Virginia Tech: Searching for Gunman

Spokesman Mark Owczarski says law enforcement has description of suspect.
3:01 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Virginia Tech: Searching for Gunman
What we know so far is is that approximately shortly after twelve noon today. -- tech police officer. Stopped a vehicle on campus near the coliseum parking lot which is located -- -- -- hall. During that traffic stop the officer was shot and killed and witnesses -- that incident. Witnesses reported to police that the shooter fled on foot. And headed towards the cage which is over parking student parking lot -- But on drive. There is -- responded. A second person was found -- that person is is deceased. Several law enforcement agencies have been called in and lending support. We have asked for -- -- Virginia State please take lead on this investigation. He and as of right now the status of the shooter is unknown. We're asking the campus community to stay sheltered place to stay indoors to secure themselves and we're asking for no visitors for knowing c'mon it's. We have many law enforcement agencies here they're doing they have a description of the suspect. They are searching all buildings all public areas outdoors indoors we're looking absolutely everywhere for. For the just for the person that matches the description today's reading day tomorrow begins final exams for the fall term. So no classes are in session with students are here to study and prepare for. Our emergency notification system is multi tiered multi level -- more comedians. We have what we call BT phone alerts which involved text messages voicemail. And email to -- campus email rules and -- -- blast email to all students faculty and staff we have. Classroom. Message boards and over 600 rooms and public areas campus. We have into desktop alerts which any computer here off campus can get that's the screen -- Signify that there's work. We use our home page we use the public media to help get the word out. We have outdoor sirens that have an audible. A vocal message that will get that -- emergency information out so. We deployed them all and we deployed them immediately. And to get the word out and we continue to provide updates. As often as we have an even if we don't have new information after about thirty minutes for an continue to keep people apprised of all we now. I'm going communications essential because without ongoing communication. In the absence of information. Perhaps misinformation. We'll get out there so it's essential and it's very critical to continuously provide updates and we do that again Multimedia Games -- levels in multiple ways. As often as we -- and if there is any new information once it's confirmed. We'll get -- out there. Every case -- -- every case. 2007 -- are trapped and were responding the most efficient. And effective ways.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Spokesman Mark Owczarski says law enforcement has description of suspect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15114865","title":"Virginia Tech: Searching for Gunman","url":"/US/video/virginia-tech-searching-gunman-15114865"}