Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown - Election endgame

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden make their closing arguments in battleground states amid a surge in COVID-19 cases.
27:10 | 10/31/20

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Transcript for Your Voice, Your Vote: The Breakdown - Election endgame
And. Hi everyone thanks for streaming with us send your voice your vote the breakdown I'm Diane Macedo a New York. I'm Terry Moran and Washington DC with just four days left in the campaign and state officials in Michigan. Are explaining to voters that final election results may not come on Tuesday nights until the clerk to count the votes there. Cannot start counting her tabulating results until Election Day and that may be the case. In many state president trump and former Vice President Biden are packing in as many campaign events as possible including dueling rallies. In Minnesota today Biden was asked whether he's concerned about holding the state Hillary Clinton won four years ago take a listen. Did not not concerned we're going to be in Iowa we're demand Wisconsin drug ought to stop Minnesota. I'll take anything you regretted that we're gonna work for every single vote up the last minute. More than 8000008. 84 million voters excuse me have already got cast their ballots nationwide that's a record by far for early voting and in Texas. A new battleground state this year at least. Nine million people have already voted and that's more than the number of votes cast in the lone star state for years ago. ABC's Marcus Moore joins us now from Dallas with the latest markets. It seems like suburban Dallas one of those places were early voting is really spiking what that tell you what I'm hearing from voters there. Why do you hate Terry first of all it's actually remarkable when you consider that the number of boasted of already been cast in this election. And in a state that historically. Relatively speaking has had and low or very voter turnout. That is not the case this year this election cycle and I was in rock wall Texas are earlier today. Sources a city about thirty miles up about thirty minutes east of of Dallas and I was talking to voters there and one room insult me but she voted early. I'm because for a couple of reasons and a number one. I'm she wanted to avoid the crowds as she was also concerned about mailing in her ballot because of everything she's been hearing about potential delays. And they're not being a guarantee she said that her vote would actually count and so. Terry that's one of the reasons why she voted as soon as she couldn't and on the first day of early voting here in Texas. She said she solved lines wrapped around the building in her city and so she waited to go the next day and with coal bed. Oh with a strong grip off on the country right now she certainly does not want to go on actual Election Day. Fearing the large crowds on that day. Makes good sense for our. So also gone the other end of the spectrum more than a million young voters between the ages of eighteen and nineteen the youngest of voters really have already voted in Texas how important that you thought how might it break down. Well that that youth vote Terry is a is critical for any campaign. And we've seen the the youth vote. Pick up in 2018 it was during the mid term elections it was there a significant part of the electorate and here in Texas. Both campaigns are trying to seize on that young boat. Really for the future of their party. And they're their campaigns but in the years to come and we have seen enthusiasm on the part of young people here. And some of the issues that appear to be driving young people to the polls this election cycle. Our armed issues with being with the climate change and also how the economy. And then certainly social issues that have seen young people all across this country are taking to the streets and they want their voices to be heard on and on November 3. No question about it senator McConnell a Harris. Vice presidential candidate for the Democrats she's on the campaign drilled there in Texas today that the bold move in the final days where she going. And then why. It is a bold move Terry I mean consider you know this good the last time. Pay a major campaign of democratic. A candidate. For president visited Texas in the final stretch. Was back in 1992. And that that was Bill Clinton and so that gives you up a sense of how significant it is. The couple are Harrison McConnell Harris would be coming here to Texas on a day like today she was speaking in Fort Worth that was her first stop in Texas earlier today. She spoke to a crowd of about 3000 people. A practicing social distancing there. And she's expected to go to the Rio Grande Valley which is in the us southern tip of Texas. And also make a stop in Houston today so a busy day for the Biden Harris cut cap and certainly are paid. An extraordinary moment a for anyone who's followed politics here in the in in the state of Texas because for so many decades serie. Texas formally GOP. Has been a foregone conclusion. And when you look at the analysis on the pole so far in this election cycle. It seems like that gap has been closing and that text the race here will be incredibly close. That's it Marcus