Wife of Movie Theater Shooting Victim Breaks Silence

Nicole Oulson says she was looking forward to spending a day with the love of her life.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for Wife of Movie Theater Shooting Victim Breaks Silence
This is a special. -- from the EC. Hello I'm tired and is in New York this ABC news digital special report turning offers silence then -- The man shot and killed protecting the sort of movie -- -- -- these public naive anyway first time about sticking with it all of your thoughts and prayers and and all of the support from the community. During this horrible time of grief and sadness for failing. Right now I'm just -- -- still trying to recover from the shock. And my main focus is and always will be on my daughter Alexis. This is unimaginable. Me my husband didn't get very -- very often much less beholden to spend together so I was -- so excited. I'm looking forward to spending the -- the love of my life. You know at a place of entertainment. Family entertainment. And doesn't think that in the blink of -- -- my whole world. Just got shattered into a million pieces. No I'm not trying to pick him up and probable effect -- and it's so hard and so unbearable. I think -- all. -- -- -- -- -- quite anxiety and but emotionally charged statement when critical Alston and now her attorneys are taking questions from reporters. -- The stimulus. We understand that would you know more requests made by defense -- that situation we obviously oppose that. We've had some discussions about it and you know frankly I don't. Note that that is supposed to consider two primary things there. Is the flight risk frankly given his ties to this community here -- -- -- I don't specifically the flight risk by this evening the community I don't know how anyone can honestly say after the circumstances of what happened -- case that. Anybody -- in this reasonably that the communities say this gentleman out. And in my opinion as far as the second factor which is the public safety. Everyone of -- with a cellphone is a risk. I mean you never know in this guy's gonna go up again and and everyone has a cell -- I think there should be the judges main concern here. Personally I it doesn't necessary -- -- surprise me given what I know about some of the facts that are out there. And for him to escalate to this level over just a cell -- it doesn't really surprise me. Has evolved and she doing better she hasn't had her follow up for her surgery yet as has been reporting that paper and in -- other news. At the -- to take a lot longer than expected. Which usually means there's some complications. During the surgery meaning more damage than they expected before going in there. That she feels. The hand is getting better. And that she doesn't have a -- now for a little while so she won't really know for sure average you go to her primary yesterday coincidentally. And he said everything looked good. -- First of -- it's been tremendous. I want to say and thank -- the corporations that jumped on this from the very beginning before I was even involved what -- pizza started a grassroots campaign. That has really -- Unbelievable. To say the least this is started with a picture of a check. And it exploded from there on FaceBook. They have raised. To all counts about 20000 dollars at this point with the help his former employer which is sky power sports. And the two of them have really done a great job in. Raising some money I would Tyson's we've announced that we opened fund as well. It's called the Chad Olson memorial fund. We have had discussions. -- them that they -- -- you know -- Airways as her attorney we can control the funds for her. And given to her as necessary and we have also had an outpouring from the community both personally. From individuals all the way to communities I -- the two companies. That are contributing to this fund as well and it -- it is just incredible I will tell you that I've spoken with Nicole about it. She doesn't expect any this and it is shocking to her that people are reacting the way that they're reacting so it's just it's a great feeling to know that there are people out there willing to help. I will tell you that at this point we are exploring all options but our main focus right now is to guide her through this very difficult time of grief. Her own personal injury and the entire circus that is the criminal case involved here. So at this point and we're not closing any doors. Here. I will -- from a personal standpoint. It's -- in my opinion we've gotten to this level that we can't go to movie theater and feel safe. However is far is from a legal standpoint. I don't know that it's really proper to discuss it at this point what. It is her reaction and your your reaction to hearing. -- attorneys. -- Actually. Again. Everything major general and what happened here without getting into specifics. He is -- -- he's going to have to mount a defense for his client frankly under the circumstances I think there's two ways you can go you -- self defense. You can claim your clients has a mental health issue that prevented him from able to function properly and that situations it's one of the other. And frankly I think if you're gonna try to get him out on bond it probably is a stronger argument to go with the self defense and ball back -- his. Lengthy career. -- will be. I'm -- -- be our response to repair the Pasco County state attorney's office will handle all that we will do everything we and this is -- anyway we can't. But she absolutely would mean essential witness for them and their case and that'll be their province and there -- him. Did you discuss the facts of what happened. -- -- Content what was. She had a recollection. What he did his opinion my opinion she has a very clear recollect what happened. I do as well obviously with something as dramatic as unexpected as this. You know some references are left out of our memory I think on purpose just as -- human nature but she does have -- unfortunately very clear recollection of exactly what happened. The bottom. I will say what I've kind of said before. You know she's a very very young child and I have attempted my best to keep her out the media spotlight as much as I can. But as as I said kind of the -- day. I think she's lucky in I think we're all lucky that she's -- young -- she really is being 22 months old. She doesn't understand everything right now -- -- she knows I think is -- daddy's got there and in my opinion being a father and that's enough. -- -- -- honesty that's kind of always a -- right now. I think as -- said we're gonna explore all options for her to make sure that we can. Go