Wildfires continue to burn in the West

"Fire Wives" raise money for volunteer firefighters whose homes burned down.
6:08 | 10/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wildfires continue to burn in the West
And record high temperatures and gusty winds are setting more obstacles for firefighters out west. The Cameron peak fire is now the biggest wildfire in Colorado history and California is facing its worst wildfire season in history. But as first responders are trying to get an all under control some of them have lost their own homes in the process. Now fire wise from the area are banding together raising money to help those who lost everything. Brand case in and -- dollar to the women leading that charge join me live now to tell us all about it good morning ladies thanks for being here. Green being. So we can how does so I'll start. I am. I just pretty close I'm nice pretty close it weren't for her and lax regulation Porter was aren't where I mouse or houses. I was in the Nixon. City has enough and an. Net I outlined in the house all the emotions you're riding and human beings and as I just don't Alan. Me and what is. Dealing and then. Cheering that I asked her goal people lost their homes and then environment. There is something I had his ice out actually and I. Elaine and you in cash and you bring many are Ali thanks good post knows how long that rose iron posts and reached the daughter of you really are him. Mission recede and an. From there are angry shouts you. And and we continue to grow thirteen months multiples are why I'm from we're all you Wear her is not panicked and got more slowly on our team. Even win. Raising money again directly sneeze or. And and Burkle a what did you think when you first got that call from began and talked just now about. About this goal of viewers to help these homes and higher raising that money. Yeah I understand the cob Marie and I like let's do you as it was cheaper not. Like they've been ot the an opportunity to take such tragic situation and Briggs and beauty to it and of course Qiyue our Brothers and sisters. That have lots of Spain and Italy in the very tight net so. We knew as wives we had to step and you the best he could be cut together pretty scantily as. Coach towards. At present English honors are resigning our. Direct hire heroes as thug even lineman here as. And and went for the shirts did create acts as that they did bank you represented. Those individuals that lost everything so how are you raising the money and what's the ultimate goal how many homes are trying to save here. So there are not well. Individuals. That have lost everything so. The ultimate goal here is you raise as much front candidate directly. Shoe that twelve firefighters that we had in those areas that how the lost everything their volunteer fire Ayers and so a lot of them aren't letting. You know. Paycheck he had a lot of Ben had didn't have. Home owners insurance because it shifts so outrageous especially but the buyers so they bought everything with. No help but also ultimately the goal is to use these ions so audience he shirts so hopefully urge him tried to dinner is different beings. Perhaps and rappel depending buy back to be able to get the money directly back to those individuals but lost the twelve. So ran how can people outside of that area help and what's your message to those of us who didn't experienced this firsthand. The challenges that you have faced out west with these wildfires this year. Honestly I don't think that there's anything that senator hear anybody or be able to you could clearly crossed I'm here you can teach an picture. I don't I surely didn't even understand is obviously I was her intimates and grand I still al-Qaeda that are regulated by locking us and I were raining ashes. I heart her lungs. Against its smell. English writing and progress I don't know he surely it's like me you're. But it's an ounce as eating and not to mention our. Mountain. Areas where my eagle from all cancer enrolled this. Colin hasn't been signs are. Now how are passionate and her dad had huge historic. Linemen in our area and now seeing a lot of garnish odd couple I don't think there are eaten whatever it here. Anybody at all. And that will only eighteen of the 81. When he then. Connolly rush everybody. And talk about offer on or even. At all an ounce Sheen whom. Me and the big wildfire and then to lose everything wrong or not. An even match him. In their position because I know Alan bloom. Well we know that we often think about the sacrifices that the first responders on the front lines make but it's also about the sacrifices that the families that they leave behind. Making you guys. Are supporting them while they are on the front lines and so what you're doing just and that is already incredible let alone now this effort to raise money to help those who lost their homes. Thank you both I know the countries of plotting your right now we certainly are too. Our best your family's.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"\"Fire Wives\" raise money for volunteer firefighters whose homes burned down.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73656213","title":"Wildfires continue to burn in the West","url":"/US/video/wildfires-continue-burn-west-73656213"}