UConn Defeats Kentucky to Win Men's NCAA Basketball Championship

The Huskies celebrate their victory in the finals of the college basketball tournament.
5:22 | 04/08/14

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Transcript for UConn Defeats Kentucky to Win Men's NCAA Basketball Championship
This is a special group. I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York the Huskies are howling today UConn men's hoops team is celebrating its fourth national title since 1999. Today. After knocking off Kentucky's wildcats in last night's NCAA title game. UConn led by senior sensations Shabazz Napier 22 points. -- Kentucky sixty to 54 a big win that set off a big party in stores Connecticut. We're going to be joined. Via Skype buy Yahoo! Sports columnist Brad Evans stratus six point game but you climb led from wire to wire what set them apart from -- super talented freshman five. Well you can't really just a cohesive team collectively and that's what they've shown here in an -- down the stretch in the regular season but also the autopsies and just getting the job done on both ends of the war a couple of dynamic urges you mentioned should escape your ultimate tank the harder the backcourt Bear Bryant boat -- Lock down defensively forced turnovers. And really frustrated his team and were able to overcome enormous size disadvantage. And the interior line at UConn also played well rotating bodies does slowdown Julius Randall just a great performance. From start to finish and -- you can't lead from the beginning of the game all the way to the -- without relinquishing the lead at all. Little bit a lot of attention and respect the mid major conferences this year to seven seed UConn victory this is a big team from a big conference -- -- slow that trend -- it. I don't think so I don't -- all staged -- -- of the world are going to be alive and well or -- long time to com. -- others lot of -- college basketball there's a lot balancing college basketball. And you know whether you go one and done now like Laurie -- Albert -- they like -- Kentucky. Or you build a program -- you know budget three star players that stick around for four years like Wichita State -- You're absent teams are gonna have some seniority they're good every major benefits no matter -- it's. You know and a small school the East Coast Aurora hi major -- on the West Coast I -- -- -- -- -- balance across the board. The -- college basketball world until the NBA does something about the one and done rule. Then the big -- if they -- extend. And the big -- stick around -- multiple years that may change the course of action. And the balance. Basketball until then it's going to be status -- And the players of course led by UConn coach Kevin -- how good is he feeling today two seasons one -- -- was -- the better coach last night. -- -- there's no question about it he you know push the right buttons at the time shows go -- with smaller lineup. To try to speed up the temple little bit and try to take advantage against the -- Kentucky and in doing that really the entire turned it -- much success in the same thing against Florida and also against Michigan State. A guy that instilled sends a hot news -- kids they played hard -- -- Bob buzzer to buzzer and he just did a tremendous job is still don't really stunning to me. That he you know -- six you know -- -- in his first ever in CAA tournament. Only Michigan's Steve Fisher back in 1989. Can see the same thing. And you talked a little bit about Shabazz Napier and Ryan -- right where they rank now -- one of the better back to back tandem court canons of college basketball. -- -- -- In this century there may not be any better backcourt tandem around the Batman and Robin is -- -- sponge Bob the scooby and shaggy got a -- -- college basketball and again improved it. Ends of the floor -- you know they'd combined for -- thirteen 22 Rupert 36 points ten rebounds six assists. It's six steals. I just getting it done also depends a blade just does sensational performance. On both ends of the floor and they deadly stand to -- state in college basketball -- as a result. Well you know UConn certainly earned the win but let's talk a little bit a lot of Kentucky fans are worried today what happened in particular. Well I want to keep and it had a tattoo. The 2014 Kentucky national champion has won -- -- drowning in soccer. That profit and on the -- and although Elliott what did what the difference in the game what the guard played -- need your it was boat ride ability to lock down -- -- Frustrate his team to overcome all the good bit different defensive looks at Kentucky was thrown out and as well. And feels awesome as -- charged -- Indiana a great run at the end of the first and a couple of nice little smaller runs in the second half. I'll let you -- be able to keep an arms -- And really that was the difference in the game and plus. Documents eleven free -- to be donated -- chances are gonna walk away the -- either. Well you know what along with the game all those brackets are also history Yahoo! Sports columnist Brad Evans thank you for joining us. Keep up with the story in tonight's women's title game in real time buy -- -- the ABC news apple story this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23246402,"title":"UConn Defeats Kentucky to Win Men's NCAA Basketball Championship","duration":"5:22","description":"The Huskies celebrate their victory in the finals of the college basketball tournament. ","url":"/US/video/uconn-defeats-kentucky-win-mens-ncaa-basketball-championship-23246402","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}