the full extent of the law with every claim that there may be there may be but at this point -- focus is getting her -- degree from getting to the criminal trial. You've been watching news conference with attorneys for Nicole Olson who lost her husband. In a movie theater shooting where he had been texting the man who allegedly shot him. Did so we -- cause he was texting -- that movie theater earlier in the news conference we heard from -- -- directly. Gonna bring it ABC's -- and -- who's been following this story and joins us now for more -- a very brief. Statement from Nicole Olson obviously grief stricken about what's happened. Well yes coach is going to be the primary witness for the prosecution I believe Berkshire -- Probably be the first witness to tell her side of the story she was -- where all of this happened. According to witnesses standing beer as we say -- -- -- in which -- in front of her. You saw her with her -- and that it was. In her attorneys. She had surgery on that and that was wounded. On that day -- -- she's such it was one of -- -- dates with her husband. The to a -- because every child. -- -- is a powerful story. It is going to be I think -- -- trial. The to charities are already indicated so far. That you go to self defense. That's what they -- Indicating -- bond hearing for mr. Reid say that mr. Reeves felt threatened. In the conversation we which reaches district -- A few days after the incidents. Also underlies. In the state of Florida because Ries is senior. There may be special provisions that allow it and -- act itself. Which alleged less certain threshold what other people so it'll be interesting to see this all plays out. Of course -- fascinated. With this story because heart this story. Shooting that erupted in the theater. Or somewhere so -- Yell let's talk about some of the details for a second. The gentleman -- -- as you said 71 years old. Instigated the incident according to witnesses. Chad Olson had been texting a baby sitter before the movie -- started this angered mysteries he told -- carted out. He got angry. And he confronted. Pretty aggressively. The man he's ultimately accused of shooting. You mentioned a couple of the intricacies of Florida law the fact that ministries is 71 years old and is stand your ground shooting. How likely is it according to experts that these two. -- laws are going to help in his defense. Well -- I don't know how likely it is to help but the experts do say that it is very likely that we could see this defense -- corn based on things that. The defense attorneys. Has already had. Statements that he gave the police got the shooting one of the -- that she told police. Is that she -- at some point during their argument. An objects. Strike Hitler nearly striking in the states. Witnesses say that object was a -- popcorn. But it certainly supplied attack object -- -- did something else. I would -- personally and double checked with police after hearing that statement and police told me. That's the only objects they've found on -- -- work itself alone and that back popcorn. There's one other piece of information that's very important that I bet that attorneys watching this -- is very key. And that is that. Mr. Reeves according to witnesses -- -- -- statement. First started being argument with the victim but then left the movie -- -- get a picture and then came back below. Leading the theater leaving the scene of the confrontation apparently in Florida makes a difference. And makes his case much more difficult to argue -- argument -- Interesting that mr. Reeves does have a background in law enforcement and according to neighbors that have been -- he is a very nice per -- However there were some revelations that this wasn't the first time he confronted someone in a movie theater about texting there's another couple that came -- correct. So first let's -- your first point he -- veteran. A law enforcement veteran former Tampa police captain. -- obvious credited with helping the department form a particular tactical unit there. He is beloved in the law enforcement community actually -- First court appearance there were probably. I want to say seventy or eighty people in the courtroom it was standing room only. From friends family and other law enforcement officers came to support. So yes it was PG he definitely has. By all records and exemplary career. Police department even opened up. Is personnel file brushed CE. To see that you know this man is -- -- has done great work Ford for his city. All the other incident you mention. Was say a woman and her husband. Who -- that in December. Was the 23 of December they said. In December they were asked these series street theater and were approached by mr. -- struck out or texting on their -- And the woman has that does she actually. Ran away from him and that -- nearly followed her into the restroom. Police -- confirmed that they are looking into this case but tell us that they haven't been able to to know for sure. Whether that happened and they -- in the process of trying to see the video. Surveillance video. From the -- the last checked but I made the police they -- sure whether -- -- video that would accept our. They were definitely looking -- actually. ST you've done a lot of reporting on this case very chilling -- for people across the country to think going to a movie -- and being at risk by someone. Walking -- carrying a firearm it's perfectly legal in Florida is there any movement on the ground to. Restrict some of that gun movement or movie theaters. You know posting signs are such as -- made any difference. -- -- the law as it stands right now is a law. That you know many Floridians and people understand that respect that in. And and and basically say that the problem -- it was the person. In this particular takes the alleged. Even allege shooter. So you don't there weren't any signs that the theater that we saw when we were last year there wasn't any. Movement -- changed the law are viewed you know you know that -- there's definitely not that underfoot in Florida. But there is a serious discussion. Just in general. About. Self defense law. And I think that that's a discussion that you're you're more likely to see. All right self defense -- that mystery it is likely familiar with with his background. And law enforcement he's -- Tommy thank you so much for joining us we've been watching a news conference. By the widow of Chad Olson a man who was shot in the movie theater because he was texting. The couple's baby sitter I'm -- Hernandez in New York thank you for watching ABC news digital special report.

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