UVA Lacrosse Murder Trial to Begin

George Huguely is accused of murdering ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love.
1:36 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for UVA Lacrosse Murder Trial to Begin
George -- we'll stand in front of -- courtroom for the first time Monday. Since being charged with the may 28 and murder of ex girlfriend -- -- up. Mr. -- will be in the court room and be asked himself how do you plead guilty not guilty. Charlottesville lawyer Scott Goodman who has no connection to the case says defense lawyers have -- cleaner QB will plead not guilty. But in order to precede the declaration. Must come from -- believes mount. This is before jury selection this is before any. Witness testifies that's the very first thing that will happen. It's trial is expected to last two weeks. But Goodman says that he could last even longer. If the jury selection takes longer than two days and if it appears that the court is going to cut off testimony at 6 o'clock it would be surprising to me if the case was able to be finished within two weeks. Little is known about global actually happening inside of the courtroom and that's because lawyers on both sides have remained so tight lipped. We -- for a lot of surprises over the course of the trial. We do not know. For example the full. Testimony of a defense expert testimony regarding the cause of death from their point of view. Another -- know what was said on the emails exchanged between loving -- leak in the days leading up to her death. The emails were found on loves laptop which -- -- allegedly stole the night of her murder. All these -- possible surprises or. Pieces of evidence that we're not aware of now but that's for the trial -- for. One thing is certain yard Lee's mother and sister Sharon and Alexi -- will be the first to testify hoping -- find -- in love's death. As -- accused killer faces an uncertain future.

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{"id":15521871,"title":"UVA Lacrosse Murder Trial to Begin","duration":"1:36","description":"George Huguely is accused of murdering ex-girlfriend Yeardley Love.","url":"/US/video/uva-lacrosse-murder-trial-to-begin-15521871","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}