The Ultimate Chicken Wing Eating Technique Revealed

Turns out you're doing it wrong--find out the best way to eat a chicken wing.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for The Ultimate Chicken Wing Eating Technique Revealed
-- -- News. We all of -- but my folks out campers eating wrong abortive visiting scholar mr. craziness Coxe. We're overnight competitive eater what's your personal -- best I've -- 125 wins and ten minutes left. Aren't -- -- right now to talk to. A so our -- -- -- to identify the most efficient techniques for eating. Chicken wings. -- professor crazy legs already observing here well I'm noticing a few different techniques on this research assistant here is patty. Patty is do not -- master teacher using his hands to separate the meat -- bones. And his -- the world dexterity of a little bit off I think a lot of -- shrapnel on his point. This research assistance is Alex Alex is gone so -- to leave delicately he should be thinking more buff -- less ballet. Always has a very good technique but unfortunately she's beating the drums in a plastic state. Most people assume the drumstick has the most -- that they be wrong to be combined ratio is only point 49. Whereas with a flat the meat -- ratio of point 66 that's the warning wanted to -- How about that haven't got a -- John here seems to be doing a little -- continues to fill in this sheets -- -- -- as opposed to swallowing quickly. You know what let's talk more about the right technique. -- -- -- -- that some sticky air -- waste time what's your best to change for the flat. I like a technique called the -- umbrella because it leaves one hand free for your beer beverage -- great for the casual diner as well as the competitive here. You put it on the table the -- you push down. All the -- pops down almost like an upside down overall world then. Impressive especially -- I'm absolutely surprised so and so what I -- used to separate the bones. While holding the rest of the -- together. That's ever moved to clean bones. Discarded and I have all the -- -- -- -- I do like a -- -- one -- but I notice it is taking a bit of time to work through that second one so let me show you one more -- I think is going to be the best. This one is a speed technique but also great for the casual diner because. It's going to get to the most meat so right here I haven't beholden to the two -- acquitted him. -- -- And there are. -- certainly to be crazy I think it's -- -- I crazy legs research assistants are back in this school -- -- methods that we are ready to take you lot all of us against you. Ten wings on each plate -- -- finishes their -- first wins it's going to be chicken champs were chicken -- Right you guys ready. Let's do it. Oh. -- -- -- lost by half a wing but -- severely handicapped. -- you clearly taught us well. Richards assistant thank you world famous competitor made a crazy legs Conti and thank you so much -- -- and.

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{"id":22271856,"title":"The Ultimate Chicken Wing Eating Technique Revealed","duration":"3:00","description":"Turns out you're doing it wrong--find out the best way to eat a chicken wing.","url":"/US/video/ultimate-chicken-wing-eating-technique-22271856","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}