Utah Couple Skydives Into Marriage

Allan and Emily Wood exchanged vows before leaping 13,000 feet with their wedding party.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Transcript for Utah Couple Skydives Into Marriage
Crying and Brittany. And only Mike Allen in black but that's about the only thing traditional about this -- still little bit nervous about a joke about it. The couple's relationship started sweetly while working at a leather -- ice cream shop light years ago but their loved it took on. Adventurous side we've done you know made a point to do other fun things -- parenthood in -- snorkeling and scuba diving and things like that and thinking game. You know it symbolizes we -- -- The -- full wedding plans didn't surprise the couple's family my sister's summit today cliche. Thinks so but then came the request of the bridal party to jump with them. The bride's sister who I always wanted to try skydiving jumped at the chance I'm really happy little nervous and starting to get nervous after. During -- not so traditional wedding pictures and it's time. 101000. Fine that Graham's brother does the honors from other witnesses and nervously watching and -- what's about to snack. Trying to take. He's just countless. And once back on the ground they can't wait to be back in each other's arms and to -- -- their new adventure together. Let me explain -- -- and it didn't defend --

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{"id":17625524,"title":"Utah Couple Skydives Into Marriage","duration":"3:00","description":"Allan and Emily Wood exchanged vows before leaping 13,000 feet with their wedding party.","url":"/US/video/utah-couple-skydives-into-marriage-17625524","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}