War of words between Trump and Pelosi

The president and the speaker of the House are going at each other after a failed infrastructure meeting earlier this week, and 2020 candidates are on the road this holiday weekend.
27:47 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for War of words between Trump and Pelosi
And. Good afternoon and happy Friday I'm Mary Alice parks dramatic colleague John Parkinson who covers the White House and Capitol Hill. Here's NBC. The weekend feels like not in town members of congress have gone home this bit tense week. Here in Washington president child in speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi has been tangling. Day in and day out good trading barbs giants. Yeah this is really felt like a long week I think because it's been so intense we've really not really seen this the sort of a showdown. The last couple of months that the Democrats have been in the majority and really started when Justin Hamas over the weekend last weekend. You know started calling for impeachment he was the first Republican to make that call. And the now put a lot of pressure on Democrats and on Tuesday we saw all these Democrats are bleeding out in. And really the dam broke and that's how close he was facing more and more calls for impeachment. And then that all led to these accusations of a cover up and then this nasty back and forth between the president and speaker. And that back and forth has gone I'd even today as the president is headed at a town he once again. I had some tough word puzzles and what he said just a few moments ago with. Mr. President what what do you hope to accomplish what your personal attacks on the speaker you're saying she's lost big Peterson who. There's does outbreak. View that is our. What you say what you say Everett that peculiar what you said about me long before I went after big air he'd made a horrible statement. Seen he's a terrible thing. I just me bog this guy up. You think that he's the same issue was. Maybe we can all say that but I think I think frankly. I think right now. We are I'm always make it for myself I want it that what's good for the got I think. Is not helping that Scott I think the Democrats are rob they're hurting I've got very very badly. We could have so many different bills right now but all they wanted to do it. Investigate. Because they fail what Robert Butler the Butler report. He can't consent then he's really Ronald. That there was high about the sweeping into clothes he seems to have gotten under his skin. But he's making a point that. If they are at this level of dysfunction they're not getting anything done. They're claimed Democrats on Capitol Hill that you talk to I talked him. Who don't wanna go home and say they just gave up on infrastructure or prescription drugs are all is a piece of legislation that they're hoping. To pass evening winds are divided government. Now you know I heard from mama a White House aide right after all the showdown kind of went down on Wednesday. And after the Democrats. The president walk out of this mean and they said who do you think actually won today do you think that it was the president or Democrats. And I think that this really just shows. That divided government creates these sorts of problems it creates these showdowns creates shutdowns on Capitol Hill and their differences over government funding when they have differences over immigration when they have. You know differences over these oversight investigations. And you said that at the beginning of the week Nancy plessy was really facing some restlessness in her caucus and growing calls for her to start. Some impeachment inquiry. I think there's just been a level of frustration that. Starting to boil over as the administration stonewalled every single subpoena says they're not gonna let anyone come testify and are not gonna respond. To the documents request in the year sunshine chair that. But that's really hitting a breaking point for her. Well I think that policy is really stressed that they've got some some winds that they put up on the board right we've seen a couple of court decisions come out in their favor that. We'll force a president's hand on. Some these financial records coming out eventually. And so she wants to stay the course right she's trying to keep her caucus in line she had this emergency. You know high stakes meeting on Wednesday morning. Before she had the president's meeting and infrastructure and that's for this whole talk. Like let's all start hitting the talking point of cover up right and we saw all these Democrats come out. And that was like the new word of the day. And close says all this is something I've been saying now for months but really right now it's really starting to take hold. Yeah we heard the president they're blaming Democrats for not lying to come to the table we've heard. The Democrats using the same lines against Republicans let's listen a little bits went into plus he had to say about the president yesterday. And we think that he wasn't up to the tent. I think can be difficult choices of how to help cover the cost and we'll be important infrastructure legislation. That we had talked for weeks before I patient could. I wish you spend your administration is death would didn't mention the good of the country. And that the family would have intervention for the good of attention as a strong words again it seems like she's just needling