Wednesday, January 20, 2021

President Joe Biden’s star-studded inaugural night; President Biden signs flurry of executive orders on 1st day; Trump family heads to Florida
49:45 | 01/21/21

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Transcript for Wednesday, January 20, 2021
And we'll. Preserve protect and defend. Third. The constitution of the United States constitution. States so help you god so help me god congratulations mr. Joseph. 46 president. The United States taking his old evolved this sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts First Lady doctor Jill Biden. Citing family finals before returning to the nation we've learned again. That democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. At this hour mark friends. Democracy has prevailed. She's making history Willie Harris becomes the first woman the first woman of color to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Daughter of immigrants sharing the moment it's her family and blitzer all the modern Howard university's marching. Guiding the way down Pennsylvania Avenue. She's seen at the capitol today a very different one than what we saw two weeks ago storms still visible. Stormed the very same stance and number of Republican lawmakers who still voted to overturn the election in attendance today. But in calling on Americans to cool. And defeat the lines. Former president trump a no show. The first in more than 150. Years to skip the inauguration opting not to show the world a peaceful transfer of power. Skipping out of town early in his own sendoff with the family and supporters. Siding back in action hitting the ground running signing his first seventy. Teen executive actions and issuing the man is commanding rescinding a number of Trump's orders. But what will be affected me. And win. And just power in a column. Youngest inaugural poet ever unmanned informant for soaring. Performance stealing the show today but there was always liked it only works great even now to see it only. We're re even not. CBS. It's such a powerful moment among. Many today good evening I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. Democracy has prevailed those were the words of now president Joseph Biden today in his inaugural address intended to bind up the wounds of this nation which is how Abraham Lincoln put it in his inaugural address more than a century and a half ago. Perhaps the last time the country was as divided as it is now. It contrast today we saw unity and reminders throughout the day of America's promise and potential. Hours ago our nation completed one of the hallmarks of our democracy a peaceful transfer of power to the 46 president of the United States who told the crowd. We can't Harden our hearts we must open our souls. This shattered window analogous to the broken pieces the new administration must now work to repair two weeks of the day after mobs stormed the secret grounds of the capitol. Fighting calling this moment a winter of Perreault and possibilities. Apparel fully on display is hundreds of thousands of plants represented all those who could not attend the inauguration because of the pandemic. And the many precautions in place to keep the inauguration safe and secure but also the possibilities. Vice president Connell a Harris taking her place in history in the shadow of a capital built by the enslaved. A black woman and daughter of immigrants now holds the second highest office in the land. You the end of his address Biden quoted the Bible. Leaking weeping and me indoor for the night but joy. Cummins in the morning or cure Phillips leads us off with today's historic events tonight's concert celebration. And what comes next. The new loans. Of new. A noon that I we. And okay. And I'll. Celebrating America. Inauguration day is about much more than the swearing in of our next national leaders. This day is about witnessing. And the permanence. Of our American ideal with music. Lord and oh yeah. It is true. And message there are mom wants and artistry but more disaster Abbas says Americans in the questionnaires. Are we out to eat. When we meet the Malvern like our forebears have. I believe we must and I believe we well. You the American people are the reason why. I've never been more optimistic about America and I am this very today. Even in dark times. Lead not only drain we do. We not only see what has been. We see what can be. Police shoot for the moon and then we plant our flag on it. We are bold and fearless. And ambitious. We are un Donte' it in our belief that we shall overcome. That we will rise up. This. Is American aspiration. Hope and unity. Virtual valves that are making history tonight bringing together every day heroes not deliver packages to the people who live here. And tonight I'm honored to represent them in a front line workers across our nation. Who keep America golf. Nowhere station more than 6000 miles away in Asia Pacific were truly honored to celebrate the server running with you. Congratulations our new commander in chief. And entertainment icons. Democrats not just celebrating the new Biden Harris White House. But also the end of a tumultuous four years' of Donald Trump. Hard to believe just two weeks ago they can't looked like this. Still