Twins, Triplets Flourish at South Dakota School

Hanson School educates seven sets of twins and three sets of triplets.
1:25 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Twins, Triplets Flourish at South Dakota School
From the outside the -- school looks pretty much like any other. But just step inside and there's no question you'll be seeing double. And even triple. That's because unlike any other school in the state this institution. As a special feature which includes seven sets of twins and three pairs and triplets. It's very remarkable. It makes for a very fun time at school in the classrooms in the hallway at recess and I'll through out all aspects of school. With so many alike faces walking it's always you can tell like teachers might have trouble telling these kids apart. Can find little things like me be. A freckle on their -- that the other one doesn't have things like that but. I get it take -- time I think it takes some time for you can. Completely and there's always did sibling rivalry here -- sometimes I get a better grade than her own hands and easy -- trying to time. Blew. Him. And huge hit on and harm him. In -- -- who is usually it. Like Kevin and Deanna heights -- and they fraternal twin. This is a picture of my twin sisters and Napa and like the two of them it's the oldest sister is always looking out for the younger brother. She just always amazed at those text me asking that he gave Matt -- -- digital you know here -- electric and do say. Clearly it's a family affair at the hands of the school out.

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{"id":15547940,"title":"Twins, Triplets Flourish at South Dakota School","duration":"1:25","description":"Hanson School educates seven sets of twins and three sets of triplets.","url":"/US/video/twins-triplets-flourish-at-south-dakota-school-15547940","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}