Vandals Ruin Christmas Decorations

Homeowners wake up to find their holiday displays trashed.
1:20 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Vandals Ruin Christmas Decorations
A quick stroll through the gates mill subdivision in Milton and it's plain to see that folks take pride in their Christmas decorations but what they found Saturday morning turn that pride. Outrage is very disturbing very -- Christmas time. Vandals -- yards scattered with -- broken and even be headed Christmas decorations. Reindeer lights were knocked over this inflatable -- was flattened. Homeowner can tauzin who spent the day cleaning up says that's not even the worst of it. Have a nativity -- set up with lights and everything and I saw that the baby Jesus was taken in and thrown and toss. Out -- the my drive in a cement and damage and I saw Adam statue of Mary she was also taken and tossed around. Emails have been circling all day and neighbors have discovered that as many as five homes were vandalized overnight. Leaving behind some disturbing sights. -- even I heard took a Santa Claus and hung -- from a tree. Which is a terrible thing for children to see -- -- outrage I don't know how much of the stuff is fixable and -- much -- is beyond repair. But total there's several hundred dollars worth -- stuff after all of the time effort and money put into these displays homeowners say someone needs to pay. It's it's -- right I mean you know it's Christmas it's for the kids and and to do this kind of stuff. You know -- it's. Does not right.

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{"id":15140553,"title":"Vandals Ruin Christmas Decorations","duration":"1:20","description":"Homeowners wake up to find their holiday displays trashed. ","url":"/US/video/vandals-destroy-christmas-decorations-holiday-displays-trashed-homeowners-us-15140553","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}