him. I I was done though by the fact that the president's tweeted out a pretty highly edited version of this press conference kind of need. Fun all of her small stumbles in her speech there other Republicans ever tweeting a really talk turned from version of the video all together. That's as a reporter exit on that release makes me nervous when elected officials. Are willing to and to treat out of the fake or altered or highly edited pieces of media out specially worries me in a campaign cycle of these so easy to see. How to act has been Oxley act controller to put something online. It can just spratt spread like the Lance annexing it sounds senator Marco Rubio from Florida talking about. Exactly this issue from a year ago he sent a year ago that he was worried about how politicians can really take advantage of how easy it is to meet these highly edited videos I'm and separate dissent from Republican Marco Rubio. And imagine a compelling video like this produced on the eve of an election are few days before major public policy decision. Wait a culture that's already in. What has already eight kind of a built in bias towards believing outrageous things and media that is quick to promulgate it. And spread it. And of course must social media where you can't stop its spread. I believe that this is the next wave of attacks against America and western democracies is the ability produce fake videos that are. Can only be determined to be fake after extensive analytical analysis. And by then the election's over and millions of Americans have seen an image that they want to believe anyway because of their preconceived bias against that individual. You know I think I've covered Nancy Pelosi for nine years upon Capitol Hill. And you take anyone in his news conference is there over twenty minutes long I think you can find four or five examples and string them together and make her look like she's stumbling through a news conference. But this can really be done with almost any. Politician has to go out in front of cameras and speak on the fly answer questions that they're not necessarily expecting some they will be prepared for. But I think that this is really you know. A new new low to kind of see this be edited and go viral and everyone kind of suggested. Either on the slow down video that she was drunk fancy clothes he doesn't even drink alcohol. She's like the president doesn't drink alcohol also. I think that you may see these manipulated videos and it really gives you plus. Yeah while I was started to admit you know it is murder readers talking about that next level in extreme that you can imagine. Some some political group or some part adversary making an eye. All out think committee on how hard it would be in this day an instant attack. Back a but I want to bring in our calling out Mallon who covers the Justice Department because we have a whole another list of headlines. Outside of a mean and it's been a busy week for a holiday Alex. You know I I was a little bit nervous and reading this note from some of our own reporters here at ABC again ahead of a holiday weekend. There's no that the FBI is tracking a much higher tempo of terrorism cases misty in a long time. Mean 5000 open terrorism cases a thousand ice is related but a thousand cases where they're tracking. The potential for homegrown violent extremists I mean shift turns oh dark look ahead to this weekend but this terrifying stuff. And this is something that beauty the FBI sometimes occasionally does before holiday seasons just to make sure. That all Americans you know have raised awareness and you know just aren't letting these. These threats fall by the wayside and it really something that struck me from are our colleague Pierre Thomas in this FBI briefing that he went to. Was this emphasis on the flash of the paying going even quicker this idea that. Officials who are investigating crimes or or potential terrorism cases. Aren't able to track as effectively as they'd like in an especially in cases. Like social media these are people who were radicalized inside their homes going on these message boards that are in the deep dark web that. That we you know typically don't see associated with any of the social media phones that work of were in touch with. So something that we've seen in a lot of recent terror cases of these people who are radicalized. Online. And I think that that is really what is alarming all these FBI officials right now. Yeah and that is that athletes are fine and and like you said harder hard to track and may be easier and quicker for them. To get weapons especially here in the United States. And then risk making ticking through news just department headlines. Another headline today we're lifting a summit ascent of the president leaving on his way. To Japan that this week there at that press conference an author and a week the president saying that he has green led the attorney general Barr. Two star. Two those original investigations that became the Russia investigation that became does longer term investigations into Russian meddling. And that you know at first blush I think it seems to someone like me it like this could be a really good thing for the country right why wouldn't you want to understand. Why a why that investigation took place how what was the beginning what was new. An initial evidence that led investigators down a path of that they eventually went down but obviously Democrats