Moore there in Texas which ABC news has now put in the tossup category thanks. And let's bring an ABC news political director Rick Klein for more on these early voting numbers that Rick first let's talk about. Texas as market said you know since the ninety's it's been considered a red state pretty much a foregone conclusion. And now as Terry mentioned ABC's just moved Texas from lean Republican. To a tossup why do Democrats have a real shot this time around. Also you have talk to strategists in both parties and they are shocked by what they are seeing in Texas in terms of the early turnout numbers and frankly they're not entirely short to make it. Obviously there are people who didn't vote last time there already above their turnout from four years ago. That would include some group of of of likely Democrats of Biden voters in more liberal parts of the state. Including a large shot large Latino population that's Tracy Connell Harris for the trying to work at. Today but the flip side of that is that they're probably want a new truck voters in there as well so it's hard to really define what it means beyond. The unbelievable enthusiasm. The interest in voting there certainly isn't any apathy in the Biden campaign sees an opportunity. They see it in their internal numbers and they see it in these early voting numbers they see something come on the board that they really didn't expect to have. Who. And I'll ask you about. What do what is gonna happen election night Rick and that is clearly that for a lot of people we won't know the results of the state. State by state on election night. I that has been a tradition but it's really a function of the electronic age so Michigan saying there gonna have results on election night. Chief anchor George Stephanopoulos are college he shot a ticked up video to explain to people what's going on take a listen. I think it's very possible might have a final decision more likely this year because this could take some time. The captains mail in ballots that are coming you know overwhelming numbers. Particular instance thickness and Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania for joining start counting. Those votes until Election Day. Itself now that doesn't mean we won't have a good idea. The who's going to be the next president election I think that's very possible. Particularly effective June vitamins in the state like Florida and North Carolina. This is the message that that everybody trying to get out is going to be a different kind of election night. Given that we might not have a winner what can we expect to see. Yeah I think it's critical to understand that just because you don't. I necessarily have a winner doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong that there's been fast process is a that it changed now and in many ways the laws are still catching up to these new processes and I ate in a paradoxical way all police early votes actually make it more likely to you won't have a result in those states because there it is likely to be some kind of a backlog. Yes you will get a real good sense of where the electorate is going we're expecting to have significant vote up pretty early in the night out of Florida North Carolina Georgia a little bit later in the night at a states like Iowa and Ohio so. Regardless of what goes on in the upper midwest you get a sense of where the race is going in and frankly if if Joseph Biden carries any of those. Deep red states that I just mentioned not to mention Texas. I he is almost certainly on a path to the presidency. The did dip look of it is if he doesn't carry the president trump Harrison then we are likely waiting on Pennsylvania Wisconsin and Michigan. But I think you're the social media team's biggest victory today that they got George Stephanopoulos did you. Video they are all celebrating Reynard right now. But Rick in terms of the campaign we are nearing the finish line now active in the last minute campaign pushes on so where art trump inviting heading this weekend and what do they need to do in those key states. He'll be all over the place in it so striking to see. How the campaign comes full circle because you'll see a lot out of those stateside mention that blue wall Pennsylvania Wisconsin Michigan we know the Biden campaign is gonna end with a lot of stopping those last 2436 hours in Pennsylvania all the campaign folks in the circuits. Tomorrow is a big day because Brock Obama and Joseph Biden will will reunite for the first time this campaign he'll be trying to get out the vote in Michigan. And the president man I even lost track of how many rallies they are scheduled in states like. North Carolina high and up through the upper midwest and tenth a lot of Pennsylvania a lot of Wisconsin a lot of Michigan. It really comes back to those dates three with the president. Continuing to have to play defense and other places like Iowa but I'll tell you did indeed this savage and that it takes in the number of campaign events of this president will have done. These beat massive rallies in an age of Kobe I stands without precedent. Parent ABC news political director Rick Klein thanks Rick. And be sure to tune into our full coverage on Election Day starting at 7 AM eastern and George Stephanopoulos will anchor election