Turtle Taped to Helium Balloons Rescued

California Humane Society searches for person responsible for setting turtle adrift.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Turtle Taped to Helium Balloons Rescued
A quiet Sunday afternoon in this Oceanside neighborhood turned into a community event. When neighbors came outside and saw a turtle hanging precariously from some balloons. High up and that eucalyptus tree everybody was outside over -- by the train in my solitary -- dealing. Everybody was looking at this little guy box turtle that someone had duct tape to a bunch of blue and green balloons. Now it's natural to think of things like the animated movie up but the differences the character here wanted to take off. The same can't be said for this poor little guy we called. The police to get -- fire department out here. They told us economy idea on the society they had -- fire department -- -- but at the our -- I'd actually -- So -- the turtle -- swinging in the wind in the meantime children bagels mom got out her video camera and started shooting at it was terrified. Dangling back and forth because the wind is pushing aside aside. Finally the fire department arrived with the latter tall enough to reach the turtle but then just as they were getting ready to rescue it. A gust of wind pushed the balloons out of the tree and gently to earth. What can't -- that anyways you know. -- -- -- -- Now an investigation is under way by the humane society as to who did this. Chanel Wright talked to a neighbor who was able to give clues as to who might be responsible. She saw some adults they're holding the loans. And let the -- going as it passed and she thought it was a toy -- And there was also Israel when she tried to catch it before actually when the -- -- admits at first the scene seemed humorous but upon further reflection her outlook on the day's events changed this animal abuse I mean if they want the turtle. Give it away. Take -- to a story you know there's not a disease or title. -- detectives are able to figure out who taped balloons to this little -- they could face animal cruelty charges this is a picture of the turtle from the humane society in Oceanside. Where it's now safe and well. In Oceanside John -- ten news.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"California Humane Society searches for person responsible for setting turtle adrift.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"17058015","title":"Turtle Taped to Helium Balloons Rescued","url":"/US/video/turtle-taped-helium-balloons-rescued-17058015"}