bearing scars of the violent mom debt stormed these very steps. Where Joseph Biden and come on the Harris. I descended today. Welcome Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga. Donning a piece down and dazzling us all within National Anthem. I. -- let Harris is the first to take the oath making her the highest ranking elected woman in American history sworn in by another first. Justice Sonia Sotomayor. The first Latina on the Supreme Court. Hey there. And then the moment Jill Biden has won it nearly his whole adult life. His hand on the Bible that is Ben in this Stanley for more than 100 years. I've Joseph run it might do you do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute that I will faithfully execute. The office of president of the United States office of president of the United States and wheeled to the best of my ability. World best part of the preserve protect and defend. Preserve protect and defend. The constitution of the United States constitution of the United States so help you god so help me god congratulations mr. Okay. Then it kids for the first new labor. This. Is America's day. This is democracies de. The day of history and hope. Every no I resolved. We've learned again. That democracy is precious. Democracy is fragile. At this hour mark friends. Democracy has prevailed. Still the new president calling this. A time of testing. We face an attack on a democracy and in truth. A raging virus. Growing and equity and stinger systemic racism. Climate in crisis. America's row. Over world. To overcome these challenges. To restore the soul to secure the future America. Requires so much more than words. Requires you the most to lose civil all things in a democracy and unity. Unity. And. President Biden didn't mention Donald Trump. But he did extend an olive branch to the millions of Americans who voted for him. Do all those who did not support us let me say this. Jeremy out as we move forward. Take your measure me at my hard. Yet here we clearly it disagreement must not lead to dish union. And I pledge this to you. I will be a president for all Americans all Americans. I promise you I'll fight as are those who did not support rate as for those who did it. Biden then making this promised to the nation he now leads. I give you my word. I will always love and we few. I will defend the constitution. I'll defend our democracy. I'll defend America through together we shall write an American story. Bob Hope not fear. Of unity not division of light not darkness. And a story that tells age is yet to come. That we answer the call of history we met them all but. Democracy and hope and truth and justice did not die and our watchword thrived. Powerful words there from the new president Keira Phillips joins us now appear the Biden's closing out the night tonight with a wave from the White House balcony. Your takeaways from today's events the nation's capital. So my guy so many thoughts going through my mind but I'm just thinking that promises the pomp and circumstance that poetry at Lindsay you and I and publisher dating column. And that young poet Amanda. Gorman I had to write this down somehow we've weathered and witnessed a nation that isn't broken but simply unfinished. The next chapter Lindsey's they hill week fine they hit we all climb. Starts right now and I had a chance to talk to the deputy Press Secretary in the Biden administration also the Press Secretary. Gave her first press conference today. Both of them telling me that I can. The president Biden is calm he spent the day with his family his grandchildren just. In off of where he was that this brought back a lot of memories for him I mean he spent. Hated it did to terms with Obama as the vice president. And he was really overwhelmed with the motion apparently Lindsay so he said he felt like he was coming home. Well he is back home that is Fisher. Keira Phillips our thanks to you. And joining us now he is one of the co chairs of president Biden's inaugural committee Delaware representative Lisa blunt Rochester thank you so much for your time especially. On this busy day. First of area action to today as a whole there were of security concerns certainly going into the day and it appears that everything has gone smoothly what moment stood out to you most. Well first of all I have to say as a Delaware and I am ENT proud. Our own Joseph Biden we get him to the senate 48 years ago and Steve de America. Let's send him to the White House and so first I am proud secondly to steam. Pamela Harris my fellow CBC Congressional Black Caucus member heads its lowest friend to us since she. The first woman vice president home as well as. Black woman as well as Asian American eighties she has a date and I am overjoyed to see. Who would really stood out to need them most. Was the ability. To do how this whole inaugural. Activities all the activities its first warn those. Individuals 400000. Passed from Colby. And T seen it to them and their families. And our prayers are with them I think marriage. Secondly. I asked to celebrate today that peaceful transfer power. And to watch can be done I am just so proud of the work that every bond put into this inauguration because we were able to still assure the safety and security. And