Trump tweets about Mueller probe and North Korea

While North Korea talks are back on in Washington, severe weather tramples the Gulf Coast.
14:38 | 05/29/18

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Transcript for Trump tweets about Mueller probe and North Korea
Sony. Computer hack if they closed because of one of those very in embarrassing movies to Kim Jong-un. So he's a man certainly with powers a lot of history there around Kim Jung and so its interest saying that he sent. This man to the United States given the that he does have a military history in North Korea. To not to represented can jump on in this but I think you'll probably get something accomplished you know a lot of talk about would they actually pull off this. This actual event. In Singapore. Would remember the North Korean builds things very quickly they have a lot of work ethics. They if you go to countries if they have to build a building in downtown killing on making get it done and about eight months. I don't think it's a problem for them getting this thing nailed down of course the United States is different. Different. Needs for how to deal that quickly put things together and organize events but. I think I think is certainly gonna happen and now the fact that they've got. Kim young jewel going to the the United States think they'll make a big difference. About the moving parts there about you say you definitely think this is gonna happen I'm curious what's the general sense there in Beijing will. What are your from people. Well you know the interesting thing is is China's. Roll and all of this you've got the United States coming into Asia which China has always. At least wanted to control fully. But we've come in now with South Korea and now North Korea and of course Japan all of them yet. Talking together to try to come up with this plan to have this huge sum it. And and Singapore but out of this is fusion thing you know the president of China the most powerful man over here. As not really been brought in two and all the experts over here tell us that. He's he's a little bit upset maybe a little bit frustrated. Of why is it that. This is not the one that they're not the ones controlling this why is it that president from the United States is coming in. And having a big meeting with all these Asian countries and they're not really the number one in line to do something with this clearly I've talked to the to the US ambassador. To China and earlier today and he said. You know China's is very happy about the summit happening because they want denuclearization. Of the peninsula of Korea. They know this is dangerous to them even slightly more so than it is the United States senate like the fact that they're talking maybe to be some kind of peace. But what happens if there is peace that's brought hot and North Korea gets closer to the United States and North Korea is right next to China against its border. And if this ball for the North Korea has always been this kind of buffer between China. And South Korea where the US forces are what if that kind of gets associated with America then we'll get that much closer to China so. There certainly are concerns China wants this to happen but they really essentially want to control it themselves do it on their own terms. Bob Woodruff force there in Beijing China make you so much Bob we really appreciate you reporting out there we're gonna head back the United States now. Starbucks. Starbucks Starbucks it's been all over the headlines they are closing stores this afternoon for some racial bias training Lindsey Davis. Is at the store where this all went down in Philadelphia. Lindsay. What's the mood around the this morning. Well good morning to Zachary and I'll tell you right now time is of the essence people who are at this particular location only have a few minutes left. In order to get their ground in lattes and cappuccinos because this location along with a few others in the city are closing early this one closes. At 11:30 AM but is Yunel this afternoon as far as the rest of the corporate owned Starbucks in this country they will be shutting down for a few hours. You remember the incident likely that led to this day and of the executive chairman Howard Schultz. But a letter to customers today which talked about it want to read just a portion of that letter to you where he wrote. An ever changing societies still aspire to be a place where everyone feels welcome sometimes however we fall short disciplining ourselves and all of you. Recently Starbucks manager in Philadelphia called the police a few minutes after two black men arrived at the story sat waiting for friends. Not yet at the same thing when the police. After police arrived they arrested. The two men still horse that happen at this location back in. April Starbucks is now trying to use this as a teachable moment so today at a round 2 PM. At more than 8000 Starbucks locations across the country. They are closing for this. Unconscious bias training for a 175000. Employees Starbucks describes it as. A four hour master class designed to address implicit bias promote inclusion. And help prevent discrimination in the hopes of preventing future incidents like the one took place here. Welcome to watch a video featuring Starbucks executives are also watch a documentary and then breaking the smaller discussion groups to talk about their own experiences. Now one change that we've already seen about as result of what happened the company now says that. Anyone can use Starbucks faces including restrooms without making a purchase there are some critics who say look this is just one big PR stunt by Starbucks. But Starbucks is being clear from the beginning makes it look this is not. That you want because there is no magic line we're not thinking that this is going to be an overnight fix we're just having a start. Of conversation. Starts the long term commitment exactly. Yet interesting you you say that the old kind of York move there I'm curious what what customers are saying our debut in this as a PR move or can this really be the catalyst for the type thing we like to see Natalie. There at Starbucks but even as a society. What you know we've been here how many people is just relieved that it lament for the whole day at not a lot of people would think now. I can still get my coffee in the morning because they were thinking that this was going to be. A political hold and not just for this four hour period also a lot of people there was a little bit of confusion because. You're saying like I've I'm saying at a hotel here right socked the lady there and she was thinking that the Starbucks in the hotel would be. That this is not. Lying to. Those kinds of private locations like it was a very startled and but targets on us inside the hotel this is just about the corporate. Starbucks with a still considerable amount. Talking about eight more than 80000 locations. But people are saying in general that they don't think this is really going to do much. But again I think that. It is at least starting the conversation right that is Dartmouth Wednesday and it does seem like it is about time for nationwide they've. Not an isolated incident was seen as happen and all different kinds of locations. In all different parts of the. Yet draft right thank you so much music appreciate everything you're doing