'The One': 'Viral Love' with Jozen and Gina

Jozen Cummings and Gina Roco share the story of their engagement that went viral and how they figured out they had found the one.
3:04 | 02/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The One': 'Viral Love' with Jozen and Gina
So we always celebrate our antlers on her first day I made my mind. Night after our first days that. I wanted to go out with her again and I've been one of garlic and videos. I turnaround. And immediately it every honest screaming around that's he's down on one need. He has a huge smile on his days and I see that ring. So decided. That I was going to propose to her. He's concert the first person toe with my mom and eventually says. I don't know how you feel about this that if you would write it's you can propose to achieve. With reading your grandmother. It. I one of my grandmother used to bless this relationship. As much as anybody. And she isn't here to do it do it for the ring it is always referred to be connected to. He told me that morning that we are going into a Daniel Cesar concert. And by the time we got there it was a little bit late so it was packed on the ground floor. Here's mark first hurdle which is I can't get into the ground floor of where downtrend from. Proposed and the bouncer. Who is guarding the front doors to that state level. Is right. Not only telling people that big hit did in but telling people. Don't. Even talk to him so I raised step forward to McGrath at work. I understand what your situation is and their big ears and eyes situation. It wasn't long concert and he can't he comes back out at the end of her has long course on which is our favorite songs on the album. The. And now with the song that I knew I was gonna proposed there. So the sun goes through two. That oozes. It is. And he has and a round from me. It would still are for me to say Gina Roca will you Mary me I just have to put the ring on her finger to avoid any embarrassment. Lot of people are saying congratulations to. I still haven't. Gone answered. So it's like when we've stepped outside of what does it. I think Yasser that I got that as a yes. Mentions that via. Sometimes. And I am looking hers sometimes with there are sometimes. Home to her and I just can't believe how incredibly last night.

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{"id":53030757,"title":"'The One': 'Viral Love' with Jozen and Gina ","duration":"3:04","description":"Jozen Cummings and Gina Roco share the story of their engagement that went viral and how they figured out they had found the one.","url":"/GMA/Family/video/viral-love-jozen-gina-53030757","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}