at the same time happy traditions that rich traditions and I think it was as created and special thanks anything could be. And now it's time to get to work and to act and you could see it he went right to work you know signing executive orders and so. Just pride celebration. And they the readiness to go back to work and united this country and heal the soul of this country. And president Biden talked about the need for unity in his inaugural address in the spirit of consensus tonight what is one area that you plan to work across the aisle with your Republican colleagues. I think and number one area debt the president has said he is important to him. And also members of congress is to combat desirous we know is affecting our health it's affecting economy. And it is the first thing that we really trashed. I think you're so many other opportunities whether it is dealing with infrastructure and making sure that we create jobs that we will be able to do across our. I'm as well as you know look at our planet in making sure that. We tackle climate action and so I think there are things that we're going to be able to do cross island I'm very excited about. And finally I see that you have your your pearls on in solidarity it what was going through your mind is history was made today as you watched a vice president madam vice president Connell Harris Harris taking the oath of office. You know I thought back to my initial meeting win. President. I didn't before he decided to run an ad that tyrants he had hoped. If his election would be a woman and and so to watch the process and and I served as one of the four co chairs on the DP's election can be each. And it watch has is the vice president. Just rose to the occasion and today she's just sheer high end Shearer. Exciting but also. I just thought about our ancestors. And I've got about. The girls and bullies. Around the world watching this and so on there was a lot of pride and excitement for what's to come. She's kind of car she has so that she stands on. The shoulders of her ancestors represented a police supply Rochester we thank you so much for your time appreciate it beat you. President Joseph Biden is facing multiple crises of course as he begins this determine he's already. Getting right down to work today signing fifteen executive orders in the Oval Office as the senate slowly begins the work of confirming his cabinet. For more on the first day of the new Biden administration here's ABC's senior White House correspondent Mary Brooks. In an inauguration parade unlike we've ever seen president Joseph Biden exiting the beast now with that license plate 46. Along the route the Secret Service National Guard and reporters instead of a crowd of thousands of Americans and something else the first family all wearing masks one of the first steps to try to take the politics out of wearing masks in this country. To save lives. Yeah finally be president. Jogging over to greet reporters along Pennsylvania Avenue bad credit for walking up to the White House driveway for the first time as president. And that moment taking it all in with the hunt for his wife. Vice president Pamela Harris having her moment to. And in getting right down to work as Biden promised the American people in a tweet just moments after leaving the inauguration stage. Writing there is no time to waste when it comes to tackling the crises we face. I thought. The state nation today is no time for what can work immediately. In the Oval Office wearing a mask abide in signing fifteen executive actions many aimed at reversing his predecessor's policies including rejoining the pair is climate accord something welcomed by a foreign leaders today. Putting an end to the so called Muslim travel ban and canceling the keystone XL pipeline permit. And died in taking his first steps to tackling this pandemic requiring masks on all federal property. These are just effective actions there are important heartburn relief legislation per. Rather than through you. To get his agenda through Biden will need to work with a very divided congress. But today in a gesture of goodwill Republican leaders of both chambers pushing the new administration well. Mitch McConnell in a rare moment of levity between him and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pointing out that the president and vice president skip to the house and went straight to the senate. I have to note. Not only did we just Wear and a son and daughter of the sonnet division offices but indeed both of these former senators and shipped to house altogether. Very rich joins us now married a transition now complete from the trump White House to the Biden White House but it sounds like a bite and are planning on making any changes in the White House. At least not right away. Well all of their furniture and belongings are in but the finding actually made a point of telling us that they simply don't have time right now to make any significant changes to the residents they have too much. On the airplane but Lindsay we didn't stop some new additions in the Oval Office tonight behind the resolute desk they're now some personal Biden family photos and also a bust of the civil rights advocates Cesar Chavez also spotted across the