night coverage with our political team at 7 PM eastern it all happens right here. On ABC news live in you could find out how to vote in your state at 538 dot com. What's been a campaign like unlike any other the final countdown of the election is coming just as the country battles a new and alarming wave in corona virus cases all thirteen of those battleground states have been talking about. Are seeing an increase in confirmed case is today. It is he news's chief national correspondent. Matt Gutman joins me now with more Matt I think Gary you've got to be one of the leading reporters across the country on this pandemic. Hats off to you back home in Los Angeles right now. Take it to the front lines you've seen. In hospitals in various places having recently you tall Idaho Montana how they're dealing with this what are you saying on those front line. Aggregate tell you a tale of three cities right now Terry. First with a lot talk about Texas in this show so we'll start there El Paso right El Paso is basically seeing the worst of all worlds. That is the spot that not only has one of the highest covic rates in the country but also the highest number of hospitalizations. This city now. Pretty much on lockdown there's update to I would say data significant amount of political fight. About how the lockdown should function a county judge calling fort the governor now trying to rescind the order. I won't get into that but I give you a picture of what it looks like right now a group named the BCS after. Which is a major disaster relief organization has built up his tents around the hospitals there. Alone had 800 staff members. Tending to the hospital's building them up they are. Flying patients out of El Paso and right now we're just in the stage of hospitalizations. In a couple of weeks we're going to see deaths. And a lot of them unfortunately in El Paso to take you farther north Salt Lake City we were there two days ago. And there are they are. Approaching capacity at the hospitals right Covert rate is soaring they've doubled the numbers over the past up month or so. And they are trying to deal with the influx there. They are on the precipice of something very very bad because the main hospitals they are the intermountain. Health care center that. Basically takes your people from Wyoming Nevada you to off. And Idaho as well so. They're about to get. Totally slant and then. The prison where yesterday Rex Burke Idaho the number one Kobe hot spot in the entire country can it is a very small city with a very large college population right. So it has the highest rate cut. Nobody my would say nobody Beck ticket to percent of people I saw were masked I talked college students they said not once have they ever been asked to put a mask on. Going to any restaurant or supermarket most of there friends don't Wear it well one young woman said hey I just had it. And her friend says well no well it's interesting. There's still wearing masks so. That hospital. Is actually fine because the vast majority of people who've gotten sick there are young people and if they have to be hospitalized it's for a very short period of time. It's she went into the ER. Yesterday afternoon. And it was empty not a single person there so it really gives you a sense of the variety of what we're seeing across the country. And really that sense that some of these hospitals are empty because young people are getting sick search to continue. And prolong that vicious circle people saying well. This really can't be real bumps people are really getting six a wash and Wear a mask watch your practice hygiene why should we socially distant it's a very dangerous thing Terry. And madam that takes this to politics where political show it at this point and I want to ask you because you've got an excellent political mind about. That divide that you just described. President trump is basically saying let's get past it were almost passed it anyway we've got to get on with our lives we can't let this thing dominate our imagination and our lives. Democrats are saying what we've got to save lives and and and buckle down if not locked down. The idea that you're seeing that play out in real life. Is there it is give you get a sense that one side. Is more persuasive with with the Americans. It's a really interesting question right I feel like the entire country right now is in this very large Scopes monkey trial right it's science vs. All the other stuff. The fact is he's working a give you personal anecdote right. You and I both travel a lot I am basically I have a cold. Every single month from February. Through this summer right for like 810 months I have a cold this year I have not gotten sick wants. And because that Wear a mask pretty much everywhere I go I've practiced hand hygiene I socially distant. Rotavirus is a cold it is a type. Of a virus is very similar to the common cold right he is deadly but people refuse to believe that these work and they don't want the rights infringed upon so. In the red are states that we have gone to recently up parts of Texas Idaho Utah Montana. South North Dakota that's what Kobe he's truly taking off right now because people are making it political stand out of wearing these. It should not be it is sad to see and the results are that we are likely