US coronavirus emergency

Experts forecast explosive COVID-19 growth in cases in some areas of the country.
6:51 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for US coronavirus emergency
Sometimes you're taking care of someone who. Looks like Q who's your eighties should customer similar backgrounds are as you can tell. And that is it's terrifying. I don't think I have to words to explain. The emotion that's in her room would hear about two. They too don't silence throughout 28 breeding machine because they are no longer breathing effectively on their own despite everything else we don't try to help. And physically it is kicks Austin. Takes me when did you days to recover after working a couple of shifts. And feel better. Mentally and emotionally. It is also a trusting. Imagine. Being the only links between your patient and their families because they can't come in and visit. Hoping an iPad up to your anticipated and sit dated a patient who can't hark back to their film morning. There will be with the axis and you. I really wish I hadn't done this site and I am sure it's gone out of should have gone to Florida freshman don't miss some. And it's just very heartbreaking to see it's heartbreaking to see he remembers passing on their loved ones and he's not. Me. But I just again I encourage everyone this is found. Real and and. Come on workers getting emotional there understandably talking about their experiences and I'm joined now by doctor David Rubin director of a policy lab. At Children's Hospital of Philadelphia which tries to bridge health research. And policy doctorate in thanks for being here I know you guys are constantly gathering a new numbers and Polly C lab's latest projections. Suggest that all states except Hawaii will seek increase case counts over the next four weeks. And that it could overwhelm contact tracing efforts can you walk us through what that would look like. Unfortunately people seem numbers go up and down for a while now I think if I would sensible messages what's. Happening now is very different this is like a tidal wave that is moving across. The country at this point we're seeing exponential growth now in 25. Cities in terms of Jason's Vincent of those people preserve your word. Stations they're climbing in all states is this country Siegel asked at this point. And we're seeing both icu admissions and penalties. Hello again and so we were expecting that the rate of death. Com TU increasing. This is what we've been expecting since the spring based on you know wintertime transmission there isn't seasonality to the Cyrus being colder weather. The viruses stands in the air longer people are all being with other illnesses and people are congregating more doors and sort of a seat. Folks get sicker because they're getting higher doses of virus when they get sick and were potentially see much warmer. Rapidly accelerating. Disease incidence in the community and when that happens that they hope the artists. It's almost always so much volume you can take before your ability to actually trees and who indeed the origins. Those infections in terms of we're in the community they're coming from starts to break your it's just. Coming from too many locations. And I think that no sort of fidelity contact tracing and whether it's holding a gun can differ from region to region. And what does that look like for people on the ground in their communities are working in the health care sector we just heard from some of those front line workers in places like. El Paso and Salt Lake City hospitals there are talking about things like rationing care. Facing we're gonna see more of that and more states gets that level. My concern is that you know this pandemic and he got there she is not just among citizens among political leaders. People are not react. Acting to try to halt the spread it all there waiting to see hospitals full before they actually make strong moves with the problem there is that. Once is once this takes all the more we talk about next financial spread. By the time your hospitals are full use this thing as a head of steam anger don't believe so quickly such numbers. Your weeks away from seeing at subsiding in your hospitals and what happens at that point. These you know what's cold familiar rescue people who change axis in our schools the quality care can diminish because she just can't reach every one. And then tomorrow into situations where you're passionate and it's tragic in a place like the United States of America that we might see in the next few weeks. So what we do at this point is there anything we can do to prevent that from being our fate. I salute. Us here in the united say that we've got some child in cigar following this region and a lot of people are having their Halloween parties. A sleep over parties that there isn't in your Thanksgiving and it's these informal gatherings were aliens often went solo works you let our guard mostly because we know the best and we need to be extremely careful how we need to protect vulnerable among us and our families and brutal protector of little ones we. I'll mess we got so. Are you got the mayor's it is Britney to recognize here and different. These rate now and everyone's Max needs beyond we need to hang out I'm very small groups. And if we all committed to that more people that you can't really cure all they treat Thanksgiving. We'll see some of this is I don't take pressure off our hospitals. The other big area of concern in schools would of these projections mean for in person learning. Some optimism that tell you that we're seeing lots of great success is schools across the country over two glimmer contact tracing his employees he knows these schools plans. Are really really strongly that you want safest places to be an epidemic is and is who with a strong safety plan. Com and we've seen very little evidence in most in most areas that are in school what we're calling transmission where the event is a large cluster originating. In this school during the school day. But once we get these really high levels and disease burden community were so many people contraction in its rapidly accelerating. Even the slate and start to become unbeatable I think it's just a lot of these start reverting back. To online learning practically for the rule purchased. Many many try to continue with elementary school kids. As well as with their special education students to try to keep them in school given that we've seen lower rates transmission. In those age groups but it's going to be very hard to cheaper usually keeps schools going during class instruction as we reach these really arteries. Doctor Irving here's hoping we can slow this down before any of that happens we appreciate your time today thank you. Yeah.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"Experts forecast explosive COVID-19 growth in cases in some areas of the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73911934","title":"US coronavirus emergency","url":"/US/video/us-coronavirus-emergency-73911934"}