Trump supporters line up in Cincinnati for president's upcoming rally

Supporters of President Trump are getting ready for the president's rally in Cincinnati set to take place later Thursday evening.
4:28 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Trump supporters line up in Cincinnati for president's upcoming rally
President trump will be in Cincinnati Ohio. For another campaign rally the first census audience chanted. Send her back in reference to represented at you on Omar creating a firestorm of racial controversy so. All eyes will be on this have been tonight in our Rachel Scott. Is right there Rachel advice and lots of tension over these racist tweets in the last couple of weeks what does that mean for tonight. And they can't really well listen here in and you stated that different rally but the conversation about race and racism night around the Brendan rendering. Scenes. The president will be coming your daddy at my backpacks and leaving an even count your stocking them the morning you can already see them lined up here. Enlightenment in that here but the cat not stops its attacks on. It's usually been. Those then those. That thinner back chance ignited at his rally in Greenville, North Carolina I'm when they're covering it talking to folks that they were eager and excited. To join the president in. On the floor and here is congressman of color but yeah recent weeks the same day that didn't have the rim of the act representative allies. And we'll see where that calling area and that's it and that the president has not backed down on that last night but the Democrats obviously there has. To some of our folks there at where they're covering it comes here are some anywhere even watching it they don't. Larry aren't even paying attention they're not worried about any of the democratic candidates. Democratic candidate didn't do the pregnant and having people. Strategy around dividing the country. Around this issue and to unite here and now I ask president can't heat about that very thing I asked the president's campaign. Strategy to the item here can go around racial lines. And el Nino they're the president attacked think they aren't center. Record and what they think about America and not about race and even when he got into the back the president has criticized other members of that are not ski. And Rachel will. Four we go much other than this a racial controversy can you get a sense of what else is important to his voters. They're in Ohio yeah. Stingray the president Rick. You're saying the greater middle. The president's rhetoric town and they don't even believe that music but you don't soften up and that's not enough that rhetoric. Plant that had been out here and talking a hanging out in low lying here he can't. About the senate senator backs can't match the pool would they would do if it goes chance sirens sounded again today one person Molina. The lights when men can't let me give them that the premise around you that act that nothing but the great thing. They don't like anything races they just today that. Simply the president it's eating British Knight in the country and what they kind of an erecting an analyst at. Guy senators about the village. It's something wrong or didn't not a good thing wrong exit the venue. I say yeah certainly feel I'm saying. I would say let her dealing. Bet you madam I'm Adam under wraps don't like here I'm like yeah. Probably work have you ever been to Baltimore patent. Okay is that a nice city. Considering I think it could be a beautiful city but for years is better Beers. Politicians in Baltimore and Maryland. Are abusive. They don't use their funds for education of people they don't use their funds to better this city you walk the streets of Baltimore and could be. Very dangerous. Yeah. Fast and how they think break break break. It's all. Yeah. A normal here also at that. The president's speech when he was in North Carolina. Democratic yeah. Around those poor minority American congressman of color and if you look at the president's what are you know that if that happened recently been centered around Elijah Cummings. Did you change the name of itchy and regardless of the you have a different way of saying it connected to. Clear here and a lot of these attacks are centered around lawmakers of color and that it. Bakley the Democrats are going to think the president has strengthened by this country on the basis of Greeks. He really. Her right Rachel Scott right there in Cincinnati Ohio thank you for the updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Supporters of President Trump are getting ready for the president's rally in Cincinnati set to take place later Thursday evening.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64710551","title":"Trump supporters line up in Cincinnati for president's upcoming rally","url":"/US/video/trump-supporters-line-cincinnati-presidents-upcoming-rally-64710551"}