Water Tanker Runs Aground in Sandy Storm

The storm surge moved a 170-foot-long tanker to land in Staten Island, New York.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Transcript for Water Tanker Runs Aground in Sandy Storm
Let's head back out to Michelle Charles work Michelle Staten Island and the -- and this action. But you did a gentlemen -- a -- earlier Michelle days helping it there's some of -- story what's going on and that area I did Laurie and can look at this picture. On front street what -- tanker that has run a ground are you -- on front street no. This is a tanker almost a 170 feet long. This is a tanker on the streets the whole front of it is on the street at the front third of it that some really -- this. Yet this is on the street this is on the road bill. This isn't the only thing you've seen this morning -- you've seen -- chopped in half. Marines are masked much to strike a whole would've went down here is destroyed houses are on the water. Almost so much about houses but I -- -- the businesses that are down here -- really destroyed. It's -- -- and you and news how long this is spoke to say this this -- -- me under 68 feet and why water tanker gas and oil used to be. It's actually now water -- And this was lord how -- why quarter mile by about more like a mile down -- Side and there's another -- and there's just if people Barings is over two doesn't just panned over to the right to the south. We're in -- narrow its right here -- that the body of water and this is front street in the Clifton section -- other landmarks could you give us that we are. Just right up the street from a street. Just right over right we weren't we're going live to demanding a -- as walked down this is literally. We -- literally thank you -- thank you don't they -- This is literally -- -- -- on the street. And gentlemen I talk to fort -- was the one who told us about this gusts watch out. We are on front street in Staten Island and this is a 168. Foot tanker that has run -- ground. Courtesy of super storm standing. So it was just pretty amazing. We jumped in one of our news trucks to run over here and make sure. That what we were being told it we just couldn't believe it looks like something out of a movie. -- Numbers on a tanker. Nobody's been hurt always wanted to bring you this picture. Street Staten Island devastated very tough to get around all -- -- -- that almost no traffic lights and now we pull over and see. The jury reached out and touch tanker it touching -- -- -- -- -- -- right here on on the history on the street up all right Michelle street.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The storm surge moved a 170-foot-long tanker to land in Staten Island, New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"17596089","title":"Water Tanker Runs Aground in Sandy Storm","url":"/US/video/water-tanker-runs-aground-in-sandy-storm-17596089"}