Warriors defeat Raptors by 1 point in game 5 of the NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors head to game 6 after Kevin Durant reinjured himself in the latest match against the Toronto Raptors.
4:46 | 06/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Warriors defeat Raptors by 1 point in game 5 of the NBA Finals
So we move wanted to. The NBA finals. Wow right TJ Holmes say yesterday that game five would either be history making. Or a miracle it was a miracle comeback for the Golden State Warriors. But a painful a key Lee's injury for Kevin Durant listen to these loyal Canadian fans when he got injured. Yeah unbelievable well the Golden State Warriors they barely took the win 106 to 105. But the raptors are still leading the series the read it's news I want to bring in Brian when mores in Solano ESPN's Brian when north. Brian before we even talked about Canon the ran let's just talk about the comeback in the energy. In that stadium last night how was it. Yeah well you know is a moment or two away from the rafters claiming their first ever championship there was. Over a 100000 people in the three block range right behind me here starting here in Jurassic Park right outside the arena. They were on the verge of incredible celebration. And the last shot of the game was blocked by dream on green I mean that was a moment that could have gone down in history Kyle Lowry the longest standing raptors player you could have made. The argument that had he made that shot it would have been memorialized in bronze and a statue out in this in this in this square. Instead that it goes home to two Oakland with a 32 in that the nature of the NBA finals where they switched cities and switch home court advantages. Give Sarah goods edged chance for the warriors to force a game seven and we come back here and do it all again next Monday. Yeah and that's what makes the finals so exciting so of course we have to talk about Kevin to Randy sacrifice in played. On that injury and now here we are looking at a possible. Torn a key leaves which could keep him out for an entire season. Should be and then an egg game last night. This is a devastating situation unlike anything almost we've ever seen in the NBA one of the three or four best players in the league. Playing through an injury in an elimination game and having that injury exacerbated in the worst possible way. The warriors. Organization was devastated last night players both on the warriors team and other players in the league were angry. That direct was put that situation get to rip made the choice to go out and play. And even within that decision they decided to play him twelve of the game's first fourteen minutes. Leaving a question whether that was overuse for a man who hadn't played in a month so many angles to this. In all comes back to his depression in sorrow that this type of injury would happen and it absolutely suppress the joy. That normally would have to come with this incredible come from behind victory that the warriors did to stave off elimination. And. End Brian yes of course there's going to be many ripple effects from this injury can you just talk about what those are going to be with him. Being out for. And in death in an amount of time now. Bible Durant was going to be a free agent on July 1 he was going to be the most hotly. Attractive free agent in the market teams of both teams in new York and both teams at Los Angeles were hoping to pitch him. To come to their team the warriors were hoping to keep him. And now with this injury he is facing may be nine to twelve months of rehabilitation. A T may have to gamble forty million dollars or more to pay him two richter rehab. He would have to decide whether he wants to forgo his 31 million dollar option in the next season. He could pick it up and not become a free agent or if he wants to leave the warriors the wake of this to sit this terrible series of events. If another team he feels comfortable with rehabbing and that he could play long term. It it has a domino affect the cascades down the league for a guy was expected to be one of the biggest free agents of all time now on the shelf indefinitely. The it was an unbelievable game five and game sakes. Probably has everyone nervous what do you predict. Well it's still hard typically. In this situation. With what with a with a team that's behind in the series going home you see a tremendous. Resurgence I don't know how to read with the warriors mood is going to be. The one factored I think it helped them. Is that it will definitely be the final game in Oakland after 47 years in that arena. As a lot of memories there the fans will be into it and that spirit and that events could possibly lift them up to give them an extra edge. That dumb that did maybe they will need to come off this devastating series of events. RA ESPN's Brian when horse right there. In Toronto thank you so much for joining us we'll all be watching my game of course.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"The Golden State Warriors head to game 6 after Kevin Durant reinjured himself in the latest match against the Toronto Raptors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63637093","title":"Warriors defeat Raptors by 1 point in game 5 of the NBA Finals","url":"/US/video/warriors-defeat-raptors-point-game-nba-finals-63637093"}