USC student's disappearance baffles parents

Bo John Jones, 22, was last seen leaving his apartment on Sunday afternoon.
1:37 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for USC student's disappearance baffles parents
It's been four agonizing days for Susie and James Jones. He rushed to Los Angeles from out of state after learning their 22 year old son beau John Jones went missing Sunday afternoon news. Very responsible and everything for him to just walk away and leave his car his wall it. Site deal I had just to leave it here at they apartment and just walk away is just not like him. The 22 year old is a Ph.D. student at USC. Surveillance cameras captured him leaving his apartment Sunday afternoon his phone in hand he was wearing a UST shirt shorts and sandals. But his roommate told Stanley he didn't come home that night his father tells us the phone shut off Sunday night and turned back on to gate. At the turn to on the find my iPhone announcement slipping means saying someone founded numerous cell phone store trying to crack into it. He was able to retrieve it from a woman who said she found it it's that they founded on Tuesday morning and near the playground and MacArthur. Park right near here James Jones says his son was excited about upcoming work it is operational research program. It sounds greet us happy. Looking forward to coming home to New York. At the end of the month if they can't make sense of why or how he could go missing we're all racked here Marines trying to figure out. Mike could possibly happen because it's not like him. They're hoping someone watching this tonight has information that will help. We just want to make sure he's okay we're just trying to find him it to circumstances are just. It's just not like him.

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{"id":56565352,"title":"USC student's disappearance baffles parents","duration":"1:37","description":"Bo John Jones, 22, was last seen leaving his apartment on Sunday afternoon.","url":"/US/video/usc-students-disappearance-baffles-parents-56565352","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}