TV Reporters Battle Hurricane Sandy

Heavy winds, rain and sea foam weren't enough to deter journalists from covering the story.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Transcript for TV Reporters Battle Hurricane Sandy
Watch out. Kansas. -- Barbie is -- standard is seen both its -- here right now. If this is this people on the I was talking about -- about the floor that was way out to -- and just kind of -- and. Just off I got caught trying to live threat to get my other hat to the law and it's lovely -- -- excuse me -- -- a little. A -- legacy vote and -- -- to do that again and hang on to. So. Is that -- Got another blood experts to -- -- -- uh oh here we come. There's that awful people. -- -- -- Wow what will the sometimes the wind get so strong you can barely stand up. People are now the wind is definitely picking up your -- -- dad bought my back to it. Hello again -- -- -- started to advocate and eating and right now. -- -- -- -- are against them really having Judy wind gusts lives we're just heavy duty wing guys out here. You know a lot of wind here and keeping an eye on the -- because they can't really see what's going on around it's on -- Friday keeping me looking around that's because I'm trying to protect. My head really that's what we're trying to look out -- -- when -- get a little breeze here at little breeze right. -- -- --

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{"id":17595159,"title":"TV Reporters Battle Hurricane Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"Heavy winds, rain and sea foam weren't enough to deter journalists from covering the story.","url":"/US/video/tv-reporters-battle-hurricane-sandy-17595159","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}