Midwestern States Struggle Under Heat Wave

Officials warn residents high temperatures could stick around for days.
6:12 | 08/27/13

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Transcript for Midwestern States Struggle Under Heat Wave
This is a special report from ABC news. Again without burning your previous ABC news digital special report the summer winding down -- much of the country students are heading back to school but a late season heat wave. Is roasting much of the midwest this week millions of people are sweating -- out as the temperatures. Are nearing triple digits in parts of that region forcing schools to close or let out early and having an effect on mass transportation. ABC's Martha Gonzales is monitoring the effects of this dangerously hot weather Marcy. But again in Chicago the commuter trains are running slower this week because of concerns. About what -- he could be doing to the tracks and we are talking about some pretty extreme temperatures. They heat index in Iowa on Monday was 100. And ten degrees and while this is not unprecedented. Forecasters say it is. -- usual. Sweltering and steamy but usually high temperatures lingering in parts of the plains and the midwest yeah. Comes very -- Mary come hard to breed. That Ares just had me to -- and you just. Feel yup all over the heat wave bringing temperatures as high as twenty degrees above normal in some areas not only uncomfortable. School officials and teachers worry it could put students packing -- air conditioned classrooms at -- Dangerous heat -- The kids get really is not gaining any minute event and you know managing they're still thinking and had kids last week just -- himself staying slant. Five elementary schools in Fargo, North Dakota canceled classes through Wednesday because of the heat and other districts they've shortened their school days this week. With students being sent home before the afternoon heat makes their stifling classrooms even less bearable. Our building as well above 85 degrees on the second floor. And we -- to keep them safe and sick humanity it's the ninth time this is not cooling down we can't -- building down. And in Minnesota one of the first lessons on the first day of first grade -- -- beat the heat it's horrible it's really it's cartoon. She -- concentrate kid. I have been drinking lots of water so they don't -- heat stroke. And this extreme heat is expected to continue through Saturday. Dan. Unfortunately no relief anywhere near inside the -- even mentioned heatstroke what are the symptoms of heat stroke then. -- teacher -- is when the body is no longer able to regulate its temperature and that it stops producing sweats at some of the symptoms -- you'll see it's hot dry skin the person suffering from heat stroke might also have chills. -- throbbing headache and some dizziness and disorientation. -- All right ABC's -- Gonzales with the latest on that Marcy thank you for that I wanna bring -- AccuWeather is bringing rain out Bernie we've been seen. I'm sees millions of people suffering through this dangerously hot weather and the big question obviously is whether -- gonna get some relief. Not depends where you are Dan central and southern plains it's going to be awhile. Bill will be some relief in the Twin Cities and Chicago but this is what I would call. A classic heat wave in that. You can kind of see where the upper level high is along the periphery of the high that's we have the showers and thunderstorms but underneath the -- -- That's where you have sinking -- and when air sinks. It turns hot and you plenty of sunshine you can see that across much of the central plains states. Here the clusters of showers and thunderstorms and -- brought -- the heavy rain across parts of Wisconsin. And Minnesota over the last couple of hours or so -- you can see from Minneapolis Omaha Kansas City. Toward the Dakotas just plenty of sunshine and that's where temperatures once again are going to be rising pretty quickly this afternoon and as we heard from the report. It's never just the heat it's always about the humidity is well so while temperatures are going to be a good fifteen to twenty degrees above normal. And approach records when you factor in the humidity you're looking at temperatures well an axis of -- hundred degrees. -- that's the way it's going to feel so that's why throughout -- -- you have to be careful but once again. Along the northern periphery of that key you're going to have some strong thunderstorms. Once again from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan tonight. Down across. In Wisconsin including Green Bay my beloved Packers and then all into the midwest Detroit Cleveland Pittsburgh main threat is going to be gusting winds. And some torrential downpours once again -- -- up thunderstorms across the southwest now there will be some relief. Late this week in Minneapolis. And in Chicago temperatures -- want to be trimmed. By about ten degrees or so some cooler comes on through but this upper high which is the -- of the -- Isn't going anywhere so the central and southern plains it'll stay hot and will continue to -- thunderstorms across parts of the southwest. You don't want the flash flooding. In the southwest but unfortunately they need the rain and they're going to get it by the way deceit. -- not get into the northeast we'll continue to deal with thunderstorms there over the next couple -- days Stan. So take a look at kind of historical perspective of this obviously the temperatures are extreme but what about the timing -- this in the frequency and in this is pretty and usually isn't to have this kind of late summer heat wave. And then I would absolutely not I think that what what's going on now every time we get in extreme event. We forget that this is when -- waves occur. This time of the year now Minneapolis it's getting a little late in the year but I don't think temperatures in the nineties -- that unusual but when you get this -- For a couple of days the problem is it becomes very uncomfortable. And just as important as the -- doing the day. Is the temperatures at night and with the high humidity evil with clear skies temperatures in many locations won't be falling out of the -- -- and that's when he gets pretty uncomfortable. All right AccuWeather is for Iran now with the latest on the forecast -- thank you for your time and the forecasting my pleasure. Of course have a complete report on abcnews.com as that he waived his continue to grip. The midwest in many parts of that region for now on Dan -- in New York with his ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20082513,"title":"Midwestern States Struggle Under Heat Wave","duration":"6:12","description":"Officials warn residents high temperatures could stick around for days.","url":"/US/video/us-weather-heat-wave-strikes-midwestern-states-20082513","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}