on capitol health. Our are sounding an alarm because they don't trustee attorney general Bart tube to do this thing here. What are you hearing for the dust apartment. Will this comes the same time the president is out there especially on the South Lawn today. Saying that there's an an attempted true that this these this investigation that was launched into largely it started. Among suspicions that Russia was meddling in the US election and then it looped in. These trump campaign officials and in that you know July of the campaign. But basically Republicans in the da and the allies of the president. The president himself have been framed this as something nefarious that the Obama administration was trying to illegally spy. On the president's campaign. In so this directive from the president was an extraordinary move this was his most significant way of getting directly involved in bars review. Of this investigation and now all all say that the deep the White House statement on this last night. Called it bar's investigation. Of the investigation now bid to Department of Justice has been insistent that this is not a criminal investigation. This is merely a review for the same time. The attorney general has been out there and interviews in a seeming to stoke some of these suspicions that there might be something there and Winnie and emirates. Buying much at all how. Democrats in light back yet and and I think that that has raised suspicions in in allegations from Democrats the the attorney general's using his office act more like the president's personal lawyer. And now whether he's gonna find something we really don't know and I think that it's important to emphasize that traditionally you know intelligence and intelligence officials welcome this kind of scrutiny of their work it's not done. Traditionally by the attorney general itself. And this is an extraordinary power that is being. Of the thrust upon him by the president the president has given him the power to declassify. Any materials relevant to his investigation that he sees fit and potentially make that public and that Democrats are is the alarmed at what if he does this in order to politicize that. For the president's benefit. Yeah and and it doesn't using the Democrats have been asking for an un redacted energy classic version of the entire Muller apart from them to seek. They haven't been granted that from Los some of them have been granted that the not as a full body there on Capitol Hill but now the president's gonna start and declassify and some of these original. Piece of evidence. In previously I mean deep intelligence community's last year when the president was threatened to do this very thing they pushed back FBI director ray pushed back. I'm now you have the AG in the president's corner. So what is that changes that changed the calculus of these intelligence agents agencies at all are they going to also push back against the attorney general but we cannot learn about this clash. Behind closed source. And they want more big talker out of the Justice Department this week new indictments against Julian Assange and I was up late last night talking to my friends of Bailey about this because. Grizzlies enzymes is not seen as a sympathetic character in the United States I think there's a lot of American journalists that wouldn't count him as a journalist. And yet Adams journalists. I think that both big freak out in the community especially the community that's that's worried about the protection. For First Amendment right it's for publishers. In this administration and and in the country writ large. This is one of the first times that we've seen and the government say they're willing to bring charges for a published saying. State secrets. I don't thought stomach. I think well yesterday's. Bid to Justice Department brought these seventeen additional charges all under. The Espionage Act which. There's been no instance where a journalist has ever been successfully prosecuted for the just occurred the under the Espionage Act in US history. So this does raise serious First Amendment concerns because that initial charge that was against Assange and April was only for computer intrusion. Assumes an extraordinary step and this is actually set to the Obama administration was always careful not to take with with the size when they're considering whether. And how to prosecute him for these WikiLeaks disclosures that he got. From. It I got to think that it's an extraordinary. Kind of moment in in part because you have again we were saying all these people who are critical who waited Assange did this. And potential danger that he put US intelligence assets and people that are like foreign spies. Pride in and that think there is the question who's gonna run it rending his defense. I think you touched on it you know lot of people want to know is he considered a journalist. What does this mean for precedent coming up against other journalists that are doing investigative work they really want to know how the courts are gonna interpret that. And you know there's there's a case to be made that Julian Assange is not a journalist so. And I think that. You know as as this plays out a lot of people on capital when they wanna get out classified information wherever they have those speech and debate protections on the floor so they can. Go out and read something like the Pentagon papers directly into the record and not fear