Wildfire victim loses home to 'Mother Nature at her worst'

John Graves' home was destroyed by a wildfire in Santa Rosa, California.
4:38 | 10/09/17

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Transcript for Wildfire victim loses home to 'Mother Nature at her worst'
Another heartbreaking scene where hereof ranch had drive this is -- eastern Santa Rosa where in the ring Conn valley. An area which has been devastated by fire it continues to be at least five to six homes here. Are gone. Gas pipes have rough sure that's what you're seeing right now John. Come on over here. John lives of the neighborhood hi John. To Muni begin pages less then again. John millionaire John Twomey to leave it your moved here we had two homes of the hill little bit we lost one of them. We just came back to check on the horse and luckily we caught the cycle wanted to just started and we have to get a fire man up here and put it out for us. But you sit it happened so fast overnight right. Quickly I mean we've started this at 1 AM we finally left at four when it was just that close and then the whole. The whole field earned everything very pathetic that the cars on the field that that in the last it and survive. For Anthony a reporter brought this up earlier where is the air support you were asking that question a few minutes ago. That there are. Unfortunately other priorities other fires burning around here are your frustrated that you haven't seen the air tankers come over here. Yes and no I mean that they save my house the fireman and I've got nothing but praise for them. I'd like to see air support I mean because there's. Little is still fires all around us and they're telling us to get out again but. Had I not come back my house would have been burned down so. I'm stand. Yet just a moment ago we heard the big the cops coming through telling people to get out who are you gonna go now. Now it was say by Alex. I'm up the hill a little bit. This is all burning down the hell you conceive of the fire's moving away from my house now so. I'm through the worst of it should have you ever experienced a day like this. Never never never. Never want to again. Yours truly unbelievable it's unbelievable. And I understand there's fires everywhere Bernard Parks burned. West side to Santa Rosas burned. A lot's on fire. Property can ever be replaced of course we are glad that view in your family are okay though thank you thank you for that John we appreciate it thank you very much. You know actually there's a lifeline and he woke me up a ball one. Not on the window say even a guy or look at this it was on top of the ridge line of the hill back there. We spent about an hour. Deciding what to take. And then. Got out of here hoping that it would. Shift directions because it was when we left the you can see the flames licked in the top of the mountain Baghdad and we got the word that. We were on fire. That is 45 years. The great neighborhood. Going to be a lot of work didn't back will be speaking. What do you think you when you're sitting there thinking I'm glad I'm insured and yet it's it's not it's not an easy thing to take. We're so sorry what we are so sorry it's mother nature at a worst I guess. You know we talk to a dog and your neighbors he said it happened so vindicated it seemed like the fire was. Was far away overnight and isn't it no way it's gonna get this close. I've lived here for 45 years I've iced up well. Maybe a little fire danger here but it would take the perfect storm and that's what yesterday gave us I mean the wins were just howling. I'm sure everybody did their best it just didn't work out. Well wolf what are all back together it's only stuff. Everybody got out of everybody got out my grandkids are fine mind. Son and his wife of fine my wife his mind on this vine still in. I'm. And look at this is the end of the world it's just something has to be done. Anyway afternoon. Jon Jon great. But Cornell for navy's. All right when Albers thanks very well thank you so much for drug thing. While a heartbreaking heartbreaking situation just about. Everywhere youths heard unfortunately in this neighborhood. Here on Rancho drive it eastern Santa rose. The danger has not passed we are still looking get active fire all around us they said. But lot of people. Hoping for the best hoping firefighters can douse the plans for the get any worse.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"John Graves' home was destroyed by a wildfire in Santa Rosa, California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"50375341","title":"Wildfire victim loses home to 'Mother Nature at her worst'","url":"/US/video/wildfire-victim-loses-home-mother-nature-worst-50375341"}