Breast Pump Humiliation at Hawaii Airport

TSA allegedly forced Amy Strand to use her breast pump before boarding plane.
1:50 | 03/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breast Pump Humiliation at Hawaii Airport
High school vice principal Amy strand says as a new mother she's used to travel being a little stressful. -- Like a -- work and it will be out. But Wednesday afternoon while going through legally airport security with her nine month old daughter Eva. She faced a problem she didn't expect. -- -- -- -- -- Quote this book I can't. It could look at the best that -- required. It's what he said next that through her see. If they pick it is not calling you. -- pick back up. I -- because there was no record. TSA recently changed its screening procedures to allow women to carry breast milk on -- planes without testing it. But breast pumps are treated as medical equipment that may or may not require additional screening. Strand says the agent said without milk in the pump she could not board. If there with a high -- Equipment back. The only outlet for her electric pump was at the scene I am -- -- In the book and my back. -- -- -- -- -- When the bottles were full strand was allowed to board and return home to now -- But her feelings of anger group. -- -- -- it and then angry. At that Clinton. In a statement -- I TV four news the TSA admitted that there officer mistakenly told strand that she could only bring the pack -- that was medically necessary. Quote we accept responsibility for the apparent misunderstanding. And any inconvenience or embarrassment this incident may have Costner. Paula -- TI TV for news.

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{"id":15832693,"title":"Breast Pump Humiliation at Hawaii Airport","duration":"1:50","description":"TSA allegedly forced Amy Strand to use her breast pump before boarding plane.","url":"/US/video/tsa-sparks-breast-pump-humiliation-at-hawaii-airport-15832693","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}