seeing many more tens of thousands of gas probably. You know maybe a 100000 deaths then we should have seen at. This point Terry. Matt Gutman back home in Los and is good to see you thanks for that. Thanks Matt in the upper midwest has been hit hard with covad case is on the rise for weeks now in states like Wisconsin and Illinois. Now Ohio is following a similar trend yesterday the state topped 3000 new cases for the first time. And then broke that record today hitting a record high number of hospitalizations. As well. The governor there said yesterday there is quote nowhere left to hide so for more on this let's bring in doctor Harold deposits CEO. Of Ohio State university's Wexner medical center doctor -- thanks for being here. Thank you for having me so I know sometimes it takes a little time that before we see the impacts of these rising numbers so what are things like their right now. So in Columbus Sylvia stated western medical center where raw pleaded 50% of where we were during the peak of the pandemic back in April. And that's great news and we're also seeing less patients a mechanical dental leaders and in the icu. But the challenge is is there where the principal academic medical center for what's called zone to an Ohio that covers central Ohio mall's southeast Ohio. Which is made up of forty other hospitals across the region. And there were seeing the the highest total number called it nineteen hospitalization since the start of the pandemic. It surpasses the highest numbers we saw with spring. Fine for the first time in this pandemic the zone has the fewest number of icu beds available across the region as well. And the reason for this is it's not in Columbus it's in the rule parts itself east and central Ohio that we're seeing the impact. But Kobe at nineteen on hospitalizations. And in terms of the the rising cases and the way people are being affected in terms of hospitalizations. Is this affecting rural suburban and urban areas differently or do people in all of these areas need to be worried. Well we all have to be worried that we all have to team up practice the precautions necessary to stop the spread of the virus. Com but we're seeing parts of the state that were not impacted significantly back in the spring. Now sadly tragically catching up with what we saw in our urban areas back in the springtime. And that means we have to double down on the things that will prevent the spread of the virus first and foremost. Where MS. Frequent hand washing creating a family bubbles so that your own with individuals that you know are coated tree. Bubble waiting large crowds. Bomb this virus can be stopped if we stop its spread. It goes away. And the way to stop the spread is Clinton wearing a mask it doesn't necessarily protect us so there is some evidence that it does to a lesser degree. But what it does make sure is that we're not passing the virus on to somebody else. And yesterday Ohio governor Mike DeWine called on each county to form a local co bid defense team some are calling that. A dereliction of duty saying that this requires a statewide response what do you think would local defense teams help. I think dead each of us and our communities have to take a stand on stopping the spread of the virus. We've seen the benefit of that being Columbus for example we've seen it our own medical center who we had incredibly low rates of our employees contracting the virus Cesar first line health care workers. There was a national study done with thirteen major academic health centers around the nation near the lowest rates in that study. We seen it on the campus of the Ohio State University our students we have a relatively. Rural low rate of code infection on campus. But that's because as a university as as our medical center has spent enormous amounts of time. On making sure there's mask wearing social distancing and if someone does become infected because we're doing frequent testing. We do contact tracing we make sure that those individuals quarantine and Islip. And I doctor Harold pocketed nice for everyone to follow we appreciate your time today thank you. Appreciate it and neighborhood trashing me type thank you doctor. When we come back just four days we'll let you take a closer look at why one of the biggest political fights this year and might be over your eyes follow. Plus basis. Great moments already from early voting like this one where actor Paul Rudd and handed out cookies to people waiting to vote Brooklyn and more on that too. Yeah. I think you're going to go out and votes you know it might seem like I'm mired being hinted that they count has inundated does with Coke literate now. It's making more fuel want to go out and do something hurt the country his words by going there are a lot of situations that we want to get taken care of. I think there are a lot of other social issues that are much more prevalent now. It's more than ever that I think this young voters are really paying attention to more than that in the past. I do understand the whole idea. That there are long lines and it can be hot and I'm sitting outside. But there also is the the other side which is it's really important development to make your voice heard. It's exciting you know just the whole idea of being out of out of always I was. Kenseth finally being able like that myself. Panic Seahawks really got me tired I guess there have the ability to make a difference. Politics affects everyone not just older generation. I'm the only stipulation is affected by it because of Oakland to build up blood that sort of plays in the prospect look at ways we'll go to affected our generation. So I think we should have. More it effort into working with politics dig this. And those are some first time voters who cast their ballots early sharing thought their thoughts on this unusual election and now in this homestretch the 20/20 campaign chances are your cellphone iPhone. It's been hit by an unprecedented wave of political text messages hasn't politics. It's is about connection people connecting to people but in that cold that area arrow went door knocking his unwelcome and phone calls or just annoying those text messages. They become the trusted dual politicians trying to grab your attention. Devin Dwyer takes a look at what's behind that texting tidal wave and what you can do to stop them. The political text messages. Heating like a tidal waves often you get text messages from a political campaign. Every day. A record number inundating voter cell phones in the final hours of the 20/20 campaign. We've definitely seen this year that more people more can't teens are using hand. And that is happening and it an impacts I think people are getting a little frustrated. The billions of messages from Democrats and Republicans eclipse seen door knocks as the go to voter outreach because of coded nineteen. So we have a texting party at my house six women around the table. We have some wine and cheese and crackers and I gave them a little script to get them to encourage their friends and family to get out of. They get out the vote push is being propelled by special political texting and. Apps how do you get the phone numbers. Though it did voter I own feeling you registered about that it's public record. The phone numbers are automatically teed up for armies of volunteers who send pre scripted messages with a tap of a thumb dozens per minute. You had maybe a hundred text messages this nineteen year old and he just click sang to. And it fend off the mass fades and he send it to the next person and then you quicksand and the expected ten ailing. So every time you push that green button and new name wolves and that's a new. Person a new stranger. A lot of people might think it's a robot it's totally united say humane it's a volunteer. Scene could be city in you know watching that flags. Just hang in hours. Most robo calls and rowboat tax are illegal without your consent. But the FCC says campaign outreach initiated by a real person he's exempt from the do not. Call list text messaging. Unit you don't answering is don't look at you still don't read it. Professor Melissa Michelson to scientific research shows text messages have a direct. Powerful. And it. He want bigger tracks. Or not we do those other tactics. Those other tactics involve real human contact like Candice seen something Democrats have. This weekend will have over 100000 doors knocked. Well over 500000 calls made and where before appreciative. You know at this time they had you know isolation that that we don't you want to hear their voices out the door. But text messaging he's still dominating on both sides. They were asking men. Not only will you vote for what you help your friend in your family it's about are there three people. You can support differed at any nasty grams back. I sometimes you bet overwhelmingly it's positive that. The onslaught of tax expected to the very end of the campaign I'm late yellow and one way to get off the lists. Text stop in replied. You could just wait for this silence that will come after November 3. Industry research shows 98%. A political tax are opened and read the candidates of course love that. Many voters I talked to Terry dancer they actually didn't mind the reminders of the engage her from the campaigns especially. When they found out it's a real person. On the other end however most of us can only tolerate so much of that electronic bombardment. Which means of course that Wednesday will begin a welcome respite while the votes are being counted guys. Get do not to disturb our thanks to Devin Dwyer for that and with record high early voter turnout there have been very long lines at the polls but some have found creative ways. To make that waiting times a bit more enjoyable take a look. Very won't come enjoy. Oh. Just voted him. Crazy. They gave he has been given day here is personal again they gave us LA lakers Massa and that's not already in a sense of right there and vote. Didn't go to C. Hooded sweatshirts drop on your valley floor golden and her husband. I may get free pizza can I get in line again. You know voting is such an extraordinary ordinary thing it should be celebrated with pizza and doughnuts and everything else and is apparently who had horses alive. Are what that does it for us here on. Your voice your vote that's what's about to break down I'm Terry Moran in Washington and I'm Diane miss NATO in New York we'll see you back here Monday at 3 PM eastern had a great weekend and a happy Halloween everybody.

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