Family Has First Baby Girl in a Century

With a family tradition of male children, this couple greets new baby girl.
1:39 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Family Has First Baby Girl in a Century
You often hear people today once in a lifetime will we have a story for you -- -- -- where. It has happened once in multiple lifetime this is crazy story a couple of Indiana gave birth to a baby girl. We wouldn't think was so rarity here about this family's incredible lineage -- Fazio has the history from -- -- Babies are born numerous times every day but there's still always special especially this baby I don't know -- new of course we thought. This is going to be -- -- actually -- a war was born on Saturday to Chris and make -- more workers who already have a signed an expected this one -- should be avoided. One of my older -- -- I have three Brothers. He said he would call the girl that I was gonna break the streak in his -- I was gonna choke. -- in his first female born in the ward family in about a century. It's been five generations since the last word girl back in the early nineteen hundreds. I think probably the most common comment as -- -- going to be -- like no other girl on history and they're already starting to notice with all the gifts they've received. -- -- -- -- -- There aren't so much -- asked the court. I told Megan I. She's gonna need to set -- -- for me because -- have no idea -- -- -- girl who it'll be good practice for all the males in the war fat by told. My oldest nephew now he has to start the -- -- girls for the next hundred years. The end of the boy streak in the -- family already has the approval of Ashland brother only. Hey you know and after -- and youth. Oh yeah.

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{"id":15222851,"title":"Family Has First Baby Girl in a Century","duration":"1:39","description":"With a family tradition of male children, this couple greets new baby girl. ","url":"/US/video/ward-family-baby-girl-century-male-children-first-daughter-tradition-rare-us-15222851","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}