room which Biden will be staring at a C sits at that desk is a portrait of FDR the president who of course similarly led the country out of a period of great crisis and now has does executive orders that Biden signed tonight those are just the beginning we're told there are more. Coming tomorrow those will be focused on mitigating the spread of the virus and trying to safely. Reopened schools Wednesday. Lots of change already on day one our thanks to Mary for that and for more now on those just sign executive actions we bring an ABC senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer. Dave so much for joining us DeVon president Biden is. No rollback that child administration's policies as quickly as possible walk us or when he canning can implement right away without congressional approval. Well Lindsey and many of the things that Joseph Biden sign today are pure reversals of executive actions that Donald Trump took so think about it. As the pendulum swinging the flip of the switch things like. Putting the US back in a Paris climate accord or re directing all federal agencies to begin diversity training again pretty simple directives but very powerful impact on moves. That they Ed that are the exact opposite of what Donald Trump did. Several of the orders Joseph Biden signed today created new government positions in the executive branch to oversee Covert response. One order extends up financial relief to millions of Americans with evictions. And student loan debt though these orders do carry the force of law but they're not. Actually laws these are thinking that Michael rules. Or policies. That can be easily changed him put in place the mask mandate is one of those. It was a requirement by many airlines to Wear a mask in the sky now it's federal law to do that pays him when he signed today. And one of the more controversial moves was he rescinded a federal permit. Cup for the pike Keystone Pipeline. I that major gas pipeline from Canada that something that's getting a lot of praise from environmentalists tonight Lindsay but some blowback. From the energy industry. Now things like creating a public option. That pathway to citizenship we've been hearing about for eleven million undocumented immigrants even canceling the contracts. For constructing the border wall with Mexico those are things that Joseph Biden cannot do on his own he does need congressional approval for those things and. As we've discussed here recently it's going to be a tough. Uphill climb with such a narrowly divided congress and president Biden begins his administration would just one confirmed cabinet member of the Director of National Intelligence is that a significant achievement. And not terribly significant although obviously most presidents had multiple cabin and officials confirmed. On their first day Joseph Biden got his just under the nick. Of time here he saw her Afro Haines there should be the first woman. To lead in the US intelligence community eighteen federal agencies a former CIA deputy. Our herself an impressive figure. On she promises to brief the country on the threats annually released a report on Jamal coshow geese killing. On the budget some of those other key national security posts are on filled the secretary of defense CIA director secretary of state. So the senate needs to get to work and Joseph Biden has to make that his first order business in addition to commitments in. Devin Dwyer our thanks to you on a busy Wednesday. And former president Donald Trump chose not to attend today's inauguration he and the First Lady left the White House early this morning and spoke to a small crowded joint base Andrews before boarding Air Force One for the final time saying we will being back in some form. Here's ABC's chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl. He's the first president in more than a 150 years to skip his successors inauguration. Instead today Donald Trump tried to put on one more show of his own. She walked out of the White House for the last time he suggested we haven't seen the last of him. When he arrived each. Joint base Andrews. A farewell fist bump for his highly. For the last time Mr. President he summoned an adoring crowd. A military band. That's 41 gun salute call from one last speech in front of air force won't. I tell you that from the bottom of my heart he still couldn't bring himself to mention Joseph Biden by name. But he skipped the talk of a rigged election and he did say this I wish the new administration. Great luck and great success. I think they'll have great success they have the foundation to do something really spectacular. He begged not to be forgotten you're gonna see some. Incredible things happening. Pad. Remember us when you see these things happening review it remember us it was a most on usual farewell message for president so. Have a good life. We will see you soon thank you he boarded the plane offered one final wave good buying and then he was gone. Have a good life his parting words there are things to Jon Karl and when we come back. The arrests made as the fallout from the capital riots continue including charges from person accused of crushing this officer in a doorway. How the world is reacting to the inauguration. Of