Virginia Tech Shooting: Police Describe Scene

Local and state police conduct a press conference on shootings at the university
4:40 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Virginia Tech Shooting: Police Describe Scene
Earlier today the Virginia Tech community. Lost one of guardians. At approximately 1215 this afternoon. -- Virginia Tech police officer conducted a traffic stop. On an individual in the coliseum parking lot. -- -- -- During that traffic. Our communications. Interact with the officer. Of checking on welfare. Which he confirmed was positive. Shortly thereafter that. Dispatch was unable to make contact with the officer. Shortly before 1230. Virginia Tech police received its first call. Advising that they had witnessed a subject approached the officer. And fire. A weapon. At the officer and then leave the -- -- Virginia Tech police. Responded to the scene. Where they found the offer her. Which suffered a gunshot it. We require immediate assistance of local law enforcement agencies. Local state and federal law enforcement agencies responded immediately to the campus. To sit and locating and taking. Locating the gunmen and taking them -- -- -- it. At approximately 1 PM. An officer observed suspicious subject in the -- lot awful duck pond road. About returning to that area to make contact with subjects. Found MDC. Of a gunshot. -- All of the responding agencies. Have continued. To search throughout campus area for any ongoing threat. Since the time of the second incident. There have been no other. Founded reports. On any threat to the campus. Of we have respondents -- and investigated. Numerous calls suspicious activity. Community members reporting persons that matches the description was provided to the community of the reported gunman. And none of those resulted. -- -- findings. Are repeat following the second incidence. There were no further -- no further founded. Sightings. Or concerns reported to the Virginia Tech police. Earlier this afternoon. I request and the Virginia Tech isn't the Virginia State Police. And requested that they in the primary role in the investigation. Of the death. And with that alternative -- -- target current here please point. Afternoon -- until 6 PM -- state police responded. Virginia Tech campus in reference to be shooting involving Virginia Tech police on her while conducting traffic out. As a result. Four year veteran of the -- police officer. -- We're not identify and -- at -- time but he was. Signs the patrol division. The individual involved in this shooting incident. For the crimes in the direction of a second crime unit located. -- -- Iowa. The duck pond. And it turns out in upper body of white male located. And that City. -- The weapon has been recovered. I'm not -- discuss what type of caliber of that but in the it is time. Is currently under investigation still. The bureau criminal investigation -- out of Salem. Has -- crime scene investigator. To the crimes things at this time presently processing. -- teens. And I know -- have questions about we're going to be limited. What we can say right this time. We do not want to jeopardize. But -- to make it clear. We want it want to note that McCain -- no additional victims -- shooting. Reports. Have been given the police department. So. We feel confident that the situation. Is under control time.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Local and state police conduct a press conference on shootings at the university","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15116405","title":"Virginia Tech Shooting: Police Describe Scene","url":"/US/video/virginia-tech-shooting-police-describe-scene-people-killed-15116405"}