Virginia Family of 5 Shot to Death, Police Say

Police are investigating the deaths of two adults and three school-aged children as a murder-suicide.
2:17 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Virginia Family of 5 Shot to Death, Police Say
The sheriff's office contacted last night approximately 10 PM and responded to play multiple death scene hear what you already. These. Deceased world Clarence Washington. And -- -- Washington white. Clarence and their three children ages 46 and thirteen. There were. Gunshot wounds to each and -- these victims were found by the mother of -- And after concern throughout the day Sunday not known where the family woes she and others that came to -- home looking for when. Our main entry into the home. Finding all of -- deceased and had been -- for some time. The family. -- contact from friends or family is known to have been Saturday evening or after. They -- As -- a domestic situation between the husband wife and our investigation up to this point would lead us to believe that -- Crime was committed for the adults and right now. Focuses mainly on mr. Washington himself. I won't go into any further details of things on the scene evidence or anything of that nature and start but. Investigations -- -- as you can see. The Virginia State Police has been helping since. Shortly after our arrival they -- Forensic team arrived on -- to collect process seem frivolous forced them are particularly. In the case as far as investigation concerned. -- and handed -- the state police to make sure no stones unturned. We've got a lot of interviews of need to be done with family members and friends are aware of the situation between the couple. And obviously web results won't be for some time. I hope that gives you basic overview of what's happening -- -- danger this year when we arrived it was being described as homicide multiple homicides can we now call this a murder suicide. Leave us. You can say that it's being investigated as such an act and excuse me as such it is yes. -- -- --

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{"id":24833931,"title":"Virginia Family of 5 Shot to Death, Police Say","duration":"2:17","description":"Police are investigating the deaths of two adults and three school-aged children as a murder-suicide.","url":"/US/video/virginia-family-shot-to-death-police-say-24833931","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}