president Biden. Welcome back to it was exactly one year ago today that the first Kobe case was confirmed in the US now more than 2.4 million Americans have tested positive that's about one in thirteen people. President Biden says of the pandemic is his top priority and he's certainly got his work cut out from our Caylee part time has the latest on the Covert crisis. Today with the Biden family wearing their masks and a new president warning the darkest days could still be ahead. An urgent race to backs need in the face of a rapidly changing virus. Cart and then bats and its general vaccine as fast as possible researchers now tracking another new variant in California. Linked to a surge of infections were. He's a leader in the laboratory to confirm. Whether or not the vaccine is going to be protective mega sites like this when in Los Angeles now backs needing people over 65. But around the country new roadblocks seem Francisco and New York City expecting to run out of doses this week we've got to tell. 23000. New Yorkers who had an appointed this week. That they will not be able to get that appointment for lack of supply. In Southern California embryonic train home lost both parents to the virus within diss a beach other. Her father a front line worker got sick before you got a second shot. Faculty at the space. Coast we're getting and then let me you know. Actually we just mad at a time. And link these scientists say if the worst would happen if the virus were to mutate enough to evade the vaccine. The current genetic base vaccines could be quickly modified to fight. Lindsay Caylee thinks so much still ahead here on prime. Where tribes live now though the former first family is out of Washington we go to Florida to speak with their new potential neighbors. And it was an inauguration like no other we take a look by the numbers but first our tweet on the day. It's now a presidential. Romance. Welcome back everybody and now we take a look why even numbers it how this historic inauguration day unfolds inviting guests in the second Catholic president in US history. We get a date with masks at the cathedral of saint Matthew the apostle joined by top congressional leaders from both parties. Meanwhile president trump gave his farewell speech and wait three hours still left in his term. Boarded Air Force One for monologue Frank Sinatra's classic my way blared from loudspeakers as flight took off. At least 25000 National Guard members patrolled DC today including this seven foot non scalable fence surrounding the US capitol. Three former presidents attended the inauguration 96 year old Jimmy Carter was unable to make the trip. And former president Donald Trump was notably absent. Six Supreme Court justices were there when Chief Justice John Roberts and justice Sonia Sotomayor administering lethal mix of office. Eight times president Biden says the word community in his inaugural address and he said the word trumps. Zero times. At 22 years old showstopper on man and Gorman became the youngest inaugural poet in US history. Fighting began his presidency by signing three documents from the capital an inauguration day proclamation nominations to cabinet positions of nominations to some cabinet positions. Followed by hours later more than a dozen executive actions. And we still have lots to get to tonight on crime in India and across America so many celebrated its first female Indian and black vice president. House she made history. And did you catch an inauguration palm. It's not you have got to hear some of the words that made the Internet go wild the first a look at our top trending stories. On When. A. President Biden and vice president Harry's taking part in a scaled back the inauguration gangs the first woman like America and percent of Asian descent to be sworn in as vice president taking her old. The first Latino on the Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor. A half. Watching on former presidents and their spouses from you Obama's the clintons the bushes and former vice president Mike Pence but nothing trumps inns in history. Joseph Robinette Biden can you do solemnly swear. Joined by swearing an oath of office becoming the 46 president of the united Stevens and very clearly. Disagreement must not lead to dish union. And I pledge this to you. I will be here president from all Americans all Americans and world leaders are also reacting to today's inauguration British prime minister Boris Johnson tweet is his congratulations to president Biden and vice president Harris said America's leadership is vital on issues from climate change to coded and he looks forward. To working with fountains. