Veteran pilot killed in chopper skyscraper crash

The pilot attempted a hard landing on a roof of a New York City building.
2:20 | 06/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Veteran pilot killed in chopper skyscraper crash
New information on that helicopter that crashed into a roof. In midtown Manhattan eye caused a fire that was quickly extinguished now the pilot died but thankfully no one else was injured so wanna go to Jim any tests. Who's there here in New York on GO. As we know in this city when a plane crashes into a building it's hard not to think. Of terrorism but this was an accident yes. Yeah and that's what people were thinking right away we heard. Aircraft and building and right away. They thought terrorism and so that's why so many people including law enforcement there were coming from all over the place to get right here this is the building right behind me here. Where it all happened above right now investigators are looking at this. They believe that this was an accident but they're not sure just yet of course. They need to go ahead and investigate this and look at this but right now absolutely no signs. Pointing to terrorist. And that we also know we learned yesterday during the coverage that there is no. Helipad on any of the buildings in New York do we know why he would've landed on one of these buildings in what the situation was why he was there to begin way. So Kim one of the things that we've been looking at is that we've been learning much more about this pilot and we're told this was a very experienced pilot. And that may be why he selected the rooftop. More that emergency landing wasn't I was out here it was rainy it was foggy it was really a question as to why a helicopter was even in the sky. But there he was he found himself in this situation. At his family said overnight that they believe that he actually intended to land there. Because he knew that if he landed here on the streets just blocks from Times Square. We would have much bigger problems many more victims. Yes definitely and dumb as I said we know the fire was extinguished but there was. A fuel leak as well. Yeah there was a fueling Kimberly and it actually. Was coming down the building at first and they were worried that it would reach down to the street and really calls up another hazard there so they were actually able to clean that up. But later today NTSB investigators are gonna bring briefing us and there are going to be figuring out and I'm telling us what they have figured out. Our idea thank you so much and unfortunate situation thank you for the updates.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"The pilot attempted a hard landing on a roof of a New York City building.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63636408","title":"Veteran pilot killed in chopper skyscraper crash","url":"/US/video/veteran-pilot-killed-chopper-skyscraper-crash-63636408"}