TSA Officer Killed in Shooting at LAX

Airport police say suspected gunman is in custody.
2:14 | 11/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TSA Officer Killed in Shooting at LAX
Getting this now from a federal law enforcement that eight TSA officer. Has died. From that shooting -- LAX this morning that is the latest that we have been getting now from federal law enforcement as we've been saying the situation is still very fluid. But the latest that we have right now is that there is a confirmation that it TSA it's -- -- TSA officer. -- has died from this morning's shooting. And -- terminal three at Los Angeles airport. What we know is that there were -- at least three injuries from that shooting that first reports coming in about 9:30 this morning. And LAPD here say that that the suspect is in custody has been neutralized although the details of that neutralizing. We don't know at this point yet. The president has been briefed on the situation and temporarily at least flights in and out of LA -- were stopped but. As David as you reporting now some flights are still arriving there are some others being diverted to some other airports as well. And the latest that we do you have is that when TSA officer was killed. From that shooting this morning we don't have any information on the conditions of those others that were injured or the condition of the suspect. Themselves of course LAPD. Is trying to rapidly provide as much information as they possibly can -- -- David as we've been talking this has been a multiple agency effort the FBI. The ATF have also been on the scene there and certainly we can see fire trucks lined up outside their because while the suspect may be in custody at this point. Police still don't know exactly what the situation may have spent. Absolutely. And this maybe if I'm not mistaken the first TSA officer that has been shot in the line of duty. And died. I may be mistaken by that but this the first one that I can. Recollect and as I mentioned a little bit earlier this does appear to be very TSA centric that the TSA officer I don't know if there was a specific officer or offices in general in terminal -- -- LAX we're targeted by the shooter. A very sad day for the TSA which has. Thousands of officers on duty all around the country at all times -- -- --

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{"id":20756729,"title":"TSA Officer Killed in Shooting at LAX","duration":"2:14","description":"Airport police say suspected gunman is in custody.","url":"/US/video/tsa-officer-killed-shooting-lax-20756729","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}