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in eighteenth statement that he and president Biden having warm friendship going back decade. That he hopes to further strengthen the US and Israeli alliance tempo Francis sent a message saying he prays that president Biden's efforts to Foster understanding reconciliation. And peace within the United States and among the nations of the world president bite and is of course the first Catholic. President's friends and some John F. Kennedy. Federal authorities still cracking down on rioters who stormed the capital businessman seen in the long two weeks ago in this video on social media. Now identified in court documents as Patrick Edward McCoy from Connecticut he's now arrested and accused of assaulting DC police officer Daniel Hodges. Often causes hurt me badly injured and one of the leaders in the. Problem boys arrested in Florida prosecutors say video shows Joseph bigs inside the capitol during the insurrection. The FBI says he claims the capitol doors weren't wide open when he walked in and denies helping plan the attack from the FBI believes that crowd boys weren't hard along coordinated assault on the capital. After months of speculation about his whereabouts Jack mod is back in the Alibaba founder participated in an online forum bringing with it a sigh of pro we heard many concerns that Chinese billionaires welfare. In a speech from mob back in October caused regulators to scrutinize his business empire and allegedly forced into hiding with his latest appearance of highly volatile stocks surged over 5% and Hong Kong. Do you have your tickets yet there's still no winners for the powerball more than Mega Millions a Mega Millions jackpot now must live Mega Millions and climbing up to 970. Million dollars to one of the largest jackpots ever to powerball climbed up to 730. Million dollars that drawing is tonight. The Mega Millions drawing is Friday. It was started at. I'll teenager who bonded with O'Brien in over their shared experiences lead stuttering now has a book deal and degrading Harrington is coming out with a picture book title ingredients Meeks job. She met last year at a town hall event in New Hampshire. Braden took Biden's inspirational. And became one himself and delivering a stirring speech and the Democratic National Convention last August. From his words going viral. I'm sorry kiss. Showing how sometimes. Joseph Biden's name things for our continental us last bothered me my whole life thirteen year old marine and part of tonight's prime time's national capping off I didn't inauguration. Congratulations to him today Donald. Will moral law they'll be his final stop ABC's Victor can no brings us this report about what's next for the former first family. President trump. Breaking tradition and leaving the White House before Joseph Biden's inauguration this morning. Boarding Air Force One for the final time to the sunshine state trunk greeted by a Ronald support. The former president leaving office embattled. An impeachment underway and multiple investigations into his this is practices by New York prosecutors. President trump and First Lady Maloney choosing to ride out the storm at least for the time being their beloved prime involved each club moral long ago. Trump made the official move from New York City his former home base to Puerto back in 2019. This past week near build the blows you making clear the Trump Organization. Will no longer be a partner in any of the city's enterprises. This city of New York has determined that it is within our power to terminate all contracts with the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization called the move political discrimination and vowed to fight it. The former president finding refuge in Florida governor Ron Desantis has been one of his staunchest supporters. The president has been held now I think it's days in several Lorch moving trucks were spotted outside moral ago this week. Whole beach residents have mixed feelings about the move. No I don't I don't want being lenient true. Player he's try to make sure would he Hewlett's like he think he's idea how or if the two men. Now. I believe it's as I don't think he has every right. But Donald Trump is not allowed to declare moral Largo is forever home but 1993 contract between trump in the city of Palm Beach. In the Marla club states he cannot spend more than three non consecutive seven day period that the club. That amounts to a cap of 21 days a year but trump appears to have already broken part of you green entering his presidency. An attorney representing the residents of West Palm Beach wrote a letter to the town's mayor and council members pleading do something. Marla goes a social club and know it may resign in the property as everyone knows president trump is already in violation of the disagreement. By using our law go in excess of the allotted time. This violation as well as others on record we'll continue with downtown intervention. It is the town council's responsibility. To write these wrongs and restore safety and security to the neighborhood by upholding its use agreement. ABC news is now learning the former president may play by the rules he's reportedly looking for homes in the Palm Beach area. Oh that's. So these children following suit that don't junior and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle or ditching their Hampton's home look for a place in the sunshine state. He Boca trump and Jared Kushner have already purchased a thirty million dollar a lot of Miami's exclusive Indian creek island. After a chaotic presidency mine herald columnist and author Carle place and says the trucks moved to Florida isn't a surprise. Back there is no state income tax it was dealing eminent. All of us Stanley but. I think we're kind of accustomed to circus that he brings