'The View' Heats Up Over Sandusky

Co-hosts discuss the alleged sex abuse charges against former Penn State coach.
6:58 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for 'The View' Heats Up Over Sandusky
Last night Jerry sandusky. Spoke out to Bob Costas in a phone interview where he denied all not charges of sexual abuse against -- Here's a little bit of what he -- take a look. Are you sexually attracted to young -- to underage -- The most sexually attractive. -- -- Sexually attracted -- either uninsured young people. Body -- -- to be around them. If I -- but no I'm not sexually attracted to him bullish. What did happen in the shower the night that might -- -- Happens upon you when the young boy. Okay -- RAM and had no horsing around. And he actually eternal showers on him what is actually sliding. -- The floor -- hand. And we were kind of -- -- possibly likes snapping a -- horseplay. Its collapse and it and that's OK actually even like if he's trying to proclaim and maintain innocence that. None -- that really sounds look at again person -- -- say they're dealt. That sounds normal lives -- you're really bothered me about this more than any time. Was the fact that she did not -- Al no right -- no this didn't happen. Never I wouldn't have work you Jackson way to let you just wait -- was none of that and I'm not yeah. That's sexually attracted. If you think when you because this foundation that he started second mile that he founded. You know with the wayward kids you would think that -- anyway you would know what is appropriate and inappropriate with young boys so the fact that you would say yeah I shower with him. You wouldn't think that would be inappropriate and -- -- -- our heat he knows what he did he knows what he's right. John McCain doesn't -- that I -- I want. Beyond -- and talk about Penn State because there's and as an op Ed piece today in the New York Times by John -- and other people who are saying. That Penn State has no moral responsibility. That they should have canceled again have a night. With all the cheering for the team that they should probably council -- whole season that's I have got even though autonomy. A lot less money. That is there a place to have some moral responsibility. And that goes beyond the addition. Yeah. In the years to come they want Penn State to retain its status that it had before -- and may be cleanse the palate. They might have to do what I should this be on the backs of the students there who are actually and a a lot of students are. Yeah how. Am I I I think that's I think my parents and I'm all Olson is also has important as playing football. That gets the scholarships what's happening now on and it says let's. -- unfortunate that so -- the -- is really getting widespread now and I do think it's a systemic issue however. Elapsed plate that the blame should be set -- -- students currently but an hour. Not -- an. Article said was up. Apply yeah but I -- to be a different kind of moral responsibility -- assembly of hedge -- -- stay anyway and -- -- beyond an individual independent. Milicic content to -- Want to eat to help people understand it. Does being on the money in the -- I have. To -- Barbara -- you know. That this does not go beyond. Those coaches. It does not go beyond the young man -- who actually has said. As it turns out that he did stop what he -- -- -- -- and another -- and anything else could have gone to him but I don't think that that should be. That bear moral failings. Should have anything to do with what the stillness. But you have different. -- but this -- applauding. Him. -- not all of not all of that on this a lot of a lot of those I just feel that the university needs to have taken a little more responsibility. Then those individuals just as you've been talking about the Catholic Church to -- -- -- spending as the original but they don't wipe out all of the -- now the thing that really irritates me here's what. More than even -- that. Why is he is still out if this was anybody else can this guy would be behind bars why is -- on the. Okay. Okay. -- The judge who does the judge is what I think he rubbed his his -- you know I felt I want to judge Douglas debate stressed that should have been dealt with -- -- I I I. I had a point about that the college officials -- -- down but do you member Southern Methodist University. Got in -- -- nation down the program because there was. Inappropriate in this with with a lot of so that was going on gambling and -- like that and I remember they shut down the program and there were students who suffered. Because they shut down a program who had nothing to do with it but I think -- Penn State I you know these these boys. I'm not I don't know if you can -- -- -- go to another school but it seems like an order for -- to wipe the slate klink has just idols boys. These people protesting it seem like they're saying you got to town as saying football is our god the tunnel is -- got an -- you. Why explain but I don't really wasn't until well it's it seems like united to wipe the clintons are bringing in so much money -- hit a winner. -- break it down to making every game. Conversation here that I think a lot of parents are facing and that and here's the extreme where coaches or someone in power becomes an -- at all in which under no circumstances are you to challenge what they -- in terms of their authority. Now what do you do is the parent went typically you say listen your coach the coach says -- listen your coach he'd be a good player -- your teacher. -- -- healthy system that's normal but how come your reputation. As -- -- that we -- buttons that said question authority. And people need to be taught to question authority that does -- mean you have to go up against it or fight it. But you need to question and he only has its. -- after the children -- estimates. -- -- duty to teach the children when they -- -- but I hope there is an issue. With all of the authorities have -- this -- still run in a -- without a bracelet on his ankle. And people are walking around adults a walk around saying this is -- This is a much bigger problems you know and Sandia and I started -- -- is. You -- -- at an entrance on the actual person. Isn't that the case but they couldn't. Shall present he did it dot did not do it where they could not -- -- the victim not. -- want what we've heard from not there so we know there. Is gonna go on and on and you know will be talking about it for a walk is this is sudden we're all very passionate about.

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{"id":14956763,"title":"'The View' Heats Up Over Sandusky","duration":"6:58","description":"Co-hosts discuss the alleged sex abuse charges against former Penn State coach.","url":"/US/video/view-heated-jerry-sandusky-14956763","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}