Utah Boy Saves Grandfather With 911 Call

Colby Bertelsen jumped into action after his grandfather had a seizure.
1:36 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Utah Boy Saves Grandfather With 911 Call
Is -- out of hair and then -- -- Have faced and he -- coated doctors. Always grandfather was at the bottom of the stairs bleeding and unconscious sexual tells us he was scared -- didn't. I learned that stand that he ran the kitchen. And grabbed the phone. Denver at the top of the stairs and -- for. When dispatchers answered they asked what happened in -- answer commitment of dispatchers and -- -- -- to assess the situation. If she breeding right now don't. Narrowed. It away. I don't know. That he called Kobe explained where his grandfather lives in on the countered it -- -- -- -- -- -- If people thought I didn't only -- Okay there is he on his back on his stomach. Some -- looked up. Dispatchers found -- house using a house phone number and -- an ambulance and police. And when they arrive Kobe but the dispatchers know. -- he think he felt the carpet. If he were here you -- beat him from work. Think there is coming in an attempt -- -- agree entirely different and I'm happy go. His grandmother need to Burleson says -- knew what to do because he'd been taught what to do. I just sent me if -- what ever happened -- You know solve them whenever can and -- -- my -- -- and he is the health unfilled they can find weren't. Which is exactly what he did and why this special little boy is even more special. In the eyes of his grandmother and grandfather.

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{"id":15929920,"title":"Utah Boy Saves Grandfather With 911 Call","duration":"1:36","description":"Colby Bertelsen jumped into action after his grandfather had a seizure.","url":"/US/video/utah-boy-saves-grandfather-911-call-15929920","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}