Trump talks tax cuts as Syria decision looms

President Trump addresses tax cuts for working Americans.
9:53 | 04/12/18

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Transcript for Trump talks tax cuts as Syria decision looms
For joining us somewhere Johnson you're watching ABC news of live coverage of president Donald Trump in the Rose Garden. Talking about the tax cuts and the impact those tax cuts have had on the American people. He had various business owners from across the country talking about what the tax cuts mean to them. He touted the latest developments in the economies saying that. The US is created three million new jobs since the election also talked about unemployment for Hispanics and African Americans and he says the lowest levels ever recorded one thing. He did not talk about the significant developments happening in Syria and of the looming decision that needs to be made by president Donald Trump and the White House. But whether the United States will respond to the suspected chemical attacks happening in that country. For more on all of these are several big stories happening around Washington let's bring its a Mevorach reporters on the field we have our let science at the White House. In the north lawn reporting for us this afternoon and are let was it's striking to you that he did not mention serial whatsoever. All we know that the president wants to be out there promoting the tax cuts that we're getting in. Whence they were signing the legislation back in December but everyone is waiting to hear exactly what he's going to decide about Syria now. Well he didn't speak about it in that that just now in the Rose Garden he didn't talk about Syria slightly. During an event with governors and congressional leaders earlier today he thought that there will be meeting here at the White House to discuss Syria and he sent Woolsey what happens. And added that decisions will be made. Fairly soon now Defense Secretary Mattis with up on Capitol Hill earlier today saying that they will be presenting options to the president during that National Security Council meeting some legal have a first for the readout later in the day whether the president is nearing a decision about Syria. Here it is are seeing are we we talked about some of the tweets coming from the president and he was saying yesterday the missiles will be coming nice new and smarts. Was also to some degree taunting the Russians and their relationship with the Charlotte sought in the Syrians. Is it. Do we have any sense that they are any closer to a decision at the White House it sounds like there's still presenting options but from the way the president was talking yesterday it seemed as though some decision has already been may. You how the White House coming out scene after that tweets about there hasn't been any timetables sat for this decision and the president. Hasn't made and then actually how the president tweeting earlier today. Say is speculating saying that that there hasn't been. He said he never sad when an attack on Syria would take place he added could be very soon or not Simpson at all so there's a lot of speculation about when the president. One will make this decision and whether any type of action might be imminent or that could come in the coming days were or potentially weeks. And are allowed as I mentioned a lot of stories happening in Washington right now come back to Syria does little bit. But I also want to talk about the Moeller investigation. It's in the latest details coming out about specifically what. The FBI is looking for in rating. The home in properties. Michael Cohen the president's personal attorney we understand. That the president president trump has been very upset with how things are going and one of his targets deputy attorney general rose and Stein. And he had a meeting today with president problem what do we know about that. Well that's right deputy attorney general rob rose inside with here at the White House meeting with the president but the White House a White House official says that this was just. Routine business there wasn't. They they didn't say whether there was any talk about Rosen Stein or those FBI raids on president Trump's personal attorney. Michael Cohen bullet president's health is a very frustrated. An incensed since that raid happened on and on Monday and their hats are source of have been telling us. He even talked about the possibility and is considering the move a fiery entry general rod Rosen Stein. And you have outside confidants of the president's. Suggesting an and then in the media that maybe he should go ahead and fire resident dying of other people are saying the media to get rid of special counsel Robert Mueller there's a lot of questions about the future of both of those two individuals yet lawmakers on Capitol Hill who have expressed a lot of concern this summer introducing legislation to try to protect Robert Muller's job. But there's a lot is speculation about what is going to happen to the two of those people and the Russian investigation as a tool for. And a let another thing happening in Washington data confirmation hearings from Mike Pompeo the former. CIA director now tapped to lead the secretary of state is there any response any reaction from the white house on how that's going today. Well the president and and vice president Mike Pence both tweeted this morning. Wishing him good luck in Pompeo has been there in front of lawmakers answering questions. Relating both the State Department that there are also been some tough questions. Relating to the Russia investigation. He was asked whether he agrees went the president's assessment. That then brush investigation FBI raids. I'm Michael Collins a word attack on the country he wouldn't say if he agreed with that he did say that he doesn't think he would step down at the president move forward. With firing Robert Mueller but that confirmation hearing something that at the White House is watching very closely absolutely are. Let science thanks so much for joining us we want to shift gears back to Syria for a little bit our Stephanie Ramos joining us live from the Pentagon Stephanie. We touched on it a for a moment this meeting that's happening with the National Security Council later today. Secretary defense Matta said that they're going to present options to president trump what do we know about this meeting and what this possible options are. Well this is what we've been hearing also for the Los a couple of days where military planners were putting together these options. To present to the president we notes to Defense Secretary Mattis was at the White House. Yesterday he's headed there this afternoon for that national security needing a general Don Byrd will also be there as well chairman of the joint you to stop. But here at the Pentagon. Details are being kept very close to the vast being briefings that were scuttled for today have been canceled. But we did hear from Defense Secretary Mattis. Earlier today on Capitol Hill as Arlen mentioned. They are to talk about the DOD budget but of course asked about Syria. Where he said that the US is not have hard evidence that chemical weapons were used but he does believe. That they weren't used over the weekend there in Syria we have heard from French president McCraw says. They have proof that France does have proof. It's eerie use those chemical weapons so again. This is still obvious and ongoing situation we do know now that investigators are on their way to do much to collect evidence. They have said this organization it's OP CW organization. A prohibited chemical weapons they confirm the chemical weapons words used. But there on their way they are to figure out who exactly deploy them but. Back to that anise is seen meeting taking place at the White House again president trumping presented. With those options and secretary not a city saying that he will keep congressional leaders informed. Of what route they decide to take. And Stephanie you mentioned this is while the president has been having repeated discussions with the British prime minister the president of France. What do we know about the possible roles of those two countries moving forward. Well another both countries have moved as some of their assets to that region we also have US navy destroyer in that region into the east and that it Mediterranean Sea but that's what we know right now the last couple of days. Both the UK and France have been moving some of there at their equipment some of their assets. To that area. We also know that the US has been communicating. With Russia through the that was put in place back in 2016. When US troops a well I've there. Made in two to fight I says so they'd been using that line to. Meant to prevent any unintended. Casualties so there has been some some communication there and we do know that over the last couple of days president of it has also been communicating with. UK's prime minister Teresa may and president Manuel McCraw and France so this rule likely be a coalition strike but we have yet to see. And that line that you mention it is fascinating considering a worst case scenario here aside from. Possible civilian casualties would be some sort of incident between Russian military or the US military and our allies. So that's why they've been having those conversations but also Iran is a big player all of this is well that needs to be considered. Absolutely and it this. To not escalate the situation anymore than it needs to be and we heard from secretary not us today who who touched on that a bit saying that. The US is trying to stop the murder of innocent people but on a strategic level so that's key that's what they're focusing on here he also said it's how. How do we keep this from escalate out of control. If you get my drift on that in a lot of congressional leaders. On Capitol Hill today did catch is tripped and this is why we're seeing this take a couple of days much longer than it did last year when president trouble ordered. That attack. In Syria last year at the same time so it's it's a lengthy process a lot of beings have been held. And again we'll see what happens this afternoon when it secretary Madison general Don for present more options to Preston trump. Absolutely a pending decision Stephanie Ramos thank you so much for your insight from the Pentagon also or thanks or let science from. The White House that concludes this part of our coverage all these stories happening in Washington. -- up much more on We hope you'll come back and join us for ABC's world news tonight with David Muir I'm whit Johnson. Had a great afternoon.

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