without question how our biggest circus in. The truth and in West Palm Beach for ABC news lines. Our thanks to Victor for that for more. Then 150 years the outgoing and incoming US presidents have stood together at every single inauguration 1897. President Grover Cleveland with president elect William McKinley successive president shoulder to shoulder with waves handshakes and polite conversation. Is iconic moments through the years symbol of American democracy in our peaceful and orderly transfer of power. With president Barack Obama passing the baton to Donald Trump after a bitter election season. But today in Tony Tony won this split screen president elect Joseph Biden atop the capitol steps before his swearing in and president trump across town. Heading out of it. We now bring in presidential historian mark up to grow thanks so much for joining us and we appreciated your your nuggets an insight all day. So we of course just watched images of more than a century of outgoing presidents at the inaugurations of their successors. Significance of this tradition and doesn't make a difference that former president trump broke with it. I think he does Lindsay because it shows. Then he came into the presidency and angry insurgent defying. Democratic norms and he goes out in the same manner it but he shows that nation and the world. Manifestly. The peaceful transfer of power that is a hallmark. American democracy thankfully the former president stepped in to fill the void including of course notably. Republican. George W. Bush who voiced his support. For president barn Biden earlier today. But I think it's unfortunately. Reflective. Of the character. Donald Trump and that character as did the Greeks used to say character is destiny. And unfortunately the character of Donald Trump are is destined to make him a president it will not be looked upon favorably history. President Biden certainly spoke a lot about unity promising to fight just as hard for the 74 million Americans who voted against him as for those who supported him. We've heard language like this before but practically speaking how challenging is it for president. To really bring Americans together especially in this particular moment. I think it's very difficult we rarely seen America as fractured. As it is in this moment and Joseph Biden knows that as you mentioned earlier when he used the word unity 08 times during the course that this speech. It's one thing to say it's another thing to make it happen but I think he's sounding all the right notes including. His many calls for unity during the course of today importantly though he has made this inauguration not about Joseph Biden. But about America and I think that in the days to come that unit it will be seen in what he does for the American people can he deliver. On his promise to do everything he can all Americans whether they voted for him or. Professor lastly what stood out to you about today's inauguration. What stood out to be I think was. How humble. Joseph Biden was I think we saw. In very plain speaking Joseph Biden in we've you and I were on ABC earlier today when James Cliburn. Was asked to get his advice to Joseph Biden James Cliburn who more than anyone. Is responsible effort Joseph Biden ascending to the present given support that he gave him in South Carolina. But what he said was be yourselves. And what we saw from Joseph Biden today was Joseph Biden the authentic Joseph Biden. When Gerald Ford addressed the nation in the wake of the resignation. Yeah Richard Nixon becoming the 38 president. Call it a little straight talk amongst friends and that's exactly the tone that Joseph Biden took Tuesday. He left the poetry to amend it Gorman. But gave us a little straight talk among friends and that was authentic Joseph Biden I think we've seen the president we will secret annex or younger. Historian mark up to crow we thank you so much as always. And only come back she says she wants to run for president one day many say she made an incredible first impression. And vice president Kabul Harris are remarkable rise and her impact. On the next generation. Finally tonight as we have mentioned already it certainly is not lost on us the history that was made earlier today when Connolly Debbie Harris took the oath of office and became the country's first woman. To serve as vice president. He's in them. Vice president elect of the United States public deadly terrorist. Commonly Harris is known for many firsts most recently adding to that list the first time in American history a woman and first line. Residents. Well we believe the duties. Duties of the office. Him about it. Madam vice president and Pablo Harris. While I may be the first woman and has not been. I will not be the last. Now is whether the real work begins the hard work. The necessary. Good. She's also the first black vice president and Thurston Indian descent. I would tell you this. I am not perfect. Lord knows I am not yeah. But I will always speak with decent thing. And moral clarity. And treat all people with dignity and respect. Six year old is a wife and stepmother who goes by mom a lot. I've had a lot of titles of my career. And certainly vice president will be great news. But mama well I was being