was there in. In Philadelphia course we're gonna. Pivot now in talk about this rough weather that we had this weekend really really tough weaken. Subtropical storm Alberto made landfall yesterday we have rob Marciano in Panama City fort rock. Factory hello to you Alberto coming ashore. These sub tropical storm not far from your body miles down that beach but yesterday lot different than it looks like today we add wins it. 59 miles per hour. We have some storm surge flooding across much of the stayed over apple foot of grants to rental rates coming in with this. Moisture latent system lot of moisture spreading wealth of the north is far north as. As Virginia and some devastating news especially to us here in the news business. In North Carolina two journalists were killed by a falling tree when they're out covering just the rain from this storm tree falling not on their issue via the fire chief. They actually you know view earlier that day finding their trucks suvs so heartbreaking stuff and our hearts go out to them their their families. And the folks at working in that and that market here in Panama City Beach it's certainly. Could have been a lot worse the forecast tell the did not go above hurricane strength but look this is Memorial Day weekend so this is not what. They needed as far as business goes the beaches were not happy that this speech actually. Was. Eliminate a lot of it look at the beach erosion here this is a permit a lifeguard stand. So one that they think would. Would not be impacted by any sort of search your beach erosion but you can see. When these lifeguards got go to work later on today at a gonna have one heck of a first step off his feet office office Darryl it adapt at a beach restoration project last year. What about thirty yards of this speech. What's taken away by the storm even today after the storm he's seen the surface. Is picking up. Here with the savage and 101000 tenants when he thousand people. Without power so obviously this wasn't a hurricane so they could be worse but we're not even into her Tutsis. We expect an active hurricane season again this year Zachary which officially starts. This Friday. Zachary. Rob Marciano for us there in Panama City we appreciate everything you're doing force down there you mentioned beach erosion. It was ground saturation in Ellicott city Maryland. Just devastating weekend for their some really really powerful images as you can see. Yet you look program there Eva what's the latest there in in maravent. I mean of children and elegant city Maryland where just about 36 hours ago flash flooding ripped through this town you can see how well. The water just carved out an area here they were actually cars dumpsters all kinds of things in this water. I yesterday moved all of that stuff and as we by the drying you can see visited ghost town there's snow in here businesses have not been allowed in. People have not been allowed it at this point. They did it begin allowing people to register at continent for today and those people will be allowed to come in for about ten minutes. They'll be escorted they'll be able to grab an apparatus that they. Can grab in those ten minutes but at this point it's just not safe. For those people to be in this area there. A lot of structural damage city's building. Concerns about the road because of the water that ripped through here as well and so they need to make sure that these areas are safe before bail out people. This day. Here and to begin that cleanup process. You know this all happened just two years ago they called us 1000 year flood just two years into apple seemed very similar scene here. That total more than point two million dollars in damages they. Have no idea this point how much damage. Love what this will total of it but a lot of people saying this is actually worse than it was two years ago. And today they're still looking. For a missing and 39 year old. National guardsman Addison Herman he was at a birthday celebration when the waters went rushing through he went out and at this floodwaters. To help a woman who was trapped and he then got fooled by the water is friends and family so hopeful. But they are that hope dwindles as each minute every hour goes by they said he. The last people that saw him getting full and not water. He appeared to be calm so they're hoping at least eight was able to get someplace else things haven't found it yet. But still no word and they are still calling this a rescue mission as they search for him. We of course we'll continue to monitor all the latest developments here as people begin that process today and going and as ten minutes to see their belongings. And either pilgrim. You're watching in the case. Even thank you so much they're awful awful story ops the community. Still trying to pick up the pieces from a similar incident not that long ago. Speaking of just natural disasters or or or. Or things in the same space three weeks ago since that volcano in Hawaii in its not backing down. More Fisher's more damage. More homes destroyed we have whit Johnson and a wide wit what's the latest. And number. Low. Smoke billowing up and this guy who's behind those streets. We could see spewing lava fountains. We're actually farther up this road. Escorted by the national guards checking out to flow from Fisher number eight because it just crossed over this three. Blocking off another road that's another exit route another way for people to get out of these communities are ready to evacuate. One of the big concerns now exists that a lot of little country to number eight continues even further through this whole raft over here. It would cut off one of the major highways six cups of this part of the island. I guess it's been going door to door one for you have this take a look making characters are great here. We're walking out because we we tried to stay here longer about half ago because of safety concerns the magma has that was moving was coffee and music. We were getting into you can smell of the gas that we've been talking about that's one of the major concerns here air quality. Vaughn has its halls with his volcanic smog. It's up in the air here you can smell it can read it and when the trade winds die down it kind of linger business. Cloud over the area for us we'll right up against that lava flow. And that we've been hearing some images and pictures we're just a few feet away from me you could feel the heat. But because of the changing conditions we're told by our efforts here at the National Guard we've got to go. Still though this ongoing situation. I almost four weeks now. The slow moving prices that are rumored tossed into volcanologists with US gas. He tells they have no idea. When the end is coming. I don't know I don't pays a matter of weeks it was truly is a historic event that is taking place. We're following every step away we'll keep you updated on all over ABC news platforms. Realm where Johnson on the big island of Hawaii ABC news. We're Johnson with a little walk and talk forests on the ground there in the why is he mentioned no idea when this thing is gone and it's. It's pretty believable what's happening out there that's the show for today will be back here. Tomorrow for more join us at Or on the ABC news pat bombs actually keys. Have a great day.

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