Veterans Day snowstorm slams the Midwest

Winter weather advisories are in effect for the metro Detroit area.
1:16 | 11/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Veterans Day snowstorm slams the Midwest
I'm Jennifer and Wilson in Oakland County Michigan as you can see it is a different today in winter wonderland and judging from this car here it looks like. We have I don't know maybe about gas I think about three inches of snow on this car in some places in metro Detroit. We've already seen four inches and this is. Just the beginning were expecting it. A big band of snow to come on threw him bring about an inch an hour so we've got. A lot of road crews out this right now this is the road commission for Oakland County so we've seen trucks coming in an adult the door on the road right now. But this did you don't is. He'll wind sold all the salt they could possibly need for the entire CD even though this season is starting early. He said they are ready to tackle it in Oakland County over a hundred crews out on the roads in Wayne county. Also more than a hundred crew was on the rode it out here since early in the morning and they will be out here throughout the day into the night. As more snow flurries continued to follow a lot of work out there for many many people but. As these snow inches continue to pile there's a few cans and that today already in the snow suits ready to grab those lives. In Oakland County Michigan and Jennifer and Wilson for ABC news line.

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{"duration":"1:16","description":"Winter weather advisories are in effect for the metro Detroit area. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66915715","title":"Veterans Day snowstorm slams the Midwest","url":"/US/video/veterans-day-snowstorm-slams-midwest-66915715"}