New video shows final hours of 16-year-old inside Border Patrol detention

The nonprofit investigative news site ProPublica has released a controversial video of a young Guatemalan migrant who became seriously ill and died in a South Texas holding cell in May.
6:14 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for New video shows final hours of 16-year-old inside Border Patrol detention
Next to a shocking new glimpse at the humanitarian crisis. At the southern border pro pool look at the nonprofit investigative news site is obtained surveillance video. From inside a Border Patrol detention center back in May. Winnie sixteen year old Guatemalan migrant and became seriously ill. Died in a south Texas holding cell you're seeing the video now it can be very disturbing to watch. So please be sensitive to that this death of course was previously reported by ABC news and others with the video now. Calling into question the government's account of what happened. And its failure to prevent the death of this young teen. Aaron there immigration reporters here or queen you you reported on this at the time this is simply a horrific who watched. He had been diagnosed with the flu but he hadn't got the article appear in the end at that time the government said. That through this simply. What shocked and surprised them that this raises question. So do it does raise questions Wien we first reported on this incident we went to Border Patrol and asked for breakdown of exactly what happened in the late night early morning hours that he spent in this didn't sell. They told us he'd heard been receiving regular welfare checks that's consistent with what Republicans purported. But the central issue this video raises is how extensive those welfare checks really war CBP told us at the time that he was found by one of the medical professionals who was conducting one of these checks. But it apparently used to from the video you can see his cellmate actually finding the the body of the sixteen year old and then raising the issue with. The nearby CBP I key discrepancy here in the video you see the young man at the teenager just horribly horribly sad scene one of six. Children to die in Border Patrol custody or earlier this year. You see in their score appear apparently struggling we don't know. From the Pope who book a story whether the video footage they obtained was being fed back live that someone was monitoring and our they had access to a but we do know was captured. We do know is captured and we also know me and more importantly around this time to their it just to give you some broader context I mean he is one of thousands of unaccompanied kids who is sitting in border patrols and stations at the height of the really the humanitarian crisis that we saw unfold over the past year. More at the edit at the peak. There were 20000 on the can be kid sitting in those Border Patrol stations. And Carlos lake like many of them was waiting to be transferred to HHS care health and human services where you become a part of the Office of Refugee Resettlement program that's more well suited for dealing with the needs. And even health care needs of. Of these kids Democrats have been demanding answers about this particular case since that time back in May we heard about it then we're hearing new calls today in fact. Karen bass we just spoke with Democrat from California chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus spoke with us before the show. About what she thinks should happen after this episode take a look. I was absolutely horrified and sickened by the video. I believe that it was child abuse that was child abuse on video and frankly you know somebody needs to I think was negligent homicide. I mean someone needs to be held to account it is completely. Unacceptable for a sixteen year old. I go to die of the flu. I first of all question the autopsy I wonder if that's the case I think there needs to be an independent autopsy but that was state sponsored. Child abuse someone needs to be held account for it. But it is evidence of the type of policy we have that is orchestrated by. In my opinion a white supremacist. Who was the special advisor to the president and his name is Stephen Miller. That is the reality. Of his race since immigration policies. That's Karen bass of California calling and negligent homicide state sponsored child of them abuse ABC news. Contributor and former Homeland Security official Jon Cohen joins me on the phone I John. This is just absolutely horrific and shocking to see it before our very eyes at this happened. In American facility. What sort of two sorts of things would you expect the agency to be doing right now to take it to get the bottom of this. Nagging doubt and I mean it is disturbing. Going as quickly got it rated. Serious questions about the care being provided to people in BP consulate. I've been a police op apartment looking official a PH or arrest of a lot of people that he worked in jail on occasion. And it's the ultimate responsibility. Law enforcement officials to ensure the safety and well being of people who were at stake while. Question I have is why what this individual facility where. Appropriate care to be provided did this to be key personnel follow appropriate procedures. When they happen individual that was in this secular more costly. And that day document their activities accurately we get stopped several correction officers and two correctional officers in New York indicted. Because they misrepresent their activity. Apparently to welfare checks and Jeffrey Epstein. So be decorous that the Department of Homeland Security need to be taking a hard look at desks. Specific incident and others alike get to see if if you keep protocols have been volatile people in their custody are being adequately care or. We know our congress is gonna conducted that oversight now with perhaps even more passion and my that this video Jon Cohen thank you so much and Quinn. To button this up we do know from your reporting previously that this child had a 103 degree fever. Was seen by a nurse practitioner and they were told to simply monitor him and what appears to have happened here is that he was not monitor. Who write eighty he'd be he was not monitored as closely is as may have as they made it sound like initially when we reported this and it comes down to the judgment call of when to take that kid. To a hospital he remains in CVB custody while leased the he's doing that. As John mentioned a DHS homeland security's been have to take a hard. Look at this because at the time Carlos was the third miner to die in CB. How truly warranted under six he's since that time now or up to six children died this year just a terrific story interest in on a Quinn owner immigration reporter.

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{"duration":"6:14","description":"The nonprofit investigative news site ProPublica has released a controversial video of a young Guatemalan migrant who became seriously ill and died in a South Texas holding cell in May.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67529913","title":"New video shows final hours of 16-year-old inside Border Patrol detention","url":"/US/video/video-shows-final-hours-16-year-inside-border-67529913"}