United Passengers Complain of Gay Slur

Gay couple at Denver airport say they were harassed by an airline employee.
1:04 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for United Passengers Complain of Gay Slur
This was something I just crossed the line for us speaking by webcam Billy Camille is still anchored by in and calories as he had Saturday evening with the united airlines' rapid DIA completely -- or -- saying we are totally -- -- credible bank canoe and his partner were waiting for their flight back home to San Diego. After having trouble getting into a lounge they approached a group of united agents were held it was a very condescending sort -- rude answer. They are trying to figure out who would help us after complaining -- says he and his partner were escorted away by a manager as -- walking away -- idiots. My partner turned around. It's are balking at -- at -- -- what. And egos but -- says the manager even threatened to -- the couple lost their flight one reason they were scared to the complaint further. Frequent united flyers they turned to Twitter and FaceBook to tell their story no one wants to be handled in a derogatory way. And we understand that everyone heeded. But I think you know -- reservist and all that much better -- Europeans that the news.

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{"id":15041650,"title":"United Passengers Complain of Gay Slur","duration":"1:04","description":"Gay couple at Denver airport say they were harassed by an airline employee.","url":"/US/video/united-passengers-complain-of-gay-slur-15041650","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}