Wet pattern persists in Southeast US

Also, there is still critical fire weather conditions in parts of the Western U.S.
1:14 | 06/14/20

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Transcript for Wet pattern persists in Southeast US
Get ready guys chill out this morning across much of the northeast third of the country but sunshine I should warm things up quite nicely let's stay in the northeast with this video and switch gears lot of graduates will graduate from high school and college. And having a tough time doing traditionally while at the Kennedy high school north Connolly you have to bed and I'd get a couple with the local ski resort cram more. Mountain and they got to ski lifts up the may have some social distancing graduating. Activities including some shots at 2000 feet with their families concur calculations. To all you graduates out there are did a chilly morning out here. Temps in the lower fifties to mid fifties maybe upper seventies in some spots. And rising at the upper sixties to lower seventies today sought a chilly side but warmer air is going to be building. As we go through the next couple days for Philly DC new York and Boston. Settle down honey it's okay she's she's a patriot as well as she saluting the flag and let it. That's what shaken fear courage nor logs are now for a look at your local work.

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{"duration":"1:14","description":"Also, there is still critical fire weather conditions in parts of the Western U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71244809","title":"Wet pattern persists in Southeast US","url":"/US/video/wet-pattern-persists-southeast-us-71244809"}