U.S. Capitol on Lockdown, Reports of Shots Fired

Senators were put on lockdown and told to "stay away from the windows."
4:13 | 10/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for U.S. Capitol on Lockdown, Reports of Shots Fired
This is an ABC news. Good afternoon from ABC news headquarters here in new York and become on the air at this hour after reports of the US capitol has been put on a security lockdown. You're looking at live pictures right now constitution avenue and here's what we know so far. Sources telling ABC news that there are initial report someone tried to ram the gate at the White House. And then fled to Capitol Hill where there were then shots fired it is unclear who fired those shots but as you can see there is significant. Police presence at this hour and a number of emails have -- and out alerting. Folks on Capitol Hill and at the Supreme Court to stay inside and I want to bring in. Our senior Washington correspondent Jeff Celanese who reports on Capitol Hill source and -- you talk with your sources what are they telling you. Well David we've talked to three senators who witnessed these shootings they were standing. Outside the US capitol building around the Dirksen senate office building to give you some perspective just about a block across the street from the US capital. Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania. Very calmly told us a few moments ago he heard at least three shots fired. Senator Sherrod Brown was also walking there he said he heard more police officers told these senators to get down. Under vehicles nearby. May eventually made their way back into the US capitol which stated it is on lockdown we are on the senate side of the capitol a lot of police activity outside. And senior senate aides are telling ABC news that. One capitol police officer. Was shot not confirmed that the senior center data is telling us that -- so a very active scene here. At the moment again reiterate that point we -- we believe that one person has been shot just. A senior senate aide told me a short time ago that they believe -- one capitol police officer was injured was shot and in this police activity we do not know the severity of that but that's what -- sent an -- very high level source here told me just a few moments ago David. And we believe that we have the sound of -- now giving details of this possible officer shot the reports coming in late this -- were on the air let's take a listen. You've probably heard shots saw a lot of police cars then we heard she. And then the police told us to go back we are simply -- -- -- hasn't seasons and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- Shots and in the police it was -- we were blocked and we welcome I -- nothing like we were not yet. We're in the grassy area just. Way for people parked it in the tolls to get online tools come back to get my -- -- -- Maybe even just doesn't it owns nearly another sentences. The -- -- and -- towards. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just a taste of the chaos at the capitol at this hour that was senator Sherrod Brown they're describing -- the shots fired a number of witnesses. Hearing those shots fired outside the capitol it's believed. That this might have started at the gate in front of the White House someone trying to ram that gate and then driving on to Capitol Hill again. You're watching ABC news live coverage that shot as -- constitution avenue where there is significant police presence at this hour. We are learning from our sources right now that there could be a suspect. Could be a suspect reported dead on the scene that is just coming into -- -- want to turn to Jon Karl -- at his post at the White House. And John before we came on the air you were telling me of some that. -- at the gate that's in question. Yet let me explain David where this happened according to these reports. This is not really a gate to the White House it is a vehicle barricade. On fifteenth and Pennsylvania Avenue -- street and Pennsylvania Avenue it's right in front of the treasury building which as you know sits right next to the White House. And as we understand the vehicle ran into this barricade. And then there was a pursuits. We are we are told unclear exactly how long -- pursue was were told it was a short pursuit. And that vehicle is the one that ended up up there on the capital on the senate side they're on constitution avenue where UCL activity where those shots were fired.

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{"id":20461178,"title":"U.S. Capitol on Lockdown, Reports of Shots Fired","duration":"4:13","description":"Senators were put on lockdown and told to \"stay away from the windows.\"","url":"/US/video/us-capitol-lockdown-reports-shots-fired-20461178","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}