Attempted Kidnapping Suspect Arrested

425-pound gang member Victor Espinoza was arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap a child.
3:00 | 10/06/12

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Transcript for Attempted Kidnapping Suspect Arrested
And infrared camera the police helicopters scours the backyard of a Santa -- -- the darkness. And authorities -- a suspect wanted for attempted kidnapping crouching under -- -- They can see him. But he doesn't think anybody can see him. 55 year old Victor -- Espinoza was captured by officers minutes later. Espinoza is accused of attacking a ten year old boy the boy was walking with his teenage female cousin -- -- 7 yesterday evening. Heading for soccer practice at -- Hyde Park went Espinoza allegedly grabbed him. It does little -- came in. Saying did that mean why -- particular. Did he say that he grabbed them and you start spending 420 pounds. This madness and you're talking about him grabbing a ten year old kid. He could he could hurt him any better than that. The terrified boy managed to break free he and his cousin who ran to the -- and told his soccer coach what happened. The -- searched for the suspect and confronted him. He -- -- I'm -- I'm leaving and I said no you're not even. We're gonna wait for the costs because you do something wrong for the little boy and you try to even and that's when we are -- talking him down. The suspect took off but didn't get far -- -- parent. You know -- worry about my kitchen and and I thought that I had to do something Robert Ramos has known Espinoza for years and spent time with him yesterday before the kidnapping attempt. I don't know about through his mind at the time and -- few seconds I feel bad for the -- don't kid. Now he's okay.

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{"id":17414558,"title":"Attempted Kidnapping Suspect Arrested","duration":"3:00","description":"425-pound gang member Victor Espinoza was arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap a child.","url":"/US/video/victor-espinoza-kidnapping-child-obese-gang-arrested-us-17414558","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}