maligned. And. And since she's the daughter of immigrants Jamaican father and Indian mother who was instrumental in her childhood in the California Bay Area. Our other lists fierce in her belief that you will be judged based on your acts. You're. Harris is no stranger to breaking barriers. And rationalize. First female district attorney in San Francisco. The first female and first black attorney general of the state of California. And only the second black female to become a US senator. I intend to fight Bryant ten to bite the black flags manners I am quite. And pants and pants ends runs. What ever first forays into national fame resulting from her tough questions in the senate can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about. Let the male body. I'm happy that answered more specific question mail vs female and fiery performances on the debate stage. America does not want to witness a food fight they want to know how to put food on their table. In the final days of the election. The president elect deployed her to the decisive cities of Atlanta and Philadelphia. Candidate plane headed down. With the humans what a moment that will be. We commoners takes the youth. I'm especially thinking about the little girls of of all colors but in particular black and brown girls. Because there's so much power Georgia in seeing someone who looks like years. And to the children. Of our country. Regardless of your gender. Our country has sent you a clear message. Dream with ambitions. Lead with conviction. And seal ourselves in a way that others may not. Simply because they've never seen it before. But know that we will look like you ever. Every step of the way Harris has said that her mother taught her to dream and to do. And as the next vice president of the United States she's excelling in both inspiring the next generation of girls along the way. You mean the successors. Penn street and it's time for a skinny black girl descended from slaves in the raid by a single mother. Can dream. Of becoming president. Only to find herself citing. She's going bearing Kirk. One bikes. Link us all. Yeah. So much power in seeing someone who looks like you. And before we go tonight our image of the day that is Eugene Goodman the officer credited with single handedly saving the senate chamber from a mob after he diverted them during the capital rides. Today he escorted vice president Harris in the second general in to their inauguration. He was also promoted to acting deputy sergeant at arms for the senate. That is our show for this hour about the switch sets and join Georgian David in the entire team again for the inauguration concert starting in just minutes stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us before we go if he didn't catch 22 year old Amanda Gorman bringing down the house with her inaugural home. Take a listen. We are far from polished far from the steam act doesn't mean we are striving to form a union that is perfect. We need are striving to full lords or union with. Purpose. To compose a country committed to all cultures. Colors characters. And conditions of man. And so we lift our. Before cracks we close the divide because we know to put our feats are first. We must first put our differences aside we lay down our arms and can beat out our arms to one. Another we seek harm to none. And harmony for all let the globe. If nothing else say this. Is chew. They even as we grieve we glue that even as we hurt we hope that even as tired we tried that will forever be tight together victorious. Not because we will never again know defeat. But because we will never again so division. Scripture tells us to envision that every one shall sit under their own vine and fig tree and no one shall make them afraid. It works and live up through a long time in victory won't lighten them late in all the bridges we've made it acts. Is the comments to Khaleda hill be climbed if only we Darrent because. Being a mayor Kane is more than a high we inherits. It's the past we stepped into and how we have apparent. We've seen of course that would shatter our nation Babbitt and share acts would destroy out country if that meant delaying democracy. And this effort very nearly succeeded. But while democracy can be periodically delayed. It can never be permanently defeated. In this truth in this faith we trust for awhile we have our eyes on the future history has its eye is on us so lettuce leaves behind a country. I had the one we were left with every and that's my blondes pounded Stastny will raise the wound to the world until wondrous lovable buys the golden Lindsay hills of the west we will eyes in the windswept north east are part father's first deal lies revolution you'll. Bison lake urban cities of the middle western states who buys from the sun baked south we will be billed. Reconcile. And to cover every known knock over a nation an average car not called our country. Are people of diverse in the beautiful Bloomberg's battered in beautiful when they come as we step out of the shade of the lady man. I'm afraid the new dog balloons. As we three X. But there was always liked it only were brave enough to C it's if only. We're brave enough. To be an.

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