Utah Doc's Mistress Admits Sending 'Suggestive' Photo

Gypsy Willis allegedly sent Dr. Martin MacNeill pictures of herself the day after his wife died.
6:57 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Utah Doc's Mistress Admits Sending 'Suggestive' Photo
This Willis I want to follow up on a couple of things we talked about -- Friday that's. On Friday stated that in or around February or march of 2007 and the defendant -- -- into the duplex simply. And that he gave your debit card for to -- for what she needed or wanted to. And he helped pay for your schooling. And the two -- you were having sex more cracked yes. And I ask you it's in this demonstrating a commitment -- more serious relationship and you replied something to be effective. No it was a casual or something like that the senate cracked that's correct and then I showed -- Permission to move toward advanced to the -- who witnesses needed your honor it wouldn't. And I -- -- state it's thirty to forty. We were emails that you could send to. Someone did you met on line somehow. And in -- you had said. But very good him best friend of mine has recently become much more than that and followed up in response to how that happened. I met him online -- year and a half ago we've always been great together and just recently his reasoning abuse changed and we are together now. What relationship are you talking about in exhibits 39 and forty. -- was different Martin okay. I want to go. Back to around the time of Michelle -- death. In April 2070. Remember taking pictures of yourself. Took pictures myself whenever I thank looked OK -- you remember the specific contents. Welcome -- backtracked. We went through. Phone records and in those phone records there was a number of picture messages to -- sent to the defendant correct yes you remember the content of those picture messages. Just general ideas -- We look he -- that you read. -- -- And what are those those are photos of me. And are those pictures you took guests and are these pictures that you would have sent to the defendant. Happened so okay. These have dates on them and I want to ask you about a few in particular okay. On the first page what are these pictures showing. -- lying down on a -- OK and what was to date that these were created. Treated dates for twelve. A -- -- of censored 2007. OK so these were taken the day after Michelle -- staff. Yes. And around this time you were sending picture messages to the defendant yes. -- -- Would you describe the content. -- -- -- -- -- They are of me. In the mirror -- You know exposing my back. Is it exposing -- -- your back as well. And on picturing it and it's national but suggested it's showing your buttocks. And in the other one year. It's not showing your chest area -- you are shirtless. -- -- My in my back and exposed and I can't quite say -- -- to -- I think I think. I had addressed that -- like -- back to it okay. And it ended in. It's your. That any candidate. Yes -- is that's for twelve and 2007. I want to go back to. The nanny. -- -- When exactly were you hired. -- I believe it was somewhere around the twentieth of April -- leaps up and. Did them how did you interview for the position. I came to I came to their house and -- Damian and the -- Teens girlfriends and the and the children were there. Parents. I told -- -- I was and my background in nursing and that's -- thing I just I gave -- an idea who I was. Did the defendant tell you if there were other candidates. To be interviewed he didn't tell me. Did he tell you if anyone else was interviewed. But I don't recall a conversation. Did he tell you that you -- going to beginning the job. In some and a. -- After you were hired the defendant took you around to different people handing out thank you gifts and introducing you correct. Introducing it was a site subject who was to thank them for the hit their support during his. -- time OK but in the process of giving gifts you were with him. And he would introduce you to work I was with -- run the children were there and how did he introduce you. -- believe he and she's instant panic and what -- -- -- Chilean. And the to -- resume your sexual relationship when you are moved into the home estimated. Yes. And the two of you were hiding the fact that you were sexually involved for -- -- children yes. If I told you that others have testified that -- -- not much of a nanny in terms of cooking cleaning and taking care of the children. And we're just staring grew I did the defendant well could be your response. My response is that. When the adult children were home I deferred -- and went back to study my nursing. I did actually help with the children.

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{"id":20716920,"title":"Utah Doc's Mistress Admits Sending 'Suggestive' Photo","duration":"6:57","description":"Gypsy Willis allegedly sent Dr. Martin MacNeill pictures of herself the day after his wife died.","url":"/US/video/utah-docs-mistress-admits-sending-suggestive-photo-20716920","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}