any sort of judicial prosecution for that. Adding we'll keep talking about this one in the months to come want to turn now to a new series that we're launching here on ABC news the live. We've been talking a lot about young voters who got out in record numbers in 2018. But what about new young candidates. Millennial who ran at actually in broad written talk to someone who's 22 pregnant counts in the millennial I'd like Zeneca is super young. Young men and women who aren't are so fed up or inspired by this moment in time that they want to get involved in government. Outlets adolescent CEO this new piece that we have about a Connecticut state senator whose only 22 years old. Ever and this is will Haskell I have the honor represented 26 district and Connecticut State Senate that includes Westport Connecticut my hometown. As well as six other towns I'm starting today just can't start every day with a really applaud you drive. I love represented in this community in Fairfield Kenny but it's a long way from Hartford's I've got about. An hour and a half drive to the State Capitol where ominous start my day with of the committee meeting in past. Started my day here the capital was an early morning gains the pirates made easy. We're refer to don't seem hesitant in making sure students access. We consider that they'll. That bill very quickly got ahead of his decision means for a governess for about Everett heading from the legislative office building where. I have to visit relevant committees meaning they have a lot of good stuff over to the actual capital it's a beautiful don't think he's heading. It's of course the ball past. In essence it's where we don't sit in the senate leader we sit by district and not minority. BC news. Senator played seven. 25 district putting actually hope you don't get colleges and it's pretty cool and pretty old fashioned feel a personal boxer here. Once the season. So is it really. Chambers and nobody else updates here outline against. Quieter planes. Great now my very first film was half. We can't tell you talk to your calling don't like. It any less than having tapped your opponent never done it before they start it was named issues really we're. Ability and SP seven didn't need. Everything. He has public policy makers too often overlook the mental health crisis that exists among young team. We had a 75% of chronic mental illness developed by the age of 24 but the really fast. Graham and it. Generated after he version of the big hurdle I decided to run for office. Headed today pen and paper on the and his wife and their eyes and about late. Action beating case because. Table two relievers posting. So we're joined now by well Haskell in Connecticut. Well why did you decide to Ryan. So which are after me I. I was hired an ominous their speech you see you're disappointed you're still a clipboard. Get signatures and run for office yourself so I took botnets are excited. And what Sydney like so far I mean do you get strange looks in the hall. It's definitely been a whirlwind I'm. I'm certainly infuse. Or its merit all week but outside it's already been. On the you must first there you know the eye on 4000 dollars a 142. Pretending to act. Note not only to exit like you mean some great ideas. They app in terms of how we didn't group Connecticut how I it's a clip art and certain. Realities so. Learning a lot. And but I just so great project to represent. You know well one thing this is John one thing that struck me watching your video and everything is. You're shooting your own self he is right now looks like you're shooting your own interview this really reminds me of like Alexander real cost Joseph Cortez. You know it do any of the younger members that are on Capitol Hill have any of them had any sort of influence on how do you social media and how you interact with your constituents. You know I predict Mike or older and there are some of that and that's the one thing I get to bring into our orchestra and its knowledge of iris the next generation or not this great. That you uncle district ask who you reach strictly. Some are older constituents in order due. Actually. The context. Here as voters who. Are going to be an active party's policies bit more than anybody else. We've got to be where we are where they are and that's still Apple's answer every single act was on Twitter is. People picture. To what it's actually like to be state legislature and I asked for ideas I asked her feet all the time it's really. Scott useful tool. Will Alex found hair I'm just wondering. You new to politics of what is your advice the best piece of advice do you have for the you know other young people who are intercede. In getting involved in politics but see it is too daunting a task see the idea of having to fund raise and their kind of discouraged by getting in. Pretty public finance at a Connecticut unlucky. And state. Public finance I don't spend to be projects and people for money and it still out. Pull lipstick I can't I answer or to get money politics are to be able to afford it's I feel urgent and iris aids. I figured out and it took me. Thousand dollars or actually. This year's isn't set not a liability because you don't have. Twenty years of government experience doesn't you don't bring it 88 valuable perspective. People who were right now are are sadly at schools. We know what it's like to hear a lot of and certain wondering where we need to see you. Our