US Airways Bomb Scare a Possible Hoax

Philadelphia officials investigate threat of explosives on plane at airport.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for US Airways Bomb Scare a Possible Hoax
Approximately 88730. This morning the phone call was received himself -- police airport headquarters. In that phone call it was alleged that a male and a name was given. Would attempt to get onto an airplane en -- somewhere in Texas. With a dangerous or hazardous substance. That information was immediately communicated to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And TSA. Investigation was initiated immediately. It was -- found. That a mail by that name was traveling today forty US air flight to Dallas Texas. Based on those faction and the other facts that were coming in a decision was made jointly. Between the police FBI and US air bring that plane back to Philadelphia. The plane did land here it was remote it over here at -- eleven. At which time. Myself. Officers for the Philadelphia -- -- and bomb technicians from the Philippine police department and the FBI. -- -- -- -- We've removed the mail in question. At that time we checked him and his carry on luggage and he charm and that he -- not. In the possession. Of anything dangerous and hazardous or illegal. The male was removed from the scene for further questioning by the FBI. At that time. The bomb technicians from the FBI and filthy place. Along with explosives detection canine dogs from the -- the police airport unit. Conducted a very thorough sweep and search of the plane. And we determined that there was absolutely no threat. On that plane. So there were some of the passengers who were seated just adjacent. To the subject. Were questioned briefly. And at this time that plane has been deemed clear to continue want. There were a few passengers that did rebook on other flights. And -- There there there was no emergency there -- that there was a threat but that threat was unfounded. That flight was never in any danger. And I just want to stress right now that the mail that was briefly taken in for investigation. Has committed no crime. He. Would appear at this time this is an on going investigation but at this time all indications are that this was a hoax. In a pretty nasty trick was played -- on a passenger. And it resulted in and really a threat all the passengers. So this is now an ongoing investigation. By the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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{"id":17172581,"title":"US Airways Bomb Scare a Possible Hoax","duration":"3:00","description":"Philadelphia officials investigate threat of explosives on plane at airport.","url":"/US/video/us-airways-bomb-scare-hoax-17172581","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}