UFO Baffles Nebraska Residents

Cameras capture bright lights flashing across the sky.
1:14 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for UFO Baffles Nebraska Residents
-- most people were fast asleep cameras -- -- municipal airport didn't blink catching a bright flash streaking across the northwest sky about 3:24 Wednesday morning. Shortly after phone lines lit up at the Lancaster county sheriff's office called -- meteorite or some sort. And -- -- a couple different calls home on on the on the object deputies rushed out where callers -- it may have landed about six miles from Lincoln were unable to locate anything you'd agree your knee damage. -- -- Thomas liked -- the most. A little closer to ground as -- com is cornfields. Yeah I don't watch that we're in in that section that they were talking about -- the lights have been the it's C. Years. There's no guarantee this mysterious object even came down in this area at all. We -- twenty if He were in Columbus Nebraska sixty miles away -- -- -- -- his wife saw bright light the same time to their normal. And maybe not knowing what -- from the sky and where it is now makes -- Horry thought I watch until right at somebody for. Discomfort suffered -- -- -- that I found little martian out there and think -- that.

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{"duration":"1:14","description":"Cameras capture bright lights flashing across the sky.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"14778776","title":"UFO Baffles Nebraska Residents","url":"/US/video/ufo-baffles-nebraska-residents-14778776"}