Virginia Family Found Dead at Home

Police are not disclosing whether the case is a murder-suicide.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for Virginia Family Found Dead at Home
It's really really sad. -- in -- know how to explain it. There are no answers only shock and -- along -- broader -- in Herndon. Late Tuesday night investigators continued to gather evidence inside this home. Earlier in the day police found an entire family two parents and their two sons dead inside the house. We're told the older brother attended Westfield high school while his younger brother went to middle school. The parents were often seen sitting in chairs on the front porch. And they were known in the community as the neighborhood creators. I always -- and I think -- from work everyday so it's just very shocking to see him. Out there waiting on the sports while police -- characterizing the deaths as suspicious. They -- clear -- saying the public is not in danger which typically means the person responsible. It's no longer alive. Just -- shocking to take your other family members you know I mean especially the children -- heartbreaking you know they had their whole lives and you know it's it's it's tragic. If there was turmoil within this home. Those outside the family were unaware of what's really on about some have no idea -- they were always nice. Like is that nobody's ever said the neighborhood that they've ever seen them fight are arguing hearing him.

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{"id":17328943,"title":"Virginia Family Found Dead at Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Police are not disclosing whether the case is a murder-suicide.","url":"/US/video/virginia-family-found-dead-home-17328943","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}