key battleground state that the president narrowly won in 2016 and this is a Long Beach. I fourth quarter which is always so important in every national election is right in the center Heidi I four corridor which. I for a good interstate that cuts right through the center of this state and it's almost evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats now the president lost here in Orlando and in the county until what are some of the outside counties the because. Hi this is such a swing state that just swing area. This is a really major focus for the president so he wanted to have its kick off right here in Orlando at the Amway Center tonight. And yet and what can we expect to hear from his speech that he's going to be getting to nine. Now we know then the president plans you would talk about what he's accomplished in his first two happy years in office. We know we'll talk about how well the economy is doing. Health care and we're told it's going to be almost like a mini convention that there will be a balloon drop in really that kind of atmosphere the president coming here of course. With the vice president with the First Lady that presence coming with his adult children as well. Of course another major subject that will be touched upon we expect. Will be immigration just about every one that we've talked to out here had said that the border wall is one of the biggest issues for them. Something they really wanna hear more about we'll bring in Renee Taylor who is here from Ormond beach Florida I just about. An hour or so from here although there are people who came here to this rally from all over the country as far as waves we're hearing was from California but. What you wanna be here and get here at 6 o'clock this morning for an 8 PM and then why it was so important. For you to be here amber Lyon I love my president I like the way that the country is going our way it's not happy with the direction of the company was going to come country was going keyboards are very pleased with the way that are read any news. Bringing the country and now it's his back kickoff to his campaign so we just had to be airport to see him announce that he's routing and to hopefully help him win Florida again. And what is in what are the most important issues. For you in this election the economy and immigration. And why why are those who was economy because I believe him with all the regulations that the past administration put on people so many people are out of work I'm all for saving the planet I am a vegetarians know why I am. Yeah OK without but not at the expense of human beings where nobody has a job so I'm glad that the regulations are. They don't knockdowns are that more people who go to work and you know the factories and he added jobs are coming back to America. And for immigration enemy why should people come here. And he can break the law and then we give them everything for free I have no problem with people coming here are most of my best friends are from other countries. But they're merely that it why shouldn't everybody be that. Fisher adorable deplorable the women for trump this. Has said some things that innocent people when it comes to women so. The woman did any of that all you are or where do you stand ice see it as. I knew. We wise when I voted for him and that's in the past and I'm not always crazy about. Donald Trump but I do like you as president term so. Did Revis doesn't much about the person it's about what he's doing as president yeah. Yeah it's not about me you know it's about the whole country is on I'm pleased with the way the country. Rain Renee Taylor think he still likes. I appreciate it Kimberly we'll send it back TO right Marci Gonzalez right in Orlando thank you for joining us.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"People camped out in Orlando to get a spot inside the president's first official campaign event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63787962","title":"Trump to kick off 2020 campaign ","url":"/US/video/trump-kick-off-2020-campaign-63787962"}