Wild Turkeys Terrorize Massachusetts Town

Animal control is monitoring reports of aggressive birds charging at Mansfield residents.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Wild Turkeys Terrorize Massachusetts Town
It's -- hope -- sitting on the table at Thanksgiving. Spoken with in the -- which if you don't drink. A tissue in the house. That's what happened to Walter Reed -- Gilbert Indians field about a week ago there's some was chased down the street by a group before -- turkeys and police were called to help -- Kind of -- and you can do in the bars out of -- -- there are two males and would not let them near the call our. Meanwhile the -- to -- from the police thought before and he's trying to divert them with the right. -- -- doing so -- work. Because his brief. And a perfect victim dumbest. Drink over the past three weeks at least three Turkey attacks have been reported police -- the birds charge at them. In November the -- blocked people from entering the -- federal credit union. The -- -- animal control officers of the Turkey's often see their reflections in -- believing it's another Turkey and that may prompt the behavior. Their -- are not the biggest concern it's their talents which can cause injury. I felt to -- I was afraid to develop -- -- Then you do that it comes after me. For 91 year old Walter who has trouble walking due to a World War II injury he wants the -- -- removed so his wife won't have to look out the window. Every time she wants to leave the house. If other incidents reported more than turkeys are found to be aggressive of the animal control officer says that they will try to capture them and possibly euthanize the animals.

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{"id":22366945,"title":"Wild Turkeys Terrorize Massachusetts Town","duration":"3:00","description":"Animal control is monitoring reports of aggressive birds charging at Mansfield residents.","url":"/US/video/wild-turkeys-terrorize-massachusetts-town-22366945","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}