Virginia Tech Shooter Was Not A Student: Police

Police give an update about the shooting on the university's campus.
3:11 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Virginia Tech Shooter Was Not A Student: Police
Somebody cut -- knew exactly what we've got the point that took place yesterday. It was just after midnight this morning that the Virginia department of different time it was confirmed through testing ballistic evidence. Taken from both shooting scene there at tech campus that boat off the crowds and the male subject that was found in the parking lot half mile away. Were shot and killed with the same weapon. And that weapon handgun was found near the male subject in the parking lot in his decades there on duck pond -- -- Riggio it was approximately 12:15 PM on Thursday. When Virginia Tech police officer -- -- -- a vehicle stopped in the coliseum parking lot along Washington street in spring road. During the course of the traffic stop off -- -- was approached by an unknown male and fatally shot. The male subject then fled on foot from the scene. Land to the course of investigation and able to determine that. He ran to the greenhouses were apparently changed clothes. Taking off pullover top. And it will cap and putting them -- a backpack which he -- left there to greenhouses. -- it was. Approximately. Half hour after in -- shooting around 1245. When a Montgomery company deputy sheriff. Was driving through the parking lot of the cage noticed in a male pedestrian towards the back -- the parking lot. Observed them buying himself there was nobody else in the park -- -- -- strangely. The the deputy then drove through the parking lot to approach them side at one point when he finally did -- and found lying on the ground. And he has been. Suffered what appears to be self inflicted gunshot -- and India and -- found -- -- again to shooting scenes. -- about half a mile apart. From one another. The bodies of both officer Krause and a male subject was transported to the -- the medical examiner -- Where India on top examining actually ongoing right now -- investigators -- with the medical Examiner's office. And as protocol we are we are very confident we know that -- -- However due protocol. The medical Examiner's office must make that positive identification and and we notify the next -- at that point will be able to release his name. I can tell you at this point he is not the Virginia Tech student. Our investigators have also been able to review off -- Krause is in car video he added dash cam video an unmarked Crown Victoria. And that video captured and male subject with a handgun at the officer's car at the time -- the shooting. Again the clothing he had on. This individual had on the vehicle and based on eyewitness descriptions. Matched that of the clothing found in -- backpack. The male subject found in the parking lot near the -- had on different. Different top and different -- here at that point. Result you know that -- we were trying to make sure and confirm absolutely that we were dealing with the acts in individual.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"Police give an update about the shooting on the university's campus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15121757","title":"Virginia Tech Shooter Was Not A Student: Police","url":"/US/video/virginia-tech-shooter-student-police-15121757"}