UPS Plane Crash Black Box Found

NTSB official answers questions regarding the deadly Alabama crash.
10:42 | 08/16/13

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Transcript for UPS Plane Crash Black Box Found
I'm Robert some -- -- a board member with the National Transportation Safety Board. And with me today doctor Dan Bauer doctor bowers the investigator in charge for this accident. Today is the first full today. That our investigators have spent working on the -- and it's our first full day boots on the ground. It's been a very busy day. But at the same time it's a very productive day. We started out at 8 o'clock this morning with an organizational meeting. Our investigators consider the organizational meeting to be the most important. In -- meeting of the field phase. Of the investigation. And this is where we designate parties to the investigation. We set the -- -- for the investigation. And -- lay out the protocols. And the framework. For how the field portion of the investigation and how the rest of the investigation for that matter. Will -- I mentioned. The designation of parties the NTSB. Designates. Parties to the investigation. Those organizations. That can provide technical expertise. To the investigation. And the parties are. The Federal Aviation Administration. UPS. National Air Traffic Controllers Association. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters. An independent pilots association. And end in accordance with international treaties. Since the Airbus -- 300 -- 600 is manufactured in France. In accords with international treaties the French equivalent of the NTSB -- -- BEA. -- -- -- -- -- Has been named as an accredited representative. To the NTSB's investigation. Airbus. And the European aviation safety agency are serving as technical advisors. To the -- I think most of you know by now that the recorders were recovered around 11 o'clock this morning. It took investigators about three hours to locate them -- they were covered and Harden plastic. Metal and cargo. And they his many of you have seen the tweeted pictures they were blackened and saluted. And we're cautiously optimistic that we will be able to obtain good data from those recorders. They -- being -- as we speak to Washington. Under the escort of a federal official. They should arrive in Washington the Washington national international Washington's Reagan -- Washington Reagan airport tonight. About 7 o'clock eastern time. There we met at the airport by an NTSB official. And transported to the NTSB's. Headquarters where our laboratory personnel began the process. Opening the boxes and trying to extract data from them. As you can imagine these boxes are. Are made. Not to be opened up their made to be withstand crash forces -- hate so therefore it's a little difficult to get into -- We have to saw it to them and cut into them and that take some time. And their software that they have to -- two to download the -- We should know tomorrow. And investigators will work late tonight. To open these boxes -- -- and to attempt to download we should know -- whether or not we have good data on these recorders. Our systems and structures Investigative Group. I mentioned yesterday that we've had excellent assistance and cooperation from the state local and federal authorities. And an example of that would be that today. The Hoover police department flew their helicopter. With an FBI photographer. To conduct an aerial survey. Of the crash scene. Our investigative groups have documented the forward fuselage they have documented. The cockpit the location of switches and controls. And we are in the process. As we speak. Of documenting. The positions. Of the flight controls. On the tail surface of the aircraft. Our power plants group. Has found that the preliminary. Evidence indicates no. Cabinets of an uncontained. Engine failure. There's no evidence of a pre impact fire. And there is evidence of debris. -- -- -- -- foreign debris. Such as dirt. And wood from trees. Now all of this. As a preliminary look at the engine. And the engine will be transported both engines will be transported to the manufacturer. For complete terror down but this is what our. Our experienced power plant investigators are telling us. That there. A preliminary. Investigation is finding. Our operations and human performance group. -- they have put in a detailed request to UPS. For a number of crew related documents. Including. Training records. Flight schedules employment records. And UPS is cooperating fully with -- -- -- request. Our maintenance records group world will convene at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning and global -- UPS's. -- its headquarters to begin. Poring over the maintenance history of the aircraft. And our air traffic control group. They are as we speak interviewing the controllers that that. Operated that particular aircraft the controllers that -- controlled. Worked that particular aircraft as it came in bound to Birmingham. We have obtained the radar date -- which will show. Which can be plotted -- The point space. Time. Altitude. Air speed -- -- -- And so we've obtain that data. I want to emphasize that we are just in the very -- -- stages of the investigation again today is our first full day. Of the investigative activities as a lot going on. There's a lot to be done. But I think we or our right where we should be at this point in an investigation. So that's the end of my prepared remarks I'll be glad to answer your questions. -- Was this the aircraft's first attempt. The land at the airport or did they -- Will grow around. And I have no knowledge that was anything other than their first attempt. But we will be are we tried to call the guy -- the -- our investigators are interviewing the controllers. Because that he's still working. We don't have all that information right now. But as information does become available. We will be laying it out for you thank you for your question is a question here. -- there any evidence of failure of the lighting on the runway. We have no indications of that. But that's one of the things we will be looking at is the lighting the navigational aids associated with that runway. -- -- So so the east -- -- was the runway which is designated -- six to four. Was that runway opened that is the longer of the runways here Birmingham. Was that runway opened it was closed it was -- no -- door notice to airmen that was and it was closed. That morning four. For maintenance on the runway center -- -- Question here. -- -- -- -- Well I'm not going to speculate on that but. The question is why was -- debris in the engines. If it is indicative of of an aircraft. An engine going through trees and in striking -- that's that's the fact right there are so well. There any other questions I'll take two more questions to question here. -- -- Can I discussed the of the layout of the the wreckage and and and let me elaborate on the idea of no fire. When I talk about no fire no pre impact fire. I'm referring to the engines so that engines there was no evidence of a pre impact fire with either of the two engines. Did that answer your question or or was there more to that that the two more K one more question. We'll we'll -- happened with the wreckage itself after the NTSB is through with that we will turn it over to. To the airline UPS. And then then it will be. Taken away removed and and stored. Usually they are -- in an aircraft salvage yard. So that's -- we will be conducting additional press briefings. You can follow us. On. NTSB is Twitter. Our Twitter handle is at NTSB or you can follow us on our web page www. NTSB. Dot gov thank you very much.

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{"duration":"10:42","description":"NTSB official answers questions regarding the deadly Alabama crash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19976603","title":"UPS Plane Crash Black Box Found","url":"/US/video/ups-plane-crash-black-box-found-19976603"}