South Braces for Rare Snow Storm

The Arctic weather system that's been chilling the Northeast will bring snow from Texas to Virginia.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Transcript for South Braces for Rare Snow Storm
This is a special room. I'm -- -- new -- -- ABC news digital special report bitter cold and white -- conditions blast in the midwest causing a large number of school closings. The dangerous cold is refusing to believe as temperatures are falling way below zero and now the storm is heading south where folks can be seen the rare sight. -- now she's on Bradley has the latest on the deep -- that has been. Plaguing us here in the northeast and -- struck -- much of the country to mind. That's right Dan another blast of water across. The nation's midsection from Texas to Virginia they are bracing for a lot of snow -- that -- even sound right. This brutal winter is about to. Worse a fast moving Arctic weather system is spreading dangerous cold and heavy winds. Blinding snow paralyzed the Dakotas -- the midwest woke up to date a wind chill warnings between thirty to sixty below zero. Frigid winds forced schools to close in Chicago and parts of Minnesota crews rushed to clear snow before it turns to ice skated very artfully used. And it doesn't matter what product to put -- -- whatever it's not gonna move. In Indianapolis the city's annual snow removal budget already wiped out heavy snow forced crews to work every day this month. In Wisconsin they've run out of salt the town watch Asia has used its entire. I'm allocation of salt for the 2013 2014 season in the upper midwest and thousands of residents were asked to turn down their thermostats and after a natural gas pipeline explosion in Canada causing gas shortage your heart -- -- something you're throwing up are -- -- -- -- -- to protect our homes white out conditions. Grounding flights and making driving a nightmare. Decider to get me to come off the road was when I came through a light note -- a Jeep Cherokee. Stopped in the middle of -- travel portion of the road. Because city got scared by the white. Dan mild conditions today in the northeast but that's all about to change the cold weather is going to dips south and it's going to strike the northeast and Boston Washington DC and out here in New York again. I'm getting a little tired of saying it's January we should expect this kind of weather because the fact of the matter is we're not used to having -- January where -- single digits like this. To moderately hurt but there's a big game this week -- -- Super Bowl obviously played here here. What kind of an impact that -- when whoever -- look at as far as the weather this weekend. -- that is not just the super ball over the weekend in Maryland. They were trying to hold a Special Olympics polar plunge. 7000 people signed up to take -- -- in the Chesapeake Bay but officials decided to cancel it because it was just too cold it reminds me and that. They have every. New Year's Eve up in Maine where people take it -- In freezing water but this is nothing like what we saw three weeks ago on and on New Year's Day as for the super -- that looked and the show. Must go on they have contingency plans but fortunately right now the forecast calls for the temperature to be in the thirties now that is the coldest. Super -- that we've ever had for sure. But just a wintry mix it doesn't look like it'll be heavy snow but if that -- to change we've heard these plans of possibly. Having the super ball on Friday here -- near the Saturday before so. The show must go home and obviously there's billions of dollars to make off the super ball in this region -- Yeah I I think so but what about the south -- states prepared to handle was heading their way that oftentimes those states are not equipped with salt -- for sanding equipment. To keep the roads clear. Definitely a big question and we're about to find out I -- North Carolina Texas some of these places about to be -- Borland. They don't have plows and salt trucks so we'll see it's a real big test coming -- -- -- and that art ABC's Bob Bradley in Central -- myopic about. So the question is how long -- deep chill. Hang around -- -- bring in Jennifer Correia from AccuWeather Jennifer who is getting hit the hardest in this thing does that mean it seems -- -- at a crapshoot -- that the lower 48. At some point these past few weeks has hit like single digits. Yes Dan much the eastern US is getting hit to buy this Arctic -- -- a polar plunge now. Basically right now -- the front is located is then -- parts of the northeast you can see there's still some -- -- -- and that's quickly dissipating but then -- these clouds stretching off through the mid Mississippi Valley back up into the northern Rockies. While all behind this where we see clear skies. That's where the biting winds are located all throughout today. So temperatures are feeling bitter cold out there and dangerously cold as well on this front will continue to did well to this out and right now -- SE just dealing with some showers. But one thing -- know is that ahead of the front. Actually -- much warmer and he continues to warm up throughout the day but once that front comes through. The temperatures will plummet quickly now while another thing I -- -- is that there is a system coming through the Pacific northwest this is going to bring in some changes. For the southwest as well let's get back to the east where we're seeing the snow earlier this morning to look like a good amount of snow across upstate New York that has since dissipated. Now the front is still a -- to the west of I 95 -- -- -- to the west of Boston and New York City. So in these areas are actually. A bit warmer these -- the current temperatures right now in the forties that -- -- -- but it. The front once it passes through temperatures will plummet this is what we have looked forward to look -- -- behind it. And these are the current temperatures but when you factor in. The winds and that clouding is it just feels brutal out there -- taking it out to the midwest temperatures currently in Chicago. Minus three minus twelve in Minneapolis minus five in Bismarck. What it really feels like is minus thirties out there and it feels like minus 28 in Chicago. This cold blast will make it all the way down into the southeast. As that cold front pushes further to the sound -- tomorrow we have a winter storm hitting this -- we're talking about -- and nice. Across southern Louisiana 910 -- -- from Tallahassee and then up into the coastal areas of the North Carolina -- even some snow. Follow across central and southern Georgia highest impact will basically be across southern Alabama southern Georgia. Up into the Carolinas so we're looking act some major impact. Schools will be closed because of this. Also roads will be very slippery out there. And we have to watch out for cancellations but also -- power outages with that freezing rain freezing on surfaces. That will definitely -- some power outages across the south. This is a look at the snowfall amounts highest amounts will be and North Carolina. Up to six inches locally ten inches. Down into central Georgia we could easily pick up three to six inches. And an ice along I ten -- -- it is going to be messy once again this will begin on Tuesday. Continue into Tuesday night and into Wednesday. Now across the southwest we do have some cooler temperatures. Finally arriving later into Wednesday night and even some rainy. As the droughts in extreme drought continues on. For areas of California from Southern California into the central -- well that's about to change -- a new system. -- finally break in the -- the bridge that's been dominating over the area so that's something to look forward to in the southwest later on this week that's very good news is -- but I -- in the east but we just -- dealing. With a very cold temperatures. That very cold air mass will actually last at least -- the -- of the week hopefully some milder air will be returning. -- in time for the weekend especially across the south Dan back to you -- Right of course they're really keeping an eye on Super Bowl coming up this coming weekend Jennifer correct -- thank you so much we certainly appreciate that. -- recap right here at As this cold weather does continue here in the northeast and much of the country. And -- down -- New York with this ABC news' original special report.

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{"id":22254214,"title":"South Braces for Rare Snow Storm","duration":"3:00","description":"The Arctic weather system that's been chilling the Northeast will bring snow from Texas to Virginia. ","url":"/US/video/weather-report-south-braces-rare-winter-snow-storm-22254214","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}