Gerri unlike any other saddle I student at just triggered it be appropriate to their highest debt. In the country so we are very unique perspective and I think it's important to have that voice to young people and to get and eat the table we. Well well Haskell the youngest state senator in Connecticut thank you so much for joining us appreciate it. So it's a holiday weekend which means that the campaign is in full swing once again we have 23 candidates and I think half of them. Are holding events around Memorial Day weekend enjoyment here did just Peterson is not a New Hampshire went near heat that is that is. Teachers need an Arab T have on the docket for this weekend. He has four events in New Hampshire. Two events today including a roundtable tonight with the veterans and a advent tomorrow morning. A breakfast event little different than normal. Breakfast with mayor Pete. And another afternoon event and that's what he has scheduled for New Hampshire. He looked back to South Bend. Some time this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. When he plane asking about. But. What route do not think that there he had a very interesting town hall yesterday at an event yesterday where. He talked a lot of about a lot of different issues. Bone spurs there is an issue that came up that we were right about it yesterday for ABC news five. I had quit acting to veterans questions plants what does it plans for treating yet the and other issues facing veterans in the US. And Beatrice is John I just want to ask you know we just got off with state senator that's only 22 years old. What do people up there in New Hampshire think about people did you heads and and his aides. But it's people interest it I mean I will say this in New Hampshire it is a they're they take this very serious they're going to a lot of events getting to know the candidates 101. At each event making go to you I think the field is still wide right now some people have decided that mayor Pete as their candidate. Some people are still waiting to decide so it's very interesting to see the dynamics. The New Hampshire voters and look at look. Born. In Houston could just give us a sense it kind of outside the Washington bubble the voters that you're speaking to on the ground there. You said that some of them haven't made up their mind. What are the key issues that they really think they won't know the candidates to hone in on and help them make their final decision. I think right now so early a lot of people are still getting to know who the candidates are they want to know who they. What are their values when it comes to you education is something that's come up a number of times. What are they let what are their plans for the economy and jobs. Says a wide range but right now people are still just getting to know the candidates as very early. Irate now but outlook see tomorrow at that a lot of the events in today and in listen and see what they're talking about. Our aviation is not to let us know how to NN to go up there in New Hampshire will be tracking other events in Iowa and around the country. All weekend I guess that candidates are barnstorming the country the senators you know an eight million a week dock there like now it's time to hit the trail. They just thank you so much so it is a Memorial Day weekend and here in DC on the National Mall I'm really gorgeous memorial that is sent out. With poppy flowers a poppy wall in honor of all the American service members killed since World War I. 645000. At poppy flowers in fact. It's just stunning if you are one of our viewers is here in DC and take a luck. And is pretty incredible live picture that's available online we talked to a veteran who is there visited him playing paying tribute. Earlier this week. This Memorial Day. Under rendering people like this if Gonzales might. Remembering him and and friends of mine cajun meals he was killed in the hands and then. They do he served very unhappy with the news and Colombia's South America and and over tenth and they gave memories live for example soon enough at the flight terminal get rated on a mission. And they drugs had a smile and coffee. Rarity here. Was always great I was. Who's always smiling always. Just a matter how much that he's happy he always has politics. So we don't. And that veterinary I think reminding us important lesson that then that's the way to honor. Those on veterans is to keep talking about them tell their stories how to keep them alive and that and our memory. And I had a lighter notes that still really exciting earlier today the newest a commissioned officers at West Point celebrate and. There are no longer own avenue academy in the new candy new Augen men. There are no honor cadets but newest member of the Rosa Parks who. Yeah I love you. Yeah. We begin our live for the memorial that the and I Mary Alice parsley and John Brecher and then Allen is now lending guys here help me bring you to briefing room today fully back next week have a great holiday weekend.

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{"duration":"27:47","description":"The president and the speaker of the House are going at each other after a failed infrastructure meeting earlier this week, and 2020 candidates are on the road this holiday weekend. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63263912","title":"War of words between Trump and Pelosi ","url":"/US/video/war-words-trump-pelosi-63263912"}