Voices of the shutdown

Americans have been dramatically impacted by the closing of businesses to combat the spread of the coronavirus.
3:00 | 03/26/20

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Transcript for Voices of the shutdown
You need you. And I. A I. The pain. This week was. Challenging save at least. There's an emotional rollercoaster and ask Clinton is premature and a half years old shed and because our cameras on opening until leader this year. We are solely dependent on distribution but 90% of her clientele. These restaurants and bars throughout near city New Jersey now we're unable to sells them given the current circumstances. I went away. I see you know like everybody's kind of wade what's going on I think innocent and they employ a what's gonna have been on any get laid off an appetite PM I received a text message from. From the manager. Seen that the rest only Eagles don't mind coming in away from. Tomorrow I have been uniquely affected by the shutdown NASA's that your community because our job relies on people gathering in March places in large groups to experience are so our industry has been really runs this. RS are employs sixty plus employees who and I have some advice on delivery alone and having Max fast coming should be an hour on the metro. Around. Various walks of life. I don't feel is the most responsible thing to do as an opera. So. We hats and may be tough decision to close our doors you know three years of hard work. She's. Overnight. I don't worry if my playoff on Monday march 16 at eleven named after my Shasta. I'm management called for an emergency meeting where they east since the last act as a bad moments. Me and along with about thirty my coworkers were officially laid out indefinitely. How are sitting on tremendous amount of from inventory and ominous and a very very typical scary place. These are seeing around legislation that came through regarding stimulus package. You know while every nickel counts in this climate and in the days early to move the dial on a personal basis but more importantly on on a business basis for a myself my business partners. These tough times this is really scary I'm trying to depending but and we need answers from my company. We want to know that they got my back I've been in the company's eight years homeless and time that they started adding they X. We have a little bit of the deal with the producers that we get our union has worked are for assistance for camera ran out of people around the country are put down different deals in the union. We EU are going to be without pain once that viewers fires and their right now that deal does not last much longer a few weeks. So he helped her community especially in New York Broadway community is and then very tough bind this is we're holding our breath and wondering when we will have more concrete daily news real event and again what that dean mean for the general public horror. Deciding whether or not to send money to see a Broadway Show. Silent when my fiancee Nancy Johnson and the slip up completely changes how including. You know it's hard enough to get counseling comes to announce who. Not be able to rely on my share is completely unsettling case I ask ourselves for you can even afford. To my food coming in nearly every parent Randy in the minds every news took part car payments are insurance. I scary how but look Kinney has been very supportive. And our thoughts are with all the other saw this is in Hoboken and throughout you know the country. You know we're all in this together and to go get through it. So instead of wasting time and waiting on that accompanied this I have read there or not they didn't keep mile lake kiosks. I decided late and I Tennessee negative mistaking native sentencing hasn't yet again on easy getting there have been stagnant stuff brain cells. I'm gonna hit saying I'm mad men wasting your time I started my. Now is setting in this is gonna need a longer time hands I think fast. Anyway we can channel creativity yeah. Anyway we can freelance Seattle community is worth the word are you the actor community is you sensibility so. I won't be surprising people create some pretty cool our during this time. How kind of actions he can't hear police when you're facing the hard decisions to lay off. Parents who is only when fear or uncertainty. But instead they will leave an understanding. Trust and hope. For their future and yours and that is the least that we can. We'll. Probably gonna come back. From this ask people a little bit more independent here gonna learn how to cook for yourself a little bit. Meeting here on here young nanos laundry and you know things as you pay more for. I hope will become a more compassionate toward each other. Because this is an affecting just the restaurant industry this is affecting everyone we are I am trying to save restaurants. At the end of the day we need to care each other. And we need to. Long seen PC. Because we're more similar than we are different.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Americans have been dramatically impacted by the closing of businesses to combat the spread of the coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69803765","title":"Voices of the shutdown","url":"/US/video/voices-shutdown-69803765"}