Tucson Survivors Share Their Stories

Seven survivors of the Jan. 8, 2011, shooting lend their support for gun control
3:13 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Tucson Survivors Share Their Stories
-- I guess it all starts with Gabriel Giffords both of us had decided to stop by just to see our. Friend and congresswoman. We decided that morning after a phone call from can't -- -- That we would stop on her way to practice and thank her for getting out among the people which is doing with her congress on the corner. Eight timed -- so that I got tired right at 10 o'clock. And I was just is seen with the people who we're standing at the -- the chairs when all of a sudden. Heard just -- Pop. Pop pop pop pop pop pop up. And things went -- For me did you see shadows and evildoers are spreading out in front of me -- away from us trying to go for cover following the ground. And she said where are you -- and I'm in we're in the Safeway parking I said that's been shot and I think he's going to die. It is -- deaths just passed right over you. I mean he was just shooting. Everybody right down the line. I felt completely loss. Mike I was in an alien world. And none of this could possibly be happening a mile from my home. I've been a nurse for thirty years and I've been in intensive care and emergency room and lots of different settings but there is nothing. In my career that prepared me for that because it would that was more like a war sound. And I get emotional when I talk about Kirstie creating. Its popular if not. You hit a 2%. Could argue -- -- but. Pages it's so sad. That something like that could happen to a nine year old girl. And something that haunts. Everyone that was there or not only -- victims of this tragedy. What all the people who were. Affected. Makes you appreciate every single day. It makes you wonder why you were five seconds into this Safeway and not standing right there where the gunman -- And it makes you feel like cube you'd better make a purpose out of your life. And know when your world ends as it did -- -- died. Another one half began. You either sit down and do nothing. Let people take complete Caribbean. Or get better and older and I don't plan to contend. Are you get up and you -- -- and that's what I'm doing. I'm going to work for this cause to hopefully keep other people from having to go through tomorrow we went through.

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{"id":15308808,"title":"Tucson Survivors Share Their Stories","duration":"3:13","description":"Seven survivors of the Jan. 8, 2011, shooting lend their support for gun control","url":"/US/video/tucson